Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance

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Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance

cheap young driver car insurance
Younger people under the age of 25 make up about 20% of all licensed drivers on U.S. roads. However, this group is responsible for more accidents on average than any other.; this means auto insurers charge a lot more for these higher risk customers, which many youngsters think is totally unfair. Teenagers that are just getting licensed pay the most and those in their mid-twenties pay a little less, but still get hit hard with high premiums.

Consumer studies have found teens and twenty something’s paying over 3X times more than people in their 30s to 40s. In some zip codes in New Jersey and California, monthly ins rates can be close to a house payment, about $700 a month. The good news is cheap young driver car insurance is possible. Apply for an online quote with good to go insurance and find the most reasonable rates for young or older drivers in your area.

Why do Younger Drivers Pay so Much for Insurance?

Teen motorists get in more crashes than any other group by quite a bit. These incidents sadly often result in death and severe bodily injuries. The claims insurers pay out, are staggering and keeping up with the rising costs of incidents, insurers have had to raise premiums quite a bit. Here are a few reasons teenagers and younger people get into so many automobile collisions, that cause these super high rates of about $450 annually for an 18-year-old.

* Distracted Driving
Have you noticed smartphones are creating a lot of dumb drivers? Kids cannot control themselves and stay off these devices, even while operating a motor vehicle, this means these youngsters are often distracted while behind the wheel and could at any moment crash.

With the new millennial generation that grew up with iPhones now getting licensed, they just can’t put these devices down. Fatality crashes involving these distracted new drivers has jumped almost every year in the last decade. Rates for this age group of 18-24-year-olds will only go down when this big problem of distracted driving is eradicated.

* Taking Big Risks
Teenagers think and drive like they are invincible, this means street racing, going through red lights, tailgating, drifting, making close passes, failing to yield to pedestrians or other cars, just to name a few. All this wild behavior causes vehicle insurers to charge astronomical rates.

* Not Using Seat Belts
Lots of young motorists do not think it is cool to wear seat belts, and this leads to more serious injuries, deaths, and higher insurance costs.

* Lack of Experience
Novice motorists are inexperienced and don’t often know how to handle extreme conditions like heavy rain, snow, ice or dangerous situations on the roadways.

* Drinking and Drugs
One of the leading causes of death of young people is alcohol and drug related vehicular incidents; this again goes to this group taking huge risks. It puts and everyone else sharing the roads in extreme jeopardy, by engaging in super risky behaviors like consuming alcohol and drugs behind the wheel.

The best thing about these new, inexperienced drivers is to respect all the laws and be safe behind the wheel. Get your free quotation on-line or by phone in 8 minutes, with good to go car insurance today.

Automobile Insurance for College Students

One of the smartest moves college students who have a car and can do it to keep the coverage on their parent’s insurance policy; this will almost always save money, but might cause the parents more stress with the increase in liability. Parents usually have much lower premium coverage rates, due to decades of experience that comes with a track record companies can delve into. Adding a driver to a pre-existing policy, even though they might be a teenager or under 25, can save considerable money. If this is not feasible, the college student should get an older car that’s cheaper to get covered and even consider a policy that only covers part of the school year.

Discounts for Young Drivers
The good news is there’re some straightforward and efficient ways for a young driver to save on car insurance. Here are a few tips.

* Take a Certified Driver Safety Class
These classes will help you be a safer motorist and save you up to 5% yearly.

* Get Good Grades and Save on Automobile Coverage
Car insurance providers offer great discounts for full-time and even part-time students who keep a GPA of B or higher. Conditions and terms vary from each company but usually extend to age 25. The discounts can range from 5% all the way to 15%. Get your grades up and watch your premiums go way down.

* Get a Vehicle that is Cheaper to Insure
Perhaps the dumbest move for a youngster that is not swimming in lots of money can do is go out and buy or finance a high-performance car. Rates are already crazy for this group of drivers and getting a sports car will only cause them to go higher. Purchase a car like a Subaru or Camry that is safe and cheap on coverage.

* Shop Online and Save More
Almost all the 25  years old shoppers and under, go on the internet these days for just about any purchase and that includes getting insured. That is good because the best deals are almost always going to be had on-line. The web has created direct pricing models and consumers can save up to 40% shopping on the net. Let good to go help you find cheap young driver insurance with a fast, no obligation quote.