Who is Eligible for USAA Insurance

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Who is Eligible for USAA Car Insurance?

Who is Eligible for USAA Car Insurance

Who is Eligible for USAA Car Insurance

USAA Insurance was founded in 1922 by 25 United States Army officers. USAA is known as the United States Automobile Association. Let’s take a close up look at who is eligible for USAA Insurance and other services while also exploring the numerous member benefits.

The officer’s reason for creating a new car insurance company was simple. They believed that most military officers were being charged too much for car insurance and deserved better rates. Why the overpricing of rates to military personnel? Most were considered high-risk drivers by carriers, which seemed unfair to the founders.   

USAA Insurance company’s founding mission was to help military personnel and their families get quality auto insurance coverage at affordable rates. In the ensuing decades that followed, USAA Insurance has diversified into other insurance products. They have helped thousands of military personnel and their families lower the cost of insurance.  

USAA Has Grown Over the Years

Almost a century after its founding, USAA had grown to become a Fortune 500 company with a global customer base. In addition to car insurance, the San Antonio-based company offers an array of banking, financial, and insurance services. Thanks to the variety of services USAA offers, members can get discounts on financial services and credit where they might elsewhere be turned down. 

Many members use USAA for almost all of their financial needs, from retirement accounts to life insurance and credit cards. Although initially only available to military officers and individuals who would soon become a commissioned officer, this is no longer the case. As of the late 1990s, USAA has opened its financial services to current and former military members. Also included are immediate family members. Relatives that are both commissioned and non-commissioned officers can become USAA members. Next, you will find out who is eligible for USAA insurance.

Who Qualifies for Auto Insurance through USAA?

Almost all U.S. military members, whether retired or active, can qualify. Anyone who is training to become a commissioned officer may be eligible for services. Additionally, immediate family members of retired and active military personnel could be eligible.

The USAA’s specific eligibility requirements include:

  • Active, honorably separated, retired U.S. military officers and enlisted personnel.
  • Candidates in officer commissioning programs, such as OCS/ OTS, ROTC, and Academy.
  • Adult children of eligible parents who currently have or have had USAA car insurance or a property policy. *Notice: The child must be 18 years of age or older and purchase a policy in their name. Children under 18 may be included as family members on an eligible parent’s car insurance policy.
  • USAA member widows or widowers who have had USAA auto insurance or homeowners coverage.

Are You One of the Many People Who Doesn’t Know If They Qualify for USAA? Get a quote now and compare rates and plans online.  

Check Your USAA Car Insurance Eligibility Online

Thousands of people have no idea they qualify for USAA? Are you one of those that are confused about whether or not you are eligible? Was your great-grandmother one of the 400,000 women who fought behind the scenes during World War II? Perhaps, your grandfather still tells stories of his days in Vietnam. Or, maybe you are one of the thousands of school children who watched as their parents left to serve in Afghanistan or Iraq? In this case, you most likely will qualify.  

If you’re not an active member or military veteran, but you know your parents or grandparents have served their country, ask them if they are USAA members. If they’re not, it’s the perfect time to tell them about how they can reduce their insurance premiums and other financial services costs by joining. Of course, if you get them to sign up, you’ll also qualify.

If that’s not enough, here’s another good thing about USAA. After becoming a member, you remain in. Even if your military relative passes away, your membership remains active.

Who is Eligible for USAA Insurance if not in the Military?

How to Qualify for USAA Membership if You’re Not in the Military? Don’t give up just yet. While USAA is an outstanding financial institution with a long-standing reputation of helping members save big money, along with exceptional customer service representatives, there is one thing they need to work on. They need to make their membership eligibility requirements easier to understand. So many people would qualify and don’t even apply because they think they will be turned down. If there were more clarity in who qualifies, more people would apply.  

It’s not true that only active and former military personnel qualify for USAA membership. Remember, as discussed above, everyday civilians who have immediate family members that serve or have served do qualify. If you are still thinking to yourself, I don’t fit the criteria, don’t give up yet. You need to apply online for USAA Insurance and see for yourself whether or not you qualify.  

If your spouse is a member, you are eligible for membership after you marry. Here’s an example. Let’s say your wife’s father served in World War II. Later, he got a car insurance policy with USAA. As his child, your wife decided to become a member and take out her own policy. When you got married, you became eligible too. Even better, any kids you may have are also eligible.

In simple terms, all USAA members can have their spouse and children become members too. However, there is a slight catch. Compare USAA Insurance rates and see how much you can save. Start your free comparison quote now by entering your zip code.  

Understanding the Different Levels of USAA Membership

You may be wondering who is eligible for USAA insurance membership levels. First, it’s essential to know that USAA does not have membership levels, even though many people mistakenly think they do. Below is just an example, for illustration purposes, to make it easier to understand USAA eligibility. 

Level 1: USAA members are those with a basic checking or savings account. The spouses and children of Level 1 members are not eligible for membership.

Level 2: USAA members have a basic checking or savings account, as well as a USAA car or property insurance policy. Their spouses and children are eligible for membership. Level 2 USAA members enjoy even more perks. First, once you become a Level 2 member, military history and status no longer apply. Instead, here’s what happens. As Level 2 members, your spouse and children now ensure their own spouses and children are eligible. This continues on and on. After a while, there is a chance that no one in the family will have a history of military service.

Remember that Level 1 and Level 2 are used to make the information easier to understand. These are not terms used by USAA and are for illustration purposes to make USAA membership eligibility easier to understand. Hopefully, this clears up some confusion about who is and who is not eligible for USAA Financial Services. 

There are No Automatic USAA Memberships

Even though if you are currently serving or have served in the United States military, you do not automatically become a USAA member. This is something that you have to sign up for. Until you do, you are not a member of USAA. If you don’t sign up, it also prevents your immediate family members from becoming members.

If you are the child of military veterans who have not signed up for USAA, this is the time to encourage them to do so. The online application only takes a few minutes to complete.  This is a smart move, particularly if you want to become a member yourself. 

So, now that you know who is eligible for USAA insurance and if you are eligible or not, why not get a free auto insurance quote? Compare the cheapest rates with the lowest deposit requirements now. To get started, simply enter your zip code and fill out a short application. 

The quote is free, and you can save hundreds on quality insurance coverage in just a few short minutes. Get started with your online rate quote right away and get cheaper insurance today.