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Good to Go Insurance has more than 25 years of experience in the non-standard insurance market for high-risk drivers. Good to Go Auto Insurance works with a network of top-rated insurance providers across the United States.

The insurer sells and underwrites both non-standard and standard auto insurance policies in several select states across the country. It also refers clients to other underwriters in markets where it is not licensed. This helps customers seeking coverage get insured in markets GoodToGoInsurance does not sell in.

Non-Standard Coverage for High-Risk Motorists 

A type of motorist that has several points on their record is known as a high-risk driver. Insurers that cater to these drivers are known as non-standard carriers. Goodtogoinsurance meets that high demand by offering high-risk coverage at rates, many large competitors can’t match. Because of this, the company has grown in recent years at a fast-paced rate.

High-risk drivers that cannot obtain coverage from the standard market are left uninsured. That’s where Good to Go Insurance comes in. It provides non-standard coverage but with great options, including convenient installment payment plans, discounts, and very affordable rates.

We understand that maintaining a clean driving record with no traffic tickets or at-fault accidents is hard. High-risk motorists are those with major violations or repeated offenses. Insurance carriers tend to avoid providing coverage for those drivers or cancel their existing policies to minimize claims and expensive payouts.

If you have been turned down before for coverage, Good to Go Insurance can likely help you get covered. We can get you insured the same day and also assist you in acquiring proof of financial responsibility. It will allow you to get back on the road legally again. To get a quote, start by entering your zip code.

Helping High-Risk Drivers Get Covered with Good To Go Insurance

Insurance companies use different factors to determine if someone is a high-risk or low-risk driver. The most common factor is a person’s driving record, which shows a motorist’s driving experience, history of traffic tickets, how many at-fault accidents have occurred, and the type of vehicles driven in the past.

Drivers in a high-risk category often have trouble finding an insurance carrier that will insure them. If they do find a company willing to cover them, they often end up paying much higher premiums than other drivers with better records. Some drivers with a DUI charge on their record can pay 300% or more than an average policy.  

This leads some high-risk motorists to drive illegally without any coverage, which is extremely risky. Many of these illegal drivers end up getting caught driving uninsured. It can lead to serious trouble, with expensive fines and often the impounding of their vehicle. In addition, driving without coverage can result in a driver’s license being suspended for one year or longer.  

Working with agents and carriers that specialize in non-standard insurance can help high-risk drivers get covered. Good to Go Insurance has been focusing on this market for more than 25 years. It understands all the available options for both low-risk and high-risk drivers. This is why they offer some of the lowest rates in the non-standard market.

SR-22 Insurance

If you have been charged and convicted of a major moving violation, such as speeding above 100 miles per hour, or were convicted of a DUI, you will need an SR-22. An SR-22 lets a driver keep their license or allows it to be reinstated after being charged with a serious driving infraction. It also provides proof that you have the required minimum amount of automobile insurance coverage required by law in your state.  

Motorists who are required to file an SR-22 are considered high-risk drivers. In general, the time required to carry an SR-22 is about three years, but it may be longer. Good To Go Insurance will assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork to get your SR-22 and help you get the lowest cost coverage, so you can legally get on the road again.

Are Inexperienced Drivers Considered High-Risk?

New drivers may also fall into a high-risk category. Drivers with little experience, including teens or adults who acquired their licenses recently, can be classified as high-risk. With Good to Go Auto Insurance, new drivers and teenage drivers can get some of the lowest rates nationwide. Also, teens are eligible for discounts that can save them 10% or more. To qualify for a good student discount, he or she needs to have a GPA (grade point average) above 3.0. With Goodtogoinsurance, good grades mean cheaper car insurance rates. Also, teens can get another discount if they complete a certified defensive driving class.  

All insurance providers will ask a driver how many years of driving experience they have. According to Go to Go Insurance, this is a significant factor in calculating risk. People under 25 years of age are the riskiest drivers of all. They get into more accidents due to a lack of experience. They are also dangerous because they take more risks behind the wheel, like reckless and distracted driving.

Marital Status, Age, and Sex are Also Insurance Rate Factors

Age and sex are important factors insurers use to calculate premiums. Research suggests that young men engage in riskier driving than females, including speeding, racing, and other dangerous activities. In short, females drive safer because they don’t take as many risks. 

Marital status is another important factor that plays into rates. Stats point out that single or unmarried drivers are more likely to get into road accidents. Good to Go Car Insurance works hard to get every driver, despite their age or driving background, the best coverage at the lowest rates. To compare rates online, start by entering your zip code and fill out a quick application. Whether you need standard coverage, SR-22, or a non-standard policy, Goodtogoinsurance can get you covered and save you serious money.

Vehicle Type and Rates 

Besides personal info, including age or marital status, the type of vehicle driven plays a major role in determining the rates a driver will pay. People who drive exotic sports cars, expensive luxury vehicles, antique cars, and collectible cars may have difficulties finding standard coverage at low rates. 

Fast, powerful automobiles entice motorists to speed and thus expose themselves to increased risks. Expensive vehicles are more costly to insure because they cost so much to replace and repair. To get cheaper rates, opt for a car that is cheaper to insure, has a four-cylinder engine, and costs under $30,000. If you have an exotic or expensive luxury automobile, don’t worry. Good to Go Auto Insurance can help you get the best available rates and coverage that will protect you.  

To lower your auto insurance cost, you should review at least ten quotes. Doing so will let you know you are getting the best rate for the type of coverage and limits you need. Get a free Good To Go Car Insurance quote today and save hundreds in only a few minutes.

Good To Go Insurance

A DUI Conviction Can Cause Rates to Spike  

A DUI conviction can cause your premiums to more than double. DUIs make someone a potentially very high-risk driver, as do tickets for reckless driving and excessive speeding. Many insurers will not cover a driver with a DUI conviction on their record.

GoodtoGoInsurance understands that everyone makes mistakes, and this includes drivers who get serious DUI tickets. Many drivers never get another DUI conviction yet still have to pay extremely high rates year after year for basic coverage. Others can’t find an insurer willing to give them a chance after a DUI conviction and end up driving without any coverage which hurts all motorists.

Potential Consequences of a DUI are:

  • Premiums More than Doubling
  • Not Being Able to Get Insurance Coverage
  • Immediate Classification as a High-risk Motorist
  • SR-22 filing
  • Suspended License
  • Jail time

In many states, a DUI conviction stays on your record for at least three years. In California, it stays on your record for 13 years. For those who drive daily, auto insurance is a must. GoodToGo Auto Insurance understands this situation and provides all the available coverage options to get a high-risk driver insured at the lowest possible rate.

GoodtoGoInsurance will Not Use your Credit Score 

It’s important to note that Good to Go Insurance will not ask for your credit rating when applying for a quote, both online and over the phone. Many competing insurers will not complete your application until they have access to your credit profile. Good to Go Auto Insurance believes this information is private and is not needed to provide quotes. 

Many companies ask for a person’s social security number to check their credit rating. The assumption is that someone with a bad credit rating, often below 600, tends to be a riskier driver.

Many people with bad credit are also frequently late on their bills. Similar to a DUI conviction, it takes time to improve your credit rating. Another thing you can surely do to help lower your coverage costs is take a driving course. This proves that you are serious about driver safety and want to become a better motorist. Completing a safe driving course can get you a discount of 10%.

The Cost of High-Risk Auto Insurance

There is a big price difference between low-risk and high-risk auto insurance. A high-risk driver could pay double and even triple the rates of a low-risk motorist. If someone has three or more convictions on their record, even state minimum liability auto insurance could be very expensive and out of reach for many on a strict budget.

Because rates for high-risk drivers are so expensive, many people can only afford to purchase state minimum liability coverage. Every state determines specific limits for liability coverage. A “bare bones” policy will leave most drivers under-insured, so it’s smart to get a higher limit policy that will protect you in the event you get into an at-fault accident.  

Regardless of where you live, Good to Go Insurance makes sure your policy complies with the state’s legal requirements. Working with underwriters’ networks across the country makes it easier for GoodtoGoInsurance to provide the exact type of coverage for your specific needs.

The formula to classify high-risk motorists is different from company to company. Apart from someone’s driving record, credit rating, marital status, and age, most companies also consider the amount of time you spend driving on the road. People who often drive and travel long distances have a higher risk profile than those who drive less than 800 miles per month. At GoodtoGo Auto Insurance, you can find special discounts if you are a low-mileage driver.

Who Needs High-Risk Auto Insurance?

Those motorists that are more likely to get into an accident will be labeled high-risk drivers. Most will still need to drive and thus get insured. Following a policy cancellation, high-risk drivers need to acquire proof of insurance as soon as possible before they can legally drive again. 

Good to Go Auto Insurance has an easy way to avoid this problem. The application and approval process is quick, allowing a person to get new insurance coverage at the lowest available rates in a matter of minutes. To get a free-no-obligation quote where you live, start by entering your zip code.

Good To Go Auto Insurance

Good to Go Insurance Discounts

Purchasing insurance from the non-standard market is not cheap, but it does not mean you cannot find an affordable insurer. One of the advantages of working with Good to Go Insurance is the availability of various discounts. If you are eligible, the total amount of savings can significantly reduce the premium. If you are not, then you can always try Insurance to Go for your Insurance needs.

Driver Discounts Policy Discounts Auto Discounts
Defensive Driving Course 15% Multi-Car 32% Cell Phone Safety 5%
Driver’s Education 10% Paid-in-Full 31% Airbag and Passive Restraint 5%
Good Student 10% Prior Insurance 40% Anti-Theft System and VIN Etching 5%
Homeownership 8% Renewal 15%
Non-Owner 25%

Payment Options

Good to Go Insurance also offers multiple payment options. The available payment plans are:

  • Economy Plan: probably the best payment plan. It allows you to pay a low down payment and spread the premium fee into 12 monthly installment payments. With a low upfront payment, you will be legally insured without a big upfront expense.
  • Quarterly Plan: This is another installment program, but the payment is due every three months.
  • Annual Plan: a one-time payment upfront, which gives a 3% discount off the premium.

Purchasing non-standard auto insurance is not ideal for those trying to get the cheapest car insurance possible. Being a high-risk driver means you have to pay more for coverage.

The good news is Good to Go Insurance is a low-cost provider you can count on. We have the lowest rates, multiple discounts, and payment plans (like a $20 down payment auto insurance program) to help you get covered for less. 

Get started right away and apply for a free online quote. Good to Go Auto Insurance makes saving big bucks on insuring your vehicle fast and easy. Just enter your zip code and compare the best rates and options for the coverage you need.