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$1 Dollar A Day Car Insurance in New Jersey

New Jersey has implemented a new auto insurance program that offers $1 dollar a day car insurance for qualified residents. Dollar a day insurance NJ is called the SAIP initiative. This stands for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy. It is available exclusively for New Jersey motorists who often go without auto insurance coverage because of their limited income. 

The program’s goal is to get uninsured motorists, who often are low-income residents, get legally covered with minimal NJ auto insurance at the lowest rates possible. The coverage can be purchased for qualified residents for about $1 dollar a day. Undoubtedly, the program has helped many New Jersey residents afford car insurance, who otherwise, would likely drive uninsured.  

Many people refer to SAIP as Dollar a Day Insurance NJ

Many people mistakenly believe most NJ residents could qualify for $1 dollar a day car insurance.  However, the NJSAIP program is for special needs drivers who are Medicaid eligible. You can apply at a local NJ office. An insurance provider will be able to tell if you qualify just by looking at your Medicaid I.D. number on the card. Unquestionably, not all Medicaid recipients will be eligible for the New Jersey SAIP program. Fortunately, the qualification process only takes a few minutes.  

You need to bring in your driver’s license, your car’s registration information, and your Medicaid I.D card. If more than one person will be driving a vehicle and both meet the requirements, both applicants can apply with the same automobile information. The National Continental Insurance Company underwrites the NJ SAIP program.

How to Apply to the NJ SAIP Insurance Program 

To apply for New Jersey’s $1 dollar a day insurance program, an applicant needs to provide documented proof of Medicaid enrollment. Each concurring time the policy renews, the driver will need to verify their enrollment in Medicaid again. 

If a person becomes non-eligible for Medicaid during the policy’s duration, the low-cost $1 a-day insurance will remain valid up to the policy’s expiration. However, certain constraints will be imposed, and the benefits will be limited.

1 Dollar a Day Car Insurance in New Jersey

1. Limitations to NJ $1 Dollar a Day Auto Insurance

There are some restrictions in place for this type of coverage according to NJ Auto Insurance Laws. Motorists who have had their licenses suspended or revoked are not eligible for the SAIP program. This includes those who have past DUI offenses. So, if your license is currently suspended and you think you could qualify, you should see a judge and take the appropriate steps to reinstate your license.

2. Paying for New Jersey Dollar a Day Insurance

This policy for qualified New Jersey drivers costs $365 annually. However, if you made a full payment upfront, there would be a small discount of $5. The cost, with the discount applied, will be then $360 per year. It makes the coverage cost less than $1 per day. Moreover, an installment payment option is available, with two equal semi-annual payments of $182.50. 

The SAIP program has helped thousands of New Jersey drivers get affordable auto insurance and significantly reduced uninsured motorists.

3. SAIP Auto Insurance Coverage

A dollar a Day Insurance NJ is not only cheap but has excellent high limit coverage. It provides emergency care after an accident, including brain and spinal trauma, up to $250,000. There is also a death benefit given for $10,000. However, you should know it does not cover damage to your vehicle, nor damage you cause to another person or their property. You would need to add additional collision or comprehensive coverage to the policy. 

4. Eligibility

There are just a couple of general requirements for those New Jersey residents applying to the SAIP program. First, applicants must be currently uninsured and a current resident of New Jersey. Second, they must be currently enrolled in a Medicaid program that also provides hospitalization. 

Be aware that not all Medicaid enrolled persons are eligible. If you want to determine your eligibility, you must bring your Medicaid ID card to an insurance specialist who will be contacting Medicaid on your behalf. 

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