How Switch Car Insurance Companies

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How to Switch Car Insurance Companies

how to switch car insurance company

Most people who get a car ins policy renew it as long as the price doesn’t go up too much. This is because, very often, people do not want the hassle of changing insurers to fear more paperwork and, of course, the dreaded sales calls from agents. 

The simple reality is, you could be paying way more for your coverage than needed and wasting hard-earned money. Check out how to switch car insurance companies and save hundreds at the same time.

When there are changes in your life, such as buying a new home, getting married, or even getting out of debt, each of these things affects the insurance rates you will pay. Chances are your current carrier will hold your premiums steady or even increase them, despite your personal circumstances.

Getting a quote update is the best way to explore the possibility of switching before you do so. Let good to go insurance give you a free custom quote in about 5 minutes and see how easy saving money on insurance can be.

Deciding to Switch Insurers

People are over overwhelmed with companies on TV, radio, and all over the web touting they have the cheapest auto insurance. Before you jump ship to another company, there are a few things you need to investigate with any insurer you might potentially get insured.

  • What are their rates for the coverage you need?
  • Do they offer discounts like multi-car insurance that can save you more
  • What is their customer service track record?
  • Do they have a strong financial position?
  • Do they have a reputation for paying claims in full and on-time?

One of the most critical steps to take is checking the firm’s financial health. You can go to sites like A.M. Best and check out financial ratings for dozens of providers. Make sure you only stick with those carriers that have a B or higher grade average. The last thing you want is to get a cheap insurance policy and then have the company unable to make a claim or go bankrupt.

Next, get quotes from at least 5 top insurers for the type of coverage you want. Sites like good2go can help you acquire rates in only a few minutes. Once you have selected the best rate and company, you can use a bargaining tool. Now just call up your current insurer and tell them about the quoted offer that you received. Tell them you will be changing soon if they cannot match the price. In this position, you have nothing to lose. If they lower your premiums, you have just saved some money and don’t even need to switch. However, if they cannot match it, you can change companies in only a day or two. Remember, you are trying to get the best coverage for the lowest price, and you should stay neutral. Always go to the top carriers that meet these simple objectives.

Get Every Discount you Qualify for when Switching Insurers

Acquiring new auto insurance customers is more competitive than ever. This is why almost all of the providers offer incentives or discounts to lure new business. If you decide to change over to another firm, research all of the discounts you qualify for and save even more. Typical discounts include:

  • Save Driver
  • Military Service
  • Teacher
  • Good Student
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Auto and Home Bundling Discount

You can also call a customer service representative and ask what the currently available discounts are. Chances are, you will qualify for one or more.

Do Some Research Before you Switch Companies

Before making the switch, you should review some basic info. This includes:

Which type of auto insurance coverage is mandated by your state

Each state has an insurance department and sets forth guidelines consumers must follow. Insurance requirements in Detroit can be very different than in California, for example.

How Much Coverage you want to get

Do you want basic liability insurance or the more expensive but comprehensive protective insurance? Do you want to add on services like roadside assistance and rental car insurance? Once you have determined the coverages you want, then you can get accurate quotes.

Your Price Point

Set an explicit goal of the maximum amount you can afford for your specific policy. Next, get online and start applying for quotes. The chances are that you can get an even better rate than you imagined. Just make sure you get multiple ins quotes from at least ten providers.

Be aware of Cancellation Fees

Check the fine print of your current policy before switching to make sure you are not subject to cancellation fees. If you are, see if the cost is worth paying for the savings you will get by changing.

Making the Switch

Now you have done your research and found a great new insurer. You want to make the switch, but here are a few more things to do beforehand.

  1. Call your new insurance co to confirm the date your coverage will begin. This is important, so you do not have any coverage gaps that could leave you illegally uninsured.
  2. Confirm the cost of the policy again and read all of the fine print.
  3. Contact your current insurer and cancel your policy on the day your new coverage becomes active. Get a confirmation that your coverage has ended and have it emailed or mailed to you.
  4. Print out your new auto insurance I.D. cards and stick them safely in your car.

Let good to go insurance show you how to switch car insurance companies and save $550 or more. Get quoted now and take advantage of special online rates that can save you more.