Cheapest California Car Insurance

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Cheapest California Car Insurance

Cheapest California Car Insurance

California is one of the best states to live in but also one of the most expensive. From the price of gasoline to housing, it seems everything is above the national average. This also includes auto insurance—Californians pay some of the highest rates for coverage in the nation. In fact, according to, it ranks the #9th most expensive market for auto ins. Annual auto policies cost over $1,700. While these numbers are alarming, there are things you can do to get the cheapest California car insurance online.

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself. Getting the best coverage requires a strategy and plan. Auto insurance can be confusing, with terminology that can feel like a different language. Many consumers assume all auto ins plans are more or less the same. This isn’t true at all. A mindset like this can lead to buying a policy on impulse, without actually making a plan and doing thorough research. If you are not comparing multiple rates online, then you are just guessing. Find out in a couple of minutes if you can lower your coverage at the goodtogoinsurance website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Auto Insurance Carriers

Many people get trapped in paying too much for car insurance because they don’t want to switch providers. There is no law on the books in any state that prevents you from buying coverage from another insurer and canceling your current policy. In some states, there are laws that require you to hold the policy for two months, but after that, you are free to cancel.

This one tip will prepare you to get cheaper CA auto insurance. Remember, canceling goes both ways, and insurers do it all the time. It is just a smart business to get the lowest cost for the coverage you need, and you should not in any way feel guilty about it. Changing providers can save you hundreds per year, and it only takes a few minutes. You can even compare plans and buy a policy on your smartphone.

Shop For Cheap California Car Insurance Online

Probably the best tip for lowering the cost of your auto ins is to find lower rates on the web. The internet is a goldmine for deals on just about everything, and that includes car insurance. In fact, studies have shown that consumers who bought a direct policy online saved over $500. So the truth is you don’t have to pay high CA rates. You can get them lowered with the help of leading sites like Good To Go Insurance Company, where the average consumer saves $550.

Make a simple plan and decide on the coverage you want to get and the target policy cost. For example, you might want to get California comprehensive coverage. If the average state premium is $155 a month, try and get it for $110 a month. In order to do this, you will need to search for the best rates from numerous online companies and also take advantage of all the discounts available.

You need to get online and compare as many quotes as you can. Don’t just look at 1 or 2 results and then buy a policy. Remember, you want to get the cheapest California auto insurance, so ideally, you want to compare rates from every major provider that covers the state.

Never assume anything. Sometimes companies like Geico, which proclaim to be cheap, will, in fact, cost more. On the flip side, niche insurers like can end up being the cheapest. You won’t know, however, until you start comparing prices. Once you have narrowed your list to 3 carriers, don’t stop there. Look into their claim, customer service, and financial ratings. Go to sites like and A.M. Best to get the latest reviews, along with recent financial info. Now you need to select a company that has the best price along with the best ratings. Once you’ve found this, then you have a winner.

Take Advantage of California Car Insurance Discounts and Save More

One of the easiest ways to save money on your car ins is to get discounted rates. There are discounts available for just about everyone. There’s a good chance you will qualify for two or more. Here are a few popular ones.

  • Safe Driving Discount – By remaining accident and ticket free, you can lower your premiums by 20% and more.
  • Drive a Low-Risk Automobile – Everyone knows that expensive exotic vehicles cost more to insure. Get a boring, used four-door family sedan with a four-cylinder engine, and you can expect to save at least 10%.
  • Install an Anti-Theft Device – Installing a GPS device that can track your car if it gets stolen can save you about 2% on average.
  • Raise Your Deductible to $1,000 or Higher – This is something that is easy to do and can save you hundreds each year.
  • Garage Your Vehicle – Many California insurers will give you a 1% to 2% discount if your car is garaged. Cars that are garaged result in fewer claims and thus lower charged premiums.
  • Get a Multi Car Discount – Do you have one or more cars that are insured with different companies? Consolidate all of your vehicles with one carrier and save 5% or more.
  • Good Credit Discount – Many people don’t realize that their credit score has a lot to do with the price of their premiums. The higher your score, the lower you will pay for car ins. Get your credit rating up and get cheaper coverage.
  • Military and Vet Discount – Do you serve in the military, or are you a veteran? If so, you can save up to 5%.
  • Good Student Discount – This is a great discount for young drivers that can save them about 10% each year through college. Just maintain a B or higher GPA, and you will qualify.

Now that you know how to get the Cheapest California Car Insurance, it’s time to compare rates and save money. Start your free quote at Goodtogoinsurance and see how fast and easy it is to lower your premiums by hundreds.