Free Car Insurance Program in Hawaii

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free car insurance program in Hawaii

Free Car Insurance Program in Hawaii

As part of its effort to provide financial assistance to those most in need, local government officials have instituted a free car insurance program in Hawaii. It provides both free and reduced insurance costs to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements.

The assistance itself comes as a part of Hawaii’s aid to the aged, blind, and disabled fund. It’s available to residents of the state who receive supplemental security income benefits. Beyond that eligibility criteria, there are a few other conditions that will need to be met in order to qualify for the program.

Requirements to Receive Hawaii Auto Insurance Assistance

To begin, individuals must be a resident of Hawaii and be at least 65 years of age or older in order to qualify for AABD financial aid. Beyond that, there are several other requirements as well that must be met. They are as follows:

  • Individuals need to have some type of terminal illness or condition that keeps them from working on a regular basis. Alternatively, one can qualify if they receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income but that money is not sufficient to provide for all of their basic needs
  • Blind individuals can also qualify for this assistance
  • Any individual who has endured some type of physical or mental disability for a minimum of one year, and that disability keeps them from working, can qualify for the program
  • If someone lives or takes care of another person who receives AABD financial assistance, then that person may be eligible for the program as well.


Meeting the Hawaii Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

If you feel that you fulfill the requirements for free car insurance in Hawaii, you just need to call the state’s Department of Human Services to inquire further. They can be contacted by telephone at 808-586-4993.

Keep in mind that this program is very new and many people, including local politicians, are still unaware of it. In fact, the Hawaii Office of the Insurance Commissioner was not certain of its existence until just recently.

One spokesman for this department recently remarked that he did not believe there was such a program in place. He later retracted that statement by sending out an email that did indeed cite the specific law that it is indeed already in force.

Qualify For Free Hawaii No-Fault Auto Insurance

Current state law in Hawaii stipulates that no-fault car insurance is to be made free to any individual who receives public assistance. This can be in form of cash payments, SSI benefits, food vouchers, or any medical service benefits that were received before 1994. In order to qualify, the applicant must have a valid Hawaiian state driver’s license. Alternatively, they can be in the care of another individual who possesses a valid Hawaii state license. They also must be the sole owner of the vehicle, and it needs to be registered in his or her name.

Applicants Need to Compare Hawaii Auto Insurance Rates First

In order to receive this benefit, the driver of the vehicle must also have compared no-fault insurance coverage rates and be unable to afford it on their own, prior to completing an application for the program. The maximum benefit that will be paid out under this plan is $40,000 for each accident resulting in injury or death. In addition, a maximum of $10,000 will be covered for property related damages. This is the basic coverage for personal injury protection in the state of Hawaii.

It is not currently clear how many drivers are taking advantage of this program in Hawaii. It is simply not publicized widely enough for everyone that qualifies to know about it. Hopefully, the word will get out soon. The goal is for those residents that do qualify will finally be able to secure the low cost insurance they need and to drive with peace of mind, knowing they are fully protected.

Hawaii Is a No-Fault State

Hawaii is a no-fault state when it comes to auto insurance. This often means that insurance coverage is out of reach for many people on the local islands. Because of this, many drivers in Hawaii cannot afford even the most basic of coverage. This has been a problem for years.

The state insurance commissioner believes the assisted Hawaii auto insurance coverage will help get more residents covered. No-fault laws mean that each driver’s insurance coverage can help to pay for medical expenses, regardless of fault.

Why Hawaii Car Insurance is Cheaper than the Most States

It is remarkable to note that Hawaii is one of the cheapest locations in America to insure a vehicle. Hawaii benefits from fewer road accidents than many other states in the country. This has traditionally resulted in insurance companies being able to offer lower premiums to Hawaiian residents.

The driving population is also roughly 20 percent less than most American mainland areas as a whole. Theft related crimes are a lot lower as well. This all results in lower average premiums and great deals for safe drivers with clean records.

PIP Insurance in Hawaii

The no-fault laws in Hawaii apply only to claims for medical related expenses. They do not necessarily affect claims related to property damage. In addition, coverage for tie off work, funeral benefits, and other related services are not necessarily included under PIP insurance policies in Hawaii. It is important to talk to your individual insurance company to determine what coverage you have and whether you need additional PIP protection.

You should also make note that a driver in Hawaii can still be sued, depending on who is deemed at fault in causing the accident. This is especially true if the incident results in medical expenses that top $5,000, or the accident causes serious injury or death to the other driver or passengers.

Remember that insurance is mandatory in Hawaii. If you are going to drive, you must have insurance. If you cannot afford it, this free Hawaii car insurance program is indeed worth looking into.