New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws

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New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws

Each state creates and enforces its unique insurance laws. This includes the protocol for registering vehicles, the minimum amount of insurance coverage drivers must buy, and what insurers can be licensed. One of the most densely populated areas in the U.S is New Jersey. This northern area is also home to one of the highest rates of car theft in the country. Let us focus on a few primary New Jersey auto insurance laws that every driver should be aware of and stay in compliance with. 

Based on the information published by the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance, these are the policy guidelines for motorists in New Jersey, the garden state.

All drivers who have a registered vehicle in the state of NJ must carry active liability insurance that meets or exceeds the state’s mandatory coverage requirements. This includes:

  • PIP coverage or personal injury protection of $15,000 per incident and per person.
  • Liability coverage for property damages with a minimum of $5,000/accident.

Note: While bodily injury protection is not mandated, it is recommended to get at least $10,000 in coverage.

State policymakers suggest drivers should consider getting additional coverage if they have assets that need protection. A family could be significantly financially impacted in a severe car crash. Remember, the minimum guidelines are just a starting point, and each resident should carefully assess his or her insurance needs.

New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws

New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws and Penalties for Driving Uninsured

Operating an uninsured vehicle is against New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws. The state has strict penalties for anyone who is caught driving without coverage. Fines start at $300 and go to $1,000 or more. Other severe penalties are often imposed for first-time offenders, like having your driver’s license suspended and even jail time in some instances. If drivers get caught a second time, the penalties are even harsher.

A judge may impose a 14-day stint in prison and an increased penalty, up to $5,000. Additionally, violators will have their licenses suspended for a minimum of two years. They will also be forced to pay for expensive court costs and may be required to volunteer for community service programs.

As you can see, NJ insurance regulators enforce the laws there vigorously, so it does not make any sense ever to get into a car without having the proper New Jersey Car Insurance. Get insured for less today with GoodtoGoInsurance.

Cellphone use and Texting while Driving is against the law in New Jersey. NJ drivers are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle while using a hand-held cellphone or smartphone device. This includes texting while driving and, of course, searching on the web behind the wheel. 

Due to increased vehicle crashes involving cellphones and distracted drivers, these laws are strictly enforced now, with fines that start at $100. New Jersey is cracking down on distracted drivers and saving lives in the process. 


DUI Laws in New Jersey

NJ has stringent laws for intoxicated drivers. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has a limit of 0.08% BAC or blood alcohol concentration level. Drivers that are above that level will be punished. This includes:

  • Up to a one-year license suspension
  • Expensive fines that could cost over $1,000 in most cases
  • A jail sentence of up to 1 month

NJ SR-22 Insurance

There are no requirements in NJ for drivers to file sr-22 ins forms. However, if you enter the state from another area where you are required to carry an sr-22, you might need to file one from your state’s DMV. These documents are used after someone has been convicted of a DUI or other traffic offenses.

New Jersey $1 Dollar a Day car Insurance 

Many residents in New Jersey have difficulty finding affordable auto insurance. To help tackle this issue, lawmakers in the state created the SAIP program to help low-income residents. The program stands for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy. Not everyone qualifies for the program. To qualify, you must be on Medicaid, a legal resident, and have a legal driver’s license. 

Once qualified, you can get a SAIP policy, which is about $365 per year. Many people refer to the program as $1 dollar a day car insurance. Apply now for cheap NJ car insurance. Enter your zip to compare the lowest rates.  

One of the goals lawmakers had when implementing the SAIP program was to lower uninsured motorists on NJ roads. Due to the high cost of auto insurance, many NJ drivers drove illegally without any coverage. While the SAIP program has made a dent in uninsured drivers, it’s still a persistent problem in the garden state. Many drivers don’t qualify for the program but still can’t afford basic liability auto insurance in New Jersey.   

The NJ SAIP plan only pays for severe injuries resulting from an auto accident. It is important to note that $1 dollar a day NJ car insurance does not include liability coverage for medical injuries and property damage caused to the other party involved in an accident.  

The SAIP plan offers limited coverage and is inadequate for most drivers. It certainly gives drivers legal proof of NJ insurance. However, it does not even cover the state legal requirements for liability insurance. If you are currently on SAIP because of a limited income, it’s wise to get better coverage once you can afford it.  

Cheap Auto Insurance in NJ

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