10 Car Insurance Tips

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10 Car Insurance Tips

Quality car insurance should not mean you pay an arm and a leg for coverage. You can take several proven steps to reduce your premiums while still retaining coverage that meets your needs. Here are ten tips you can take advantage of to get cheaper car insurance.

Increase your Deductible

  1. Increase your Deductible

A deductible is an amount you must pay before your insurance kicks in. The deductible amount is something you set and are in control of. It can range from as low as $100 to over $1,000.

If you need to lower your premiums as much as possible, raise them to $1,000 or even higher. This can reduce your rates by as much as 10%. If you go for a higher amount, make sure you have the deductible amount saved in case you get into a wreck and file a claim.

Compare Quotes Online

  1. Compare Quotes Online

The old days of spending two or three hours calling up local agents and brokers for the cheapest direct auto insurance quote are over. Now, you can get direct auto insurance quotes online from up to 10 carriers. The entire process only takes about 6 or 7 minutes. Many providers have special online rates cheaper than most agents can offer.

This is because they know more people are comparing quotes on the web, and the competition is fierce. Some studies have shown savings of over $500 by searching direct quotes online. Rates can vary by as much as $1,000 between carriers, so it pays to shop around.

There are also other advantages to getting a direct car insurance policy. For one, you can manage your policy anytime you want. This means you can pay your bill, print I.D. cards, add or delete payment options, add coverage and even file a claim all online. Auto insurance shopping has never been so easy. To compare quotes, enter your zip code now.

bundle home and auto insurance

  1. Bundle Auto and Home Insurance Policies

Are you a homeowner and have separate policies for your house and vehicle? If so, you could save 5% or more just by bundling. Auto insurance companies want as much business of yours as they can get. They offer generous discounts for bundling. It’s also one less bill that will simplify your life just a bit more.

Multi Car Insurance Bundling

  1. 4. Multi-Car Insurance Bundling

Do you have two or more vehicles with different insurers? If you do, there’s a good chance you are paying too much. This is because you can save up to 10% by bundling all your cars together under one policy.

This is also a good option for households with teens. If you put a teen’s vehicle on the main policy, you can often save 25% or more over what they would pay by going out and getting coverage on their own. Check to bundle rates now by entering your local zipcode.

Keep a High Credit Score

  1. Keep a High Credit Score

Did you know that your credit score plays a significant role in the rates you pay for insuring your car? If your score is low, get it up as soon as possible and watch your premiums drop. Maintaining a credit rating of over 650 will land you cheaper car insurance rates.

  1. Telematic Insurance Program

Are you a good driver who feels like you’re paying the same rate as reckless drivers? There is a plan that many insurers use that utilizes Telematics to determine if you are a safe driver.

Large companies like Progressive and Geico have rolled out Telematic-based plans. If you don’t mind being monitored, it can save you 15% or more if you are a consistently safe driver.

Telematic Insurance Program

  1. Safe Driver Discount

You can save 5% or more if you don’t have any at-fault accidents on your record for the past several years. Insurers covet safe drivers because they are the most profitable customers.

You can also get lower rates by enrolling in certified safe driving courses. These are often taught by retired Highway Patrol officers and will teach you techniques to avoid risky driving situations.

Pay Your Premium in Full

  1. Pay Your Premium in Full

You can get a discount of about 2% just by paying your premium in full. It also relieves you of the worry of paying your insurance bill each month.

Get Every Discount you Can

  1. Get Every Discount You Can

We’ve already covered a few discounts. Chances are you qualify for several. Here are a few common ones:

  • Senior Citizen
  • Active Military or Veteran
  • Good Student 
  • Go Paperless
  • Telematic
  • Enhanced Safety Features (surround airbags and anti-lock brakes)
  • Check Rates Every Six Months
  1. Check Rates Every Six Months

Even if you have a 12-month policy, you can still check rates every six months and cancel your policy if you find a cheaper plan. Remember, online comparison shopping only takes a few minutes, and you can save hundreds, so making it a part of your financial routine makes sense.

Now that you know about these ten car insurance tips, apply for direct car insurance quotes online. Start by entering your zip code and comparing multiple plans in minutes.