Free Car Insurance Program in Hawaii

April 19, 2018

Free Car Insurance Program in Hawaii As part of its effort to provide financial assistance to those most in need, local government officials have instituted a free car insurance program in Hawaii. It provides both free and reduced insurance costs to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. The assistance itself comes as a part of Hawaii’s aid to the aged, blind, and disabled read more (…)

Best Auto Insurance Discounts

April 10, 2018

Best Auto Insurance Discounts When people think about buying insurance, they might not always think of promotions or discounts.This is because insurance is not a tangible good. However, there are plenty of ways to save money, many of which you may have never thought of before.  It’s in your best interest to shop around for the best auto insurance discounts and get cheaper read more (…)

California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program

April 5, 2018

California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program In the state of California, there is a disturbingly high amount of annual income percentage being spent on car insurance. This is especially true for those of lower income. The state’s cost of living is much higher than average and certainly higher than most other areas. Unfortunately, auto insurance is mandatory for driving legally, no matter read more (…)

One Month Car Insurance

April 3, 2018

  One Month Car Insurance It might seem counter-intuitive to just get one month car insurance, especially when you can save more money with a 6 or 12 month policy. This strategy does have some distinct advantages though. You might be on an extended vacation somewhere, and you want to know that you are protected, no matter what car you are driving. Whatever read more (…)

How To Get Car Insurance Before You Buy a Car

March 20, 2018

> How to get Car Insurance Before You Buy a Car Are you shopping for a new vehicle but are confused about how to get car insurance before you buy a car? Are you worried that, as “Murphy’s Law” dictates, you might get into a wreck on the drive home if you don’t insure that new vehicle? Most people like read more (…)

Instant Auto Insurance No Down Payment

March 18, 2018

Instant Auto Insurance No Down Payment In this very complex and mobile society that we are, a car is more of a necessity than a luxury today. This is truer in places where transportation is more developed, and for businessmen who require cars to carry out their businesses in a convenient way. However, as important as cars are to us, read more (…)

Buy Now Pay Later Car Insurance

March 9, 2018

Buy Now Pay Later Car Insurance If you are strapped for money but still need to get insured, you can apply for buy now pay later car insurance. It might sound too good to be true, but there are companies out there that have zero deposit auto insurance policies. You can get on the road and legally insured with nothing read more (…)

Car Insurance Grace Period

March 6, 2018

Car Insurance Grace Period Do you feel overwhelmed with so many bills and so little room in your budget to pay for all of them? For millions of Americans, paying their monthly bills can be a juggling act. Some payments have to be postponed until the next paycheck comes in. For some items like car insurance, there can be serious read more (…)

Pay As You Go Car Insurance

February 22, 2018

Pay As You Go Car Insurance One new coverage option that has a growing number of drivers trying it out is pay-as-you-go-car-insurance. Although only introduced into the market about 4 years ago, its popularity has steadily been growing. Perhaps more people are signing up for this unique type of insurance to get their premiums down to where they should be. With this type of “pay for when read more (…)

Car Insurance Under $100 a Month

February 12, 2018

Car Insurance Under $100 a Month If you need car insurance under $100 a month, then the type of policy and coverage limits needs to be carefully decided. Figuring out the exact cost of your car insurance can get a little bit complicated, to say the least. There are numerous things that go into calculating your rates that you don’t have control read more (…)