Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

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Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

Safe driving tips for teenagers are needed more than for any other group of drivers. Not only will good teenage driving skills save lives, but they will get younger motorists cheaper car insurance coverage. Most young people think and drive like they are indestructible. This is one of the reasons they take such extreme risks behind the wheel. 

We’ve all seen it: young drivers under 20 texting while driving, lane changing aggressively, and racing, just to name a few dangerous motoring activities. The sad truth is teen driving is the number 1 killer of kids between 16 and 19. Recent stats clearly show this deadly trend is not reversing. In fact, since the rise of smartphones, teen driving accidents have risen a lot. 

Most of the vehicle fatalities teenagers get in can be prevented. There are several crucial safe driving tips for teenagers that, if applied, can significantly reduce the chance of getting into a severe crash. Let’s explore some startling stats about this problem and then go over some ideas to make anyone a better motorist. For the cheapest teen driving rates, get and compare direct quotes online. To get started, enter your zip code.

top safe driving tips for teenagers

Vehicular Deaths Among Teens is a huge Problem

The center for disease control, or CDC, has some shocking stats that have been released about this group of young motorists. Unfortunately, 2,163 teenagers aged 16-19 lost their lives in automobile accidents in 2013. Almost another 250,000 received medical care after a crash involving a vehicle. This figure breaks down to a daily death count of 6 per day, every day. Teens are not applying basic driving tips that will prevent most of these accidents from occurring. 

The CDC reported that although younger Americans, aged 15-24, account for about 14% of the population, they cause 30% of vehicle-related crashes, which is an alarming stat. It boils down to young motorists under 20 being the riskiest age group of drivers in the U.S. Male drivers aged 16-19 are by far the most prone to accidents of any group of motorists. Male teen drivers are more than 300% statistically more likely to get into a fatal accident than those over 20 years of age. 

These alarming stats force insurers to charge exorbitant rates for teenage drivers. A typical male teen can expect to pay 200% or more for a basic car insurance policy. While many teens complain that it is discriminatory, the stats don’t lie. In fact, many carriers lose money on teenage policies simply due to the costly crashes they get into at such a high rate. 

Stats Point Out that Teenagers are the Riskiest Group of Drivers 

Because of scary teen driving stats like these, some parents refuse to let their children get licensed until they are 18 and are legal adults. Many parents would rather have their teens complain about not being able to get their license than a dreaded call that their child was involved in yet another horrible accident fatality, with a cause attributed to something silly, like texting and driving.  

Other worried parents who have the money install strict performance controls that do not allow excessive speeding and aggressive maneuvers. These new devices have curbed accidents, but many teens are finding ways around them. 

The frustrating part of these statistics is that teenagers can be great drivers if they get educated and practice defensive driving. It would also lower their auto insurance rates quite a bit if these horrible accidents were significantly reduced.

Females Teens are Safer Drivers than Male Teenagers 

There’s always been a considerable debate about what sex is the better driver. For the teenage group of drivers, between sixteen and nineteen, there is just no comparison. Male teens are the deadliest drivers and get into twice the crashes rate as females of the same age. 

Females drivers are just more responsible behind the wheel. Yes, some do text and drive, but they just don’t take the aggressive risks behind the wheel as often as male teens do. Young women don’t race, speed over 80 MPH, or change lanes dangerously, like many teenage males, do. 

Another huge risk factor is passengers in the car. This often causes kids to show off and drive wildly, which often leads to crashes. Many of these accidents, unfortunately, result in vehicle deaths. Statistics show the risk goes up with the addition of each young passenger. So if you see a car full of 5 or 6 teenagers, give them plenty of room because the chances are that automobiles will be doing dangerous maneuvers at a high rate of speed.

These risky drivers often underestimate dangerous conditions like ice and rain and take turns way too fast or don’t properly judge stopping distance. They also tailgate more often and take on way too many risks on the roadways. Get a free Good To Go Insurance quote in about 5 minutes or less and lower your coverage costs today.

Alcohol and Teen Drivers is a Big Problem 

Probably the worst stat out there are the alcohol-related deaths of teenage drivers. Over 70% of deaths between the ages of 15 and 20 involved alcohol. Recent laws aimed at deterring drunk driving seem to be working with older adults, but not so much with teenager motorists. 

Youngsters are still taking huge risks behind the wheel and driving intoxicated in alarming numbers. This super risky behavior puts the driver and passengers at risk and everyone else sharing the road with these selfish impaired drivers. If you see any driver operating a vehicle while impaired, call the Highway Patrol immediately. You just might save lives by doing so.

Top Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers

Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

1. Wear your seatbelt at all times

Many teens still think it is uncool to put on a seat belt. This idea is not only stupid but can be deadly. Always wear your seat belt at all times, no matter what your age.

2. Do Not Mix Alcohol and Driving

If you are under 21, then it is against the law to consume alcohol and, even worse, get behind the wheel drunk. Stay away from alcohol and driving at all times.

3. Take a Certified Safety Course

Youngsters can be cocky and think they know everything about car driving basics on their first day behind the wheel. There is, however, so much helpful information they can learn, like essential defensive driving strategies. If you complete a certified course, it will also lower your auto insurance costs by about 5% or more.

4. Don’t Drive While Tired

While it is not as deadly as DUIs, drowsy driving can quickly kill. If you feel tired, pull over right away and take a quick nap or switch drivers. Pull into a safe, well-lit place and always lock your doors. 

5. Obey all Traffic Laws – Especially Speed Limits

Driving too fast is a giant killer of teenagers. The speed limits are there for a reason, so obey them. If conditions are rainy or snowy, slow down even more and always drive carefully.

6. Do not use a Cellphone on the Road

Young people practically have their smartphones growing out of their hands. These devices injure and kill thousands of teen drivers each year. If you are operating a motor vehicle, turn your cell phone off and leave it off until you get out of the car. This simple advice could save your life.

Now that you have learned about some excellent safe driving tips for teenagers, it’s time to check auto insurance rates. With direct quotes, you can often save $600 or more. With Good To Go Insurance Company, the average savings are $560, and many drivers save even more. The quote is free, and there is never any obligation to buy a policy. Get a free teen auto insurance quote and lower your premiums today.