Cheapest Car to Insure

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Cheapest Car to Insure

If you are looking to get cheap auto insurance, then you might be surprised at the brand that delivers the lowest average premiums. As reported by Forbes and other prominent publications, the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport has the lowest average annual ins cost in the US. It came in as the cheapest car to insure last year by studies conducted by several online research groups. The Forbes study was based on a 40-year-old driver with a short commute of only 12 overall miles daily.

The yearly bill averaged about $1,135, which puts the monthly insurance cost lower that $100 per month. For a new car that is fun to drive, this is a bonus that puts a smile on Wrangler owners. For prospective buyers on the fence or who are seriously considering buying a Jeep Wrangler sport, these low rates might be the thing that pushes them to the dotted sales line. The state that had the best rates for the 2015 Wrangler was Maine, at only around $700 a year. That is less than $60 monthly to get a new vehicle insured. That is a great deal for consumers who have seen ins rates escalate in recent years.

Other Jeep brands like the Patriot also scored well in the low-cost insurance department, making the top 10 list of cheap autos to insure. So why is Jeep automobile insurance so inexpensive? The answer might surprise you. According to experts, the design of the engine plays a significant role. Jeeps engines are cheaper to repair than many other SUVs and can be easily customized. These vehicles also hold up well in accidents and have low driver mortality rates. Get a free online quote with good to go insurance and get your premiums lowered now.

Lots of people are curious about the safety of off-road vehicles and the potential of accidents. Autos are kind of like guns in my opinion and are left to the behavior of the user. A Jeep can be dangerous if driven in a reckless manner and put through maneuvers it was not intended to do but also totally safe in the hands of a responsible owner. Driving at extreme speeds and turning sharply at extreme angles can lead to rollover crashes and even death to passengers so be a responsible owner.

The cool thing about the Jeep is it has inherent safety features like a strong frame and dual airbags. It also can be driven on just about any type of terrain, from snow to sand, which makes it safer than virtually any other small car. Jeeps, like all vehicles, have their limits and need to be driven with care. On the other hand, have fun with your Jeep because that is what it was designed for. With lower insurance coverage costs, go out exploring more and hit the open or off-road and be adventurous. Jeep practically invented the SUV market and had been around since the 1940’s. For decades, the manufacturer of these traditional automobiles, American Motors, promoted them as a symbol of liberty, adventure, and freedom. If you are an owner, get off the beaten path and do some four wheeling from time to time and see how fun Jeeps can be.

Tips for Getting even lower Jeep Wrangler Rates
So you want to get even cheaper ins for your new Jeep? Here are a few tips that can save you more.

* Bundle all your cars together
Insurance companies will give discounts of about 10% just by insuring all your automobiles with them. It also cuts down on extra bills for you and makes life just a little easier. You can also bundle your home and auto together and save quite a bit. Bundled rates are almost always cheaper than getting separate policies from different insurers.

* Improve Your Credit Rating
If you want to get lower ins costs, then boost your credit score. Insurance carriers are placing more emphasis on a person credit rating now when calculating premiums.

* Shop online with Direct Providers
It is no secret the web has some amazing deals and auto insurance is no different. Almost everyone has access to the internet
whether at work, home, or the library. There is just no excuse these days for not getting on-line. Direct providers can usually save you 5-20% off a traditional agent or broker. Now that you know what the cheapest car to insure is, get a free insurance check-up with good2go insurance today.