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As the internet continues to grow, more people are going online for things like price comparison shopping from auto insurers like Go to Go Insurance. Financial service is a fast-growing area of development on the web. Some auto insurers have embraced this fast-changing trend, while others are still using a business model that was around more than 100 years ago. For direct providers like GotoGoInsurance that match insurers with consumers, their business will continue to grow. Here are a few reasons why comparing car ins quotes online is growing so fast.

Pros of Shopping for Car Insurance Online

There are numerous advantages to buying auto insurance on the web. You might be trying to lower your premiums or wanting to get a quote for adding on a spouse or child. Here are a few main benefits.

Auto Insurance Comparison Quotes are Free

One of the main reasons so many people compare car insurance prices online is the service is free. There is never any charge to get a quote. You can also start a quote anytime, day or night. So, you can shop around for coverage at 2 am, while most people are sleeping. There’s also the privacy factor. You can get quoted without picking up the phone and giving out personal information.

Comparing Quotes Online is Convenient

One of the biggest reasons millions of consumers have turned to the web to compare auto insurance is because it’s so easy. Most consumers can get quoted in less than 5 minutes by using comparing sites like Go to Go Insurance. There’s no need to get in the car and travel to an insurance broker, then wait in line just to get help. Shoppers today don’t have time to waste. Most online sites will even let you get a quote using a smartphone or tablet device. Another benefit is you can start a quote, stop, then come back later to complete it.

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You Can Customize Coverage Online

Never before has it been so easy to compare different auto insurance plans. You can check out basic liability prices only ins, collision, and comprehensive with a few clicks. This helps budget-conscious consumers figure out what they can afford.

You can also bundle multiple vehicles and compare rates in minutes. If you want to see prices for bundled home and auto coverage, you can do it while still saving your personal quote. This makes it easy for consumers to analyze what type of plan they should get and check out what they can afford. Coverage can also be revised at any time. Additional vehicles can be added on or other drivers.

You Can Save More Time

Today, buying car insurance can be done without even speaking to an agent. It  can save you hours of hassle. It’s a big plus since most people don’t like talking to sales agents anyways. Agents might push them to buy coverage they don’t need or is priced too high.

For the younger generation that has embraced technology the most, many don’t even know auto ins agents exist. They just compare coverage over their smartphones and buy the plan they want, when they want. Unfortunately, this is not good news for brokers and agents.

You Can Save Hundreds

The main reason most people shop for new auto insurance quotes is they want to save money. They want to see what carrier has the best rates for the coverage they want. With comparison quotes from sites like go2go insurance, most people can lower their auto insurance premiums by $550 or more.

It’s even possible to add-on additional coverage while lowering premiums. Direct rates are often cheaper because the carriers don’t have to pay for expensive offices and agents. These savings are then passed directly on to consumers.

You Can Buy a Policy Direct Online

Once you are finished comparing quotes and have found the best policy, you can buy online. Most direct insurers like Go to Go Insurance will allow you to purchase a policy direct. This will save you more time and hassle. You can also print out all the documents, including insurance identification cards. If you need to make changes to your policy, all you need to do is add or cancel coverage anytime online. Now that you know the benefits of buying auto insurance on the web start comparing plans and save big.