Best Car Insurance for Veterans 

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Have you served in the military and are looking for the best car insurance for veterans? Most auto insurance providers offer discounts to vets who have served in one of the military branches. Companies like USAA offer affordable coverage designated for active military members and veterans that can save drivers serious money. 

Here’s a look at some of the best car insurance companies that offer discounted rates to veterans and tips for getting cheaper rates. 

Best Car Insurance for Veterans

Best Discounts and the Cheapest Insurance Quotes for Veterans

1. USAA – 15% discount for active and former military. A sample quote for a 40-year-old married veteran in Tampa, FL driving a 2015 Toyota Camry: 

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$78/month $105/month


2. Geico – Up to 15% off auto insurance for active and retired military members. Sample quote for a 25-year-old single veteran in Dallas, TX driving a 2019 Ford Fusion:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$116/month $168/month


3. American Family Insurance – Discount up to 15% for active duty and veterans. Sample quote for a 30-year-old married veteran in Phoenix, AZ driving a 2018 Honda Civic:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$101/month $146/month


4. State Farm – Up to 25% off for active military and veterans. Sample quote for a 27-year-old single veteran in Indianapolis, IN driving a 2020 Toyota RAV4:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$129/month $192/month


5. Farmers Insurance – Up to 15% discount for active and retired military. Sample quote for a 35-year-old married veteran in Los Angeles, CA driving a 2017 Nissan Altima:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$146/month $208/month


6. Liberty Mutual InsuranceUp to 10% off for active duty and veterans. Sample quote for a 29-year-old single veteran in Chicago, IL driving a 2016 Ford Escape: 

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$108/month $162/month


7. Nationwide Insurance – Up to 15% off for active duty and veterans. Sample quote for a 33-year-old married veteran in Houston, TX driving a 2014 Toyota Highlander:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$117/month $176/month


8. Progressive Insurance – Discount for active and retired military. Sample quote for a 36-year-old married veteran in Philadelphia, PA driving a 2013 Honda Accord:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$105/month $155/month


9. Allstate Insurance – Up to 20% off for active military personnel. Sample quote for a 26-year-old single veteran in Phoenix, AZ driving a 2021 Jeep Wrangler: 

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$145/month $210/month


10. Esurance – Discount for active duty and honorably discharged veterans. Sample quote for a 28-year-old single veteran in San Diego, CA driving a 2018 Toyota Tacoma:

Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
$121/month $178/month


How Veterans Can Save on Car Insurance

Beyond looking for military discounts, there are several other ways to find the best car insurance for veterans and save on car insurance premiums:

  1. Compare quotesGet quotes from multiple insurers to find the best rate. Rates can vary widely between insurers.
  2. Raise your deductible – Opting for a higher deductible of $500 or $1000 can substantially lower your premium. 
  3. Ask about discounts – Inquire about possible discounts for being claim-free, maintaining good credit, completing a defensive driving course, bundling policies, and more.
  4. Limit mileage – Let your insurer know if you drive at most 7,500 miles per year to see if you qualify for low mileage discounts. 
  5. Drop unnecessary coverage – Consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage on older cars worth less than $3000.
  6. Maintain good credit – Having good or excellent credit can save you 10% or more on premiums in most states. Check your credit reports regularly. 
  7. Avoid budget billing – Paying your 6-month premium in full rather than going on a monthly budget plan can lead to savings. 
  8. Seek group discounts – Ask about discounts for belonging to groups like AAA, credit unions, alumni associations, etc. 
  9. Use telematics – Consider usage-based programs that track driving habits through an app or device to get discounted rates.
  10. Increase safety features – Adding safety features like airbags, antilock brakes, and anti-theft devices can lower rates.



 Multiple insurers offer great discounts to military members and veterans. Companies like USAA Insurance and Geico can save veterans hundreds yearly on auto insurance coverage. 

It’s important to compare as many quotes as you can to see which insurer that caters to veterans has the best rates for the coverage you are looking for. It really pays off to put in the time to get quotes and find all the available discounts offered to vets. 

Combining a military discount with other savings opportunities can help you lock in the lowest possible rate. Do your research and discuss all available discounts with an agent to get the best deal on car insurance for veterans or active military members.