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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Before you buy car insurance, you should do thorough research to purchase the coverage you need and get the best price possible. If you already know the exact type of policy you want, then you are ready to get started with a fast auto insurance quote. A quotation will give you a reasonably accurate estimate of the total price you will pay to get your vehicle insured. Even though you may be quoted a specific price until you lock in that rate, it is subject to change. Insurers are constantly changing their rates, so don’t be surprised if you get a cheaper quote one week and then a higher quoted price a month later.

Another reason your automobile insurance rates might fluctuate is due to inaccurate information. For example, if you have poor credit, but you put down “great credit” on your form, you might get an adjusted auto quotation when the insurer finds out your actual score. Additionally, if you put a false address down or other inaccurate info, insurers just might not cover you at all. Tell the truth on the auto insurance forms to make the quote process go fast and smooth.

free auto insurance quotes

How long do Insurance Quotes Take?

Almost all Insurers have made the quote process as simple as possible, with easy-to-use scroll-down menus, making finding your vehicle or current insurer simple. Most online automobile insurance quotes will take you 8 minutes or less. Some sites like claim a faster-quoting process that takes just 7.5 minutes. If you are slow at typing or are prone to making typo errors, it might take you up to 10 minutes to complete an insurance application. Here are a few things you will need to fill out your car ins form:

  1. Your current address
  2. Your license
  3. The make, model of your vehicle, and vehicle identification model or VIN
  4. The names of all other drivers who will be added to the policy
  5. Your social security number

It will also be helpful while filling out your quote to have your credit score ready because car insurance companies are placing more emphasis on credit as a way of measuring risk. If you do not know your credit score, just give a reasonable estimate because the insurers will run your credit anyway and find out what it is.

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Getting Quotes through Insurance Agents and Brokers

Many people prefer the one-on-one customer service attention of insurance agents and brokers. These skilled professionals will enter your information and quickly tell you how much your rates will be. You may be surprised how fast car insurance quotes can be given out over the phone. Many agents can offer you an accurate price in 10 minutes or less. After all, a big part of their job is giving people rates all day long. One of the negatives that people experience with agents is they are not always available. Sometimes an agent will call a prospective customer back hours or even days later. It is best to go online and secure multiple rates, to get a faster car insurance quote. This way, you can compare the best prices from the top online companies for the coverage you want to get. Start comparing rates now with a free online quote.

Get at least 5 Car Insurance Quotes

In today’s fast-paced world, some people just don’t put the appropriate time into making critical financial decisions. When it comes to buying automobile insurance, some people go out and buy a policy with the first quote they get. While it is possible to get lucky and get the lowest rate with your first quote, you are never sure. So, it is wise to get at least five insurance quotes, select the coverage, price, and company that you feel deserves your business.

Shop online now for fast auto insurance quotes. Get multiple quotes in under 5 minutes and qualify for online discounts that can save you more.