Types of Insurance Agents

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Types of Insurance Agents

Are you currently shopping for auto insurance and feel confused about where to start and who to trust? Buying the right car ins policy can be confusing for anyone, so don’t feel alone. Insurance professionals can guide you and set you up with a coverage that protects you at a reasonable price. While many consumers are moving online in their quest for the cheapest car insurance, the agents’ market is still alive and thriving. Let’s look at the various types of insurance agents and some essential tips to help you get insured for less. Get your free personalized quote at Good to Go Insurance online in just a couple of minutes.

There are so many agents in the United States that sell personal policies. It can be overwhelming just starting and picking someone to trust. Here are the basic categories you should familiarize yourself with to get the policy you need and a professional that works for your best interests.

types of insurance agents

Captive Insurance Agents

A person representing and selling policies from one insurer is known as a captive insurance agent. They are employees of the insurance company and are not allowed to sell policies from competitors. These agents should know the company’s products inside and out and design a coverage package that best suits your personal needs. A good example would be State Farm and Farmers agents. These two giants have more than 100 years of experience using this helpful business model. The advantage of using a captive or direct agent is expertise. The drawback is you may not get the lowest price because you are not comparing multiple quotes.

Independent Insurance Agents

Unlike direct agents, an independent insurance agent represents multiple companies. Like a captive salesperson, the independent agent is paid on commission. This gives more flexibility in finding an excellent policy at a lower price for the consumer. With the power of the internet, this type of agent is growing in popularity, as people can price compare more easily.

Do Research on the Agent before Buying a Policy

If you are thinking of calling a specific insurance representative, check around first. Go online and see what kind of reputation they have and if past clients are satisfied. You can also ask friends or family who has done business with anyone beforehand and get their recommendations. Any agent should:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of personal Insurance
  • Be helpful and courteous
  • Put the interests of the client before the sales commission
  • Sell the customer the best possible policy at the best price
  • Be responsive and helpful when a claim is made

It would be best if you quickly interviewed the agent before doing business with them. Ask them how long they have been selling Insurance and fact-check their license. See if they take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you have and take a genuine interest in your needs. Also, ask about claim responsiveness and the entire process of filing. The agent should give you detailed, specific answers to every question you have. At this point, you are not ready to get a quote. If that is pushed on you, maybe it’s wiser to find someone who will take more time getting to know you and answer your questions in depth. Remember, having a good ins agent is a partnership that needs to work. There should be trust and communication at all levels.

Call Multiple Agents before Choosing

Make several calls to prospective agents before you decide on one to do business with. Check sites like Yelp and forum boards to get further recommendations before you decide on someone. You can also check out the department of Insurance in your state. We provide a helpful website that will allow you to look into complaints and investigations that have been done on brokers and agents in your area.

Get Direct Online Quotes in Addition to Quotes from Agents

Before you buy a policy, you should get as many quotes as possible, whether you need auto or home coverage. Comparing quotes will help assure you are getting the best price possible. You can also use this valuable information as a bargaining chip when you call up your agent. Check out sites like Goodtogoinsurance and get a quick quote. You will get up to 10 rates in just a couple of minutes. Make a note of the best price and company, and then call an agent. If they can’t beat the pricing, it might be wiser to go direct and bypass the insurance agent altogether. However, it might make you feel better to have that “guiding hand” there to assist you whenever you need help with a policy question or claim. Now that you know the types of insurance agents get quoted at Good to Go Insurance and save money.