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Defensive Driving Insurance

defensive driving insurance

Why are many people terrified of flying? The most dangerous thing you can do daily is getting inside a moving vehicle. That is because thousands of crashes happen everyday, and stats show you will be in at least one in your lifetime. Vehicular incidents have an entrenched impact on our economy in ways many never even consider. These car crashes eliminate roughly 2.5% of the USA’s GDP or gross domestic product yearly. That is a staggering figure in the hundreds of billions. Furthermore, they can be life-altering events for people with unrecoverable injuries and deep emotional pain that never go away, often due to a vehicular death.

Even though some accidents are non-preventable, the truth is most are. Let us face it; most people are careless drivers who are not paying attention to their surroundings. These inattentive drivers account for most collisions because they are not practicing defensive driving techniques.

Wild drivers cause avoidable accidents and drive up the cost of automobile insurance for everyone; this is where defensive driving insurance comes in. These valuable skills can save your life, keep the roads safer, and lower auto insurance costs. Get your free Good to Go car insurance quote today and build the coverage you need at amazingly affordable prices.

What Exactly is Defensive Driving?

defensive driving

Most people are clueless as to the actual meaning of defensive driving. This form of driving applies rules and techniques that allow drivers to anticipate risk, implement a driving methodology that puts safety first and avoid most accidents. Courses around the country are taught and emphasize not putting you in precarious situations. Therefore, if the roads are icy, you slow down and don’t tailgate other drivers. You give yourself lots of braking distance from the vehicle in front of you and obey all the posted traffic laws. Remember, when you are behind the wheel, you are in control and need to take responsibility for your driving behavior. It would help if you had a safety-first mindset at all times. Also, make sure you and all of your passengers wear their seatbelts. They work and could save your life.

Good Defensive Driver Tips

* Scan the Road around you consistently

A good motorist is aware of his surroundings. So, you need to scan the road ahead, the areas to the sides of your vehicle, and what’s happening behind you. Also, don’t just look a few feet ahead of the automobile in front of you. Check the traffic patterns a quarter-mile and even a half-mile ahead. This conduct will allow you to prepare for almost anything if a crash occurs. Always be vigilant and expect the worst.

* Always give yourself an Exit

When you turn, ensure you have plenty of space and prepare for any sudden lane change by other drivers. You should also not allow yourself to get trapped in dangerous situations like being squeezed in the middle of two semi-trucks. If you are out on the interstate, the middle one is the safest and gives you an escape route in either direction if there are three lanes.

* Do not Drive while Distracted

Everyone loves cell phones, but do you need to check your Facebook page while driving? You do not! You should avoid talking or texting while driving because numerous studies have directly linked these dangerous distracted driving habits and collisions. Put safety first by putting the phone down behind the wheel.

* Do Not Tailgate or Speed

So many incidents involve either speeding or tailgating too closely behind other cars. Obey all the speed laws and never ride another car’s bumper. Not only is it rude, but you might end up rear-ending the vehicle in front of you and being charged with an at-fault accident.

Take a Defensive Driving Class and get Cheaper Insurance.

I think everyone should require defensive driving courses before a license is issued. These courses teach drivers about safety and core techniques that would dramatically reduce all auto-related incidents if followed. An enormous benefit of completing a defensive driving program is saving up to 10% on your auto insurance, year after year. Not only will you be a safer driver, but you will also save thousands on your coverage over your lifetime. Get your free custom quote from good to go insurance and save up to 55% online.