Low Cost Direct Auto Insurance

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Getting auto insurance is not as time-consuming nor frustrating as it used to be. Today, thanks to the world wide web, anyone can get a quote in under 10 minutes. Getting low-cost direct auto insurance online can be as easy as ordering up a cup of coffee if you know the type of coverage you want. While everyone searches for the cheapest auto insurance, the coverage type, and limit amounts need to be considered carefully. Also, automobile ins prices can go up at any time, so if you see a great rate, take advantage of it. With carriers like goodtogo, you can get both cheaper rates, coupled with extensive coverage that adequately protects you.

The Best Auto Insurance Prices

Numerous things go into your insurance pricing. You might be the same age as your friend and apply for similar coverage. He might pay $80 a month, while you get quoted $145 per month. This might be frustrating because probably thinking you are a better driver and should get the better price. Auto Insurers use detailed formulas to determine the risk a driver poses. Just like no two drivers are alike, so are no two profiles exactly similar. Here are some of the main things that go into assessing your premium costs.

  • Your Driving Record: This is a good assessment of your risk. How many accidents and tickets you have plays a big role in the rates you end up paying. If you have a ticket on file, see the judge and try and go to traffic school to get it off your record. Obeying driving laws like the speed limit, can not only save your life but also big bucks on car ins. Motorists that have a clean record can get best rates and save hundreds, compared to higher risk drivers.
  • Your Vehicle: The car you drive plays a huge role in the cost to insure you. Newer cars cost more to insure as well as “high end” luxury vehicles. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a car is, the more it will cost to insure. If you want cheaper rates, get a used 4 door vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. This includes cars like Subaru’s Forester, Toyota Camry’s and Hyundai Sonata’s. High powered sports cars, like a Mustang Cobra will cost you 25% or more to insure. If you are looking the cheapest premiums get a boring car.
  • Your Zip Code: One of the initial things asked when you apply for automobile insurance is your zip code. This is used to calculate the odds of you getting into an accident in that area. It also includes risk profiling for vandalism, auto thefts and damage from natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. Most dense cities like Las Vegas and Newark New Jersey cost more to insure because there are more accidents and vehicle thefts. Rural areas with fewer vehicles and automobile thefts almost always have cheaper ins.
  • Your Age: Like it or not, younger motorists under 25 are going to pay about double the rates of older drivers above 40. This age group not only are inexperienced behind the wheel but often take risks. This includes higher frequencies of street racing, driving recklessly and of course texting while driving. Accidents among young drivers has been going up in recent years because of, you guess it, smartphone usage while behind the wheel. If you’re under 25 and want to save, take a certified safe driving course and get on your parent’s policy if you can.
  • The Type of Coverage: This is another important factor that will play a big role in your rates. There are 3 main types. This includes liability, collision and comprehensive. The cheapest rates are minimum liability coverage. If you are a good driver, you can get covered for 1 dollar a day with good 2 go insurance. The only drawback will be these plans are limited in what they cover. They can leave you exposed to expensive vehicle repairs and hospital bills if you get into an at-fault wreck. It’s usually smart to only get liability for those who have an older car not worth much, with very little monthly mileage usage. Collision and comprehensive will cost you more but offer wider coverage that will protect you financially if you get into a serious and costly accident.

Direct Auto Insurance Advantages

Now that you know the factors that go into your premium costs, the next step in getting low-cost direct car insurance is searching for quotes. There are a few things that make direct to consumer auto insurance so appealing. One of the first is what you probably already suspected, pricing. There is intense competition online, and pricing is a surefire way of luring customers in. Carriers like goodtogoinsurance can beat competitors because they don’t carry the huge overhead others do and can pass these savings down. It is not uncommon for someone to save $400 and even $600 per year off their old policy, while still maintaining the same level of coverage.

Another neat thing is the privacy factor. Who wants to talk to a pushy agent after all? In about 5 minutes you can get quoted on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also stop and later retrieve your custom quote and complete it. The other benefit is time. From bill paying to claim filing to even I.D. cards, almost everything can be done online quickly. Gone are the days where you need to make an appointment or go into an office. As the saying goes, time is money. The internet is a huge time saver.

Now that you know the benefits of buying low-cost direct auto insurance get a no-obligation quote and compare the quotes for yourself. With goodtogo insurance, you can save 20% of more and qualify for instant discounts. Get started now, and you can buy a cheaper plan in about 15 minutes.