Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Nonowner SR22 insurance is a type of coverage for drivers that operate a vehicle they do not own. It is also required by the state to submit a CFR or certificate of financial responsibility to have their driver’s license reinstated. You can purchase a non-owner insurance policy with an SR 22, which is submitted electronically upon payment. When filed, the driver’s license is then reinstated. Insurance agents often help in the SR-22 filing process and explain the entire process. To get a free non-owner insurance quote, enter your zip code and complete an online application.  

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Who Needs Non Owner SR 22 Car Insurance?

Nonowner auto insurance is a policy for motorists operating cars they do not legally own. It often comes into play when you rent or borrow an automobile you don’t own for an extended period and want to make certain that you are legally covered in the event of an accident. A non-owner motorist, in certain situations, may need additional SR22 Insurance. There are many reasons why a non-owner driver may be required to purchase SR-22 coverage. Here are a few: 

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI) Convictions
  • Court Ordered Legal Judgments
  • Having too Many Points on a person DMV Record 
  • Having an Accident while carrying no auto insurance coverage
  • A Reckless Driving Conviction like Drag Racing or going over 100 MPH
  • Having multiple at-fault accidents that classify the driver as a High-Risk Motorist 
  • Not Paying Child Support or other legal, court-ordered obligations
  • Operating a Vehicle without car insurance 
  • Apply for a Hardship License

What’s Covered with a Non-Owner SR 22 Auto Insurance Policy?

Non-owner auto insurance is supplemental coverage that protects the car owner if a crash occurs while someone else is driving. To simplify, this coverage protects drivers who operate a vehicle they don’t own. The non-owner SR-22 insurance coverage pays for injuries and property damage if the driver gets into an accident. 

Sometimes, a judge may mandate that the driver carries non-owner car insurance. The reasons could be several, such as repeated accidents, without being insured.

A non-owner policy, in most cases, covers only the minimum mandated coverage in the state you live in. However, you can select higher limits and get more extensive coverage if you choose to. Most policies will cover the following:

  • Liability Coverage for damages and injuries you caused to the other party (excluding your passengers)
  • PIP, personal injury protection. It pays for injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

You might also want to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. It would cover medical costs and other damages if you were hurt by an at-fault driver who did not carry auto insurance. It also applies to situations where the other drivers’ insurance limits were too low to cover your medical bills fully. Adding on uninsured motorists’ protection is a wise investment, as millions of drivers on the road daily are not covered. Get a free quote today and lower your rates.

How Much Does a Non Owner SR 22 Car insurance Policy Cost?

Non-Owner auto insurance is by itself cheaper than most other types of coverage. You can purchase a typical policy for about $350 to $500 per year, much less than a standard policy. However, it’s more challenging to get cheap non-owner SR-22 insurance. This is because the policy can increase significantly when you add the SR22. A typical policy will shoot up to about $1,530 per year.

Rates cost more because drivers required to have SR 22 insurance are deemed to be at higher risk. They are more prone to dangerous driving and have more accidents than drivers without SR 22 auto insurance. Accidents that involve DUIs are some of the most expensive and deadly. This is why rates for drivers convicted of a DUI offense are so high. 

Rates vary per individual, and you may pay more than $100 a month for non-owner SR 22 auto insurance coverage or less. Get an online quote and compare rates in under 5 minutes. Just enter your zip code to get started.  

The cost of non owner SR 22 insurance will vary based on many factors: This includes:

  • Age of the Driver
  • Driving Record 
  • Vehicle 
  • Years Licensed 
  • Credit Rating 
  • Homeowner or Renter 
  • Marital Status 
  • Gender 
  • Zip code

Rates Will Also Vary by State

Some areas, like Michigan, have much higher rates than Tennessee. In most cases, you will be required to have SR22 coverage between three to five years. 

The time you need to carry SR22 depends on your specific violation and what the judge imposes. For example, a DUI conviction might result in a more extended SR22 order than driving without insurance for a short period.

When you first need to carry SR22, auto insurance can vary and might begin when the conviction occurred or the date the license was initially suspended. Compare the lowest rates for non-owner SR22 auto insurance in your area. Find the best rates in your area in a few short minutes. Start by entering your zip code.

What Vehicles are Covered with a Non-Owner SR22 Auto Insurance Policy?

If an automobile is not owned or registered in your name, and you will drive it for an extended period, it qualifies for non-owner SR22 coverage. Here are some examples that might fit your situation:

  • You Frequently Rent Vehicles.
  • You borrow a friend’s or co-worker’s car for an extended period.
  • You use a company-owned vehicle often for personal activities. For example, you take it on an extended vacation.
  • You need to File an SR-22 form or, in Florida and Virginia, an FR-44 form, so your license can be reinstated.
  • To qualify for lower future rates, you want to maintain continual car insurance coverage, even though you might not own a vehicle.
  • You use services such as Zip Car or Turo.

Companies Offering This Type of Insurance

Many carriers offer non owner SR-22 insurance plans, but not every insurer offers this type of coverage. The companies that do include:

  • Geico 
  • Progressive
  • The General
  • State Farm
  • Dairyland  
  • Nationwide 
  • Titan

Insurers that Don’t Sell SR22 Policies

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Esurance 

It’s important to note that you need to speak with an agent to get a non-owner SR 22 insurance quote. Most direct insurers won’t give you quotes online. However, you can always fill out a quote form online, and an agent will call you back and give you a quote over the phone.  

Who Cannot Purchase Non Owner SR-22 Auto Insurance?

In some situations, usually mandated by the court, you will not be allowed to get a non-owner SR22 car insurance policy. For example, a court ordered the installation of an “IID” or ignition interlock device.

Cases Where you Don’t Need This Coverage

  • You are no longer legally required to file an SR-22 Insurance form and own your vehicle. 
  • You borrow the car of a family member you live with. 
  • You drive a company-owned vehicle but strictly for business.
  • You rarely rent cars. 

How to Get the Cheapest Non Owner SR 22 Insurance

The best way to get cheap non-owner SR22 insurance is to compare and shop for multiple quotes. Get at least ten quotes from leading carriers, and compare each one. Also, check regional carriers, not just the big national insurers.

You can also raise the deductible to $1,000 or more, significantly reducing your rates. In addition, it’s wise to get rid of any overlapping coverage that you might already have, like rental car coverage or towing. This decision can drop your rates a lot and save you hundreds annually.  

Now that you know the ins and outs of non owner sr-22 insurance, fill out a quote and compare several rates. Get the quality coverage you need at the best rate possible in just a few minutes. Get started right away.