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Cheap Arizona Car Insurance Online

Arizona is unique for its diverse culture, with a strong Hispanic influence and the super-hot climate in the summer. This desert oasis is home to one of the largest retirement communities in America, with numerous serene golf courses and endless activities. You must have the minimum standard auto insurance coverage if you own and operate a vehicle in the state.

After all, accidents can happen anytime, and you need to be financially covered if you are involved in a collision. Let’s look at some of the basic coverages in AZ and check out simple advice on how to get a cheaper policy. Get your no-obligation quote from good to go insurance online and save $500 or more. Thanks to the internet and price comparison tools, it has never been easy to compare numerous insurance plans.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

There are only two basic types of auto insurance in Arizona. These are:

  1. Liability Automobile Coverage for Bodily Injury
  2. Liability Insurance for Damage to Property

Mandatory Requirements for all Motorists who operate a vehicle

If you drive in the state of Arizona, you need to be aware of the minimum amount of car insurance you need to get covered with.

  • $15,000 in Liability Insurance that covers one person for Bodily Injuries and or Death
  • $30,000 in Liability Insurance that provides coverage for two persons for Bodily Injuries and or Death
  • $10,000 minimum for property damage

Be aware that these are only the minimum insurance you need to meet the state’s legal requirements. Be advised to assess your specific situation and determine the amount of protection you need to protect yourself. With medical care costs increasing yearly, not to mention auto repairs, it is wise to get more than basic AZ minimum ins. If you have assets, for example, worth over $100,000, you should get higher liability limits, perhaps $50,000. Get your free online rate quote from good to go auto insurance and get a cheaper policy today.

Fines in Arizona for not having legal Vehicle Insurance

If you drive an automobile in Arizona, you must meet the liability insurance minimums. It is merely the law, and it is strictly enforced. Those that violate this law can have their driver’s license revoked, their car towed away, and be imposed expensive fines. Fees for driving uninsured start at $500 in AZ and go up for repeated violators. Those caught without being covered must obtain an SR-22 certificate, demonstrating financial responsibility for under three years. If your car has been towed away and impounded, you will also have to pay considerable fees to reinstate your license.

Even though you might save money by skipping out on car insurance in the short run, it will almost always cost more in the long run. In a worst-case situation, you could end up in an at-fault accident and have your wages garnished for years because you did not have cheap Arizona car insurance coverage. If your financial situation is such that you don’t have $50 or $60 in your monthly budget for basic liability, don’t drive. Rideshare with a friend, take the bus, ride a bike or walk. Never get behind the wheel of a car that is uninsured.

What to do in an Automobile Accident

Unfortunately, almost everyone that drives regularly will, at some point, get into an accident. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind after the event.

1. Safety First

If you have just been in an accident, think about safety and get out of harm’s way if your car is in the middle of a road or highway. 

If you have just been in an accident, think about safety and pull off the road if your car is in the middle of a road or highway.

The traffic behind you could very well not even see you and crash into the accident scene. This, of course, could cause even more havoc and injuries.

2. Inform the Police

Call 911 if the accident is severe and gets medical attention. The dispatcher will call the police.

3. Take detailed notes and Gather Key Information

Write down the accident area, vehicle information, the other driver’s info, license/insurance, and witnesses.

4. File a Claim

Call your insurer and report the accident, then file a claim. It is essential to call your insurance company right away and give the details of your accident so the insurance company can process your claim faster. You can now fill out many forms online and track your claim’s status on most insurers’ websites. If you have been severely hurt in an accident, you might also want to get advice from an accident attorney.

Low-Cost Arizona Car Insurance Online

If you have an uninsured vehicle and want to get the cheapest insurance possible, you should start your search online. The internet has reduced prices for almost everything, and auto insurance is no different. There are direct car insurance plans that are almost always cheaper on the web than calling a broker. You also have the advantage of comparing multiple offers and selecting the price and company that works best for you.

Shopping for Auto Insurance Online is Fast and Easy

With sites like good2go, comparing up to 10-rate quotes in about ten minutes is possible. There is also no commitment at all to purchase a policy, so there is no downside. The number one tip for getting cheap Arizona auto insurance coverage is to shop online. The other smart tip is to get all of the discounts you qualify for, like good driver, good student, and military. This can save you an additional 10% or more of your premiums. Get started today with good to go insurance company and get low-cost car insurance in Arizona today.