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If you need to compare car insurance companies, find hundreds of automobile insurance reviews and reduce your premiums, then you are at the right spot. With a Simple car insurance direct quote, you can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance premiums. All you need to do is apply online and compare rates. It is easy, fast and free.

Today, transportation is changing so fast. From Uber rides to self-driving cars, there are so many choices. Many “generation Xers” are forgoing purchasing a vehicle altogether and relying solely on ride sharing services. Having your automobile is still the choice for most Americans, for so many reasons. The main drawback to owning a private car is the cost. There are so many expenses that come with auto ownership. This includes financing it, repairs and of course auto insurance. At simple insurance, we help thousands of customers find cheaper car insurance, with low direct pricing every day. Studies show that the average online shopper can save about $600 off their insurance bill from more traditional buying methods, like agents and brokers. Here are a few basic tips to help you get even lower rates on your next insurance policy.

Get an Automobile that is Cheaper to Insure

This might sound like common sense, but so many people get expensive new vehicles they can barely afford. Newer cars cost more to insure because the claim costs are much higher. Think about it. If you total a $35,000 new car and have full coverage, the claim is going to cost the insurer so much more than an $8,000 used automobile. Buying a good used car can save you 30% or more off your insurance bill. With advances in technology, many new cars can last too well over 200,000 miles. Some vehicles don’t even need full servicing until 100,000 miles has been reached. So if you are on a tight budget, get a used car and save on the coverage.

The automobile you drive plays such a big role in the premiums you will end up paying
Each automobile is rated by the potential risk of insuring it. Car insurers compile massive amounts of data that details claim payouts, rates of accidents and auto repairs for each make and model on the market. This means they know how much it costs to fix a dent on a Ferrari vs. a Toyota Corolla.

One of the interesting things a lot of people don’t know is vehicles attract different types of drivers. There are different driving characteristics from someone buying a Mustang vs. someone buying a Subaru. Carriers can predict how aggressively and unsafe a vehicle type will be driven. If you have a sports car, don’t worry. At simple car insurance, you can still get low rates that other competitors just can’t match.

Types of Cars that are Cheaper to Insure

  • Sedans with 4 doors

This kind of vehicle is considered by insurers to be one of the safest. Consequently, the rates charged for four door sedans are a lot less than other makes like sports cars. One of the reasons for these lower rates is many people with families have this type of vehicle, and they drive much more conservatively.

  • Cars with small engines

Vehicles that have smaller 4 cylinder engines do not generate as much speed and get in fewer accidents. Insurers often charge about 15% less for cars with lower powered engines.

Don’t Buy a Car that Thieves Target Often
One of the worst feelings in the world is to go out to the parking lot and find out your car is stolen. Thieves will steal just about any car, but they target certain makes more often. This, of course, causes the insurers to charge more for the types of cars that are stolen more. Believe it or not, used Honda Accords are stolen a lot. Also, sports cars like the Camaro and SUVs are often targeted by thieves. There is a high demand oversees for luxury vehicles like Range Rovers and higher end Mercedes. On the contrary, Jeeps and Buick cars are stolen less.

Buy Simple Insurance Online For Less

Whether you need a simple auto insurance policy or a complex one for several automobiles, you should buy it online. The internet has allowed direct insurers a cost advantage that is passed down to you, and the quote is completely free. You need to compare several quotes at top comparison sites like good to go insurance, to make sure you are getting the lowest price.

It only takes about four minutes to complete a quote, and the average savings is about $550. If you prefer to call, there are friendly representatives standing by 24/7 to assist you with your free quote or answer any questions you might have. Get started now and see how easy it is to save more on your new auto insurance policy.