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Good to Go Insurance – Instant Proof of Car Insurance

Having instant proof of car insurance is imperative because it is the law in all but just one state. It means drivers are responsible for carrying the proper legal mandated coverage in their state. 

Motorists should demonstrate instant proof of auto insurance if asked to do so by law enforcement at any time. These essential documents should be in a safe and easily accessible place at all times. 

Get Auto Insurance I.D. Online

More consumers these days are applying for car insurance quotes on the web and also buying a policy. With a simple internet connection, you can manage your car insurance policy and print out any needed documents. This includes proof of auto insurance I.D. cards that most significant carriers allow a policyholder to print right from their account.  

As more companies have enhanced their websites, many are now offering paperless policies. This idea is to have customers download an app on their smartphone that shows instant proof of auto insurance. Gone are the days where someone needs to print out their I.D. cards on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe in their vehicle. Now it’s all done on the internet cloud. Another benefit of going paperless for your auto insurance identification cards is it’s good for the environment.  

For those that don’t want to download an app, once an account is established and the policy is purchased, they can print out instant proof of car insurance right at home or anywhere there is a printer available. 

There’s no need to wait a week or more for identification paperwork to come in the mail. This online proof saves not only the consumer a lot of time but helps the insurer out as well. Direct carriers do not have to send out costly mailings and pay for expensive calls over the phone. Get your free Good To Go Insurance quote today. If you choose to buy a policy, print out your insurance I-D card at your convenience.  instant proof of insurance


What Exactly is Proof of Automobile Insurance?

When you buy car insurance coverage, whether online or traditionally like in an agency office, your policy will have a declaration page. This page will be a printed I.D. insurance card issued by your provider. This necessary identification will demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements for insurance in the state you reside. If you do not download the app on your phone or your carrier does not have one, then place it somewhere safe and secure in your vehicle.    

As state fines are increasing almost every year for motorists that drive without coverage, it becomes more valuable to carry proof that your vehicle is insured. Some states have even imposed jail sentences on people who drive uninsured. These fines do not include the costs of getting your car towed and missing work. It is just not worth it to take such a significant risk and hit the road uninsured. 

With discounts and the right plan, most people can get covered for less than $100 a month. For very cheap car insurance with no deposit, plans start at about $39 a month for qualified drivers. Get your free rate check-up or call toll-free anytime at Goodtogoinsurance online.

How Can Someone Get Instant Proof of Car Insurance?

There are two primary ways a person can get fast proof of auto insurance. The quickest way by far is to buy a policy directly online. It can be done in literally less than 15 minutes if you know the coverage you want and are happy with the quote you receive. 

Once your payment is secured, you can log in to your account and print out your policy and ID cards. If you have a smartphone and you elect to download the carrier’s app, make sure you carry your phone with you at all times when you drive in the event you get stopped by the police.  

One more option is to go through an agent, which usually requires going to an office. This process is more time-consuming. You will need to wait several days to get a complete set of policy documents and identification cards in the mail in most cases.  

More Consumers are Purchasing Auto Insurance Online

It’s believed the first online direct auto insurance policy was purchased through the website in the mid-1990s. Since then, more people have chosen this direct auto insurance approach each year, and the word is out the best place to find deals is online. 

In a recent comScore report, car insurance companies sold more than 3.6 million direct policies in the past year alone. One of the main reasons so many people like shopping on the net is convenience and control. 

Most customers hate calling insurance agents and getting a quote that might not even be the lowest. It also takes a long time to go to agencies and make numerous calls to find what insurer has the lowest rates.  With sites like GoodtoGoInsurance, you can compare up to ten quotes in about four to five minutes. 

Online comparison shopping puts customers in control of the buying process. It eliminates the “strongarm” tactics some salespeople have used in the past to sell a policy that might have too many expensive add-ons. 

Getting Instant Proof of Car Inurance

A recent consumer report study found almost 80% of people looking for new automobile insurance start their search on-line. Gone are the days where someone makes an appointment with an agent or insurance broker. This is good news for those insurers that have an established presence on the web. As the business model turns more online, people will less likely be seeking quotes from agents and brokers in the future. 

Get your instant proof of auto insurance with good to go insurance and cut your insurance costs by 20% or more. To begin, enter your zip code and fill out a fast online application. Next, you will be matched with up to ten insurers’ lowest rates. Get the car insurance rates you need online and save more.