How to Avoid Car Insurance Increases

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How to Avoid Car Insurance Increases

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It is so frustrating always to worry about your bills going up, and that includes auto insurance. Car insurance companies seem to raise premiums at the absolute worst times, like after a job loss or a pay cut. If you have received renewal info and your rates are going up, then there are a few steps you can take to get them lower. Let’s go over some basic tips on how to avoid car insurance increases and get cheaper ins. You do not need to feel helpless, and there are simple things you can do to lower your premiums. Let good to go insurance help you with a free online quote today.

1. Drive Safely
This might sound like common sense, but lots of people do not seem to realize that their driving plays a huge role in the premiums they end up paying. That means the tickets you have and the seriousness of those infractions. If you want to keep your insurance bill down then do not get tickets, it is that simple. If you do get a ticket, then take measures to get it removed from traffic school. If you only have one infraction on your record like a speeding ticket, your rates regularly won’t jump up. However, if you have multiple incidents, including at fault accidents, your insurer will raise them quickly. It is important to drive responsibly and always put safety first.

2. Never Drink and Drive
The fastest way to see your premiums explode is to get a DUI, or driving under the influence ticket. Thousands of people die each year due to alcohol-related vehicular fatalities. These accidents cause insurers billions of dollars in claim costs, and everyone ends up paying more for the careless actions of the few. The best advice on how to keep your rates low is never get behind the wheel even if you feel fine after a couple of drinks. The risk is just not worth it, and you could not only endanger your insured costs from going up but put others lives in serious jeopardy. Some insurers have a zero tolerance for DUIs and will cancel a policy at the very first infraction. Drive sober and keep your ins bill down.

3. Keep a good Credit Score
Many people are shocked when their premiums shoot up, and they cannot figure out why. After they call the insurance company, they are just given general answers that leave them just as confused. Well, the culprit could be your credit score. These credit ratings are used more than ever by auto insurers and factor a significant role in your rates. While it might seem unfair, the trend will undoubtedly continue, so you need to take action if you have a low score. Review your credit rating and get any bad items off immediately, so your score will go up. Next, be responsible and pay your bills on-time and lower your debt. Not only will you be in better financial health, but you will see lower insurance costs.

4. Where you live Impacts your Car Insurance Premiums
The zip code area you reside has a big impact on the cost you pay for coverage. If you are planning on moving soon, do some research and check out some auto insurance estimations beforehand. Sites like good to go insurance can give you free insurance estimates on any zip code in the U.S. All you need to do is enter your car info and zip and you can calculate your rates in minutes. Generally speaking, urban areas tend to cost more for coverage because there are more collisions and more automobile thefts. If you are already in a big city, moving to the suburbs might lower your insurance bill by 10% or more. Do some research and get check out the cheapest areas to insure your car.

Get Free Quotes Online and Reduce your Rates
If you did everything you could do avoid car insurance increases but your bill still went up, don’t worry. All you need to do is get on-line and do some comparison auto insurance shopping. Established sites like good to go insurance will deliver up to 10 quotes to you in about 8 minutes. All of the carriers are top rated national companies with direct pricing. This means you can save time and money shopping direct. Most consumers report savings of over $500 and like how quick and easy the process is. Get started today with a free custom quote. There is no obligation at all, so you have nothing to lose.