Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Roadside Assistance Coverage

Most of us know that we need to get our automobile insured, but how many of us think about roadside assistance coverage? This type of added insurance is something that never crosses most people’s mind. The first time we usually think about it is when we are stuck out in the middle of the highway with a blown out tire, with the nearest tow truck 50 miles away. While it is not as important as getting your vehicle properly insured, adding roadside insurance is something you should strongly consider. It might just save you from a massive towing bill and extra stress. If you currently are not covered, then at least think about getting it. Get insured for less at good to go insurance online.

Why you Should get Roadside Car Insurance Protection

Imagine that you are on a long trip to a relatives house with a car full of kids. The weather is getting worse by the minute, with temperatures well below freezing. You pull off the road at a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere to get the kids a snack. You jump back in the car, and it will not start. The battery just won’t kick over and trying again just makes it worse. The snow starts to come down, and the kids are getting nervous. What do you do? The nearest mechanic is 30 miles away, and the shop is closed. Your only option is to get on your cell phone and call a tow truck. That should work, but it will cost you about $125 or more. Scenarios like this are vivid illustrations why purchasing roadside assistance insurance can protect you in your most vulnerable situations.

Roadside Car Insurance Protection
Having a roadside plan on your insurance policy will protect you from minor breakdowns for just about any reason. If you just purchased a new or newer automobile, you might think you are wasting your money. This is not the case, new cars can run out of gas or have a blown out tire just as easily as a vehicle that is 20 years old. If you drive a lot, especially on long trips over 100 miles, you should consider adding it on.

There are several clubs that offer it for a fairly low price. Triple-A insurance is probably the most well known. They have three plans you can choose from. The basic roadside plan can be bought for about $85 per year. If you just break down one time in a two-year period, it will pay for itself.

Many insurers also offer it as an added feature. Allstate has a program that is worth checking out. They offer a roadside assistance program that it is entirely free of charge. There is only a $50 flat fee for a call out and $75 for towing service.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Some of the most common situations that call for roadside help are

1. Running out of Gas
One of the most common problems people get into on the open road is forgetting to gas up. This can lead to your car engine cutting off and your vehicle losing power. There is nothing you can do if you run out of gas but either walk or hitchhike to a nearby gas station or call a tow truck. Basically, without help you are stuck. If you have roadside assistance, just call up the helpline and a service vehicle will come with enough gas to get you back on the road.

2. A Flat Tire
If you have been driving more than a couple of years you have probably experienced a flat tire. If you are a new driver, don’t worry, your turn will come eventually. Getting a flat tire seems to happen at the worst times, like driving to your wedding ceremony.
Many people have never even changed a tire and don’t want to practice on the side of the freeway with trucks speeding by at 80 MPH. If you have roadside coverage, it can save you some serious stress in a flat tire situation. Just call the service number and let the professional do all the work.

3. Locking Your Keys in the Car
Have you ever returned to your car and reached in your pocket and your keys aren’t there? You look around and realize you left them in the ignition. This kind of thing happens all the tome in our hectic 24/7 lifestyles. With roadside assistance from goodtogoinsurance, you can get lock out service anytime. A locksmith will charge you $100 or more, but if you are covered, it will be free of charge. You can, of course, tip the service person, which is always appreciated.

4. A Dead Battery
You might think that a new battery will not go dead but that is not always the case. Some new batteries are defective and can get drained in a couple of hours if you leave your lights on. A typical scenario is pulling into your lighted garage with the car lights on and forgetting to turn them off. The next morning, as you are undoubtedly late for work, you try to start your automobile and nothing. If you have a roadside plan, call the free service hotline, and you can get your battery jumped free of charge.

Get Roadside Assistance Online

The cheapest place to buy your roadside assistance coverage is online. At sites like good to go insurance, you can get it for less than $10 per month. Those are prices comparable to AAA insurance. Just apply for a free quote online and select the plan that works best for you.