Aflac Car Insurance

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Aflac Car Insurance

Almost everyone knows about the adorable little duck from the popular Aflac television commercials. The famous duck can do everything from the box to cut hair. This Aflac car insurance mascot is not only popular in the United States but also around the world. In Japan, the duck is a cultural phenomenon that Japanese consumers can’t get enough of. The cute little creature has helped the insurer grow into one of Japan’s largest carriers in just a few short decades. 

Does Aflac Sell Car Insurance?

Many consumers shopping online for the best rates try and get Aflac insurance quotes. Hundreds of people visit on a daily basis, trying to get Aflac auto insurance quotes, only to end up confused and disappointed. The reality is Aflac does not sell traditional auto insurance coverage. If you go to their site, you will quickly find out they don’t sell automobile insurance policies.  

What does Aflac Stand for, and What Type of Insurance do They Sell? 

Aflac stands for the American Family Life Assurance Company. The insurer specializes in supplemental insurance and is the market leader in the U.S. Aflac is focused on providing supplemental health insurance to businesses, individuals, and their families. To put it simply, as the name implies, Aflac offers supplemental or additional coverage to an existing policy. Many people have inadequate insurance policies, often through their employer, and buy supplemental insurance to give them added protection. 

Aflac mainly provides coverage in four areas. These are: 

  • Accident Insurance: This coverage helps a person cover healthcare costs after an accident, above and beyond what the insurer covers. Aflac also covers short-term disability payments. 
  • Dental Insurance: This coverage provides specialty, including orthodontist and cosmetic care, which goes above what a traditional dental policy covers. 
  • Critical Illness Insurance: This coverage helps pay for expenses related to serious health events, like heart attacks. 
  • Cancer Insurance: Aflac cancer coverage helps pay for living expenses while the patient is being treated, in addition to co-payments.  

Aflac Car Insurance

Why Do So Many People Think Aflac Auto Insurance is Available? 

Aflac’s competitors, including Geico, have used animal mascots for years in promoting their car insurance options. This is why many people believe Aflac car insurance is real when they see the cute little Aflac duck on a television ad. They go to the company’s website to get a quote and get stuck and confused.  

Not many insurers are so popular; they have their social following, including a channel. Most people automatically assume Aflac sells auto insurance policies because of its media presence, company size, and longstanding history. However, they go on the company’s main website and don’t see any quote options available for automobile insurance. They wonder why they cannot get quoted, but if they do a little research, they will discover that Aflac does not sell car insurance.

Aflac Does not Sell Private Car Coverage 

The truth is Aflac Insurance does not sell private auto insurance. They are in a unique market segment known as supplemental insurance. The carrier underwrites billions of dollars in policies each year all around the globe. Many call their agent or broker and request an Aflac auto insurance quote, only to be told it’s impossible. It is only because of the company’s own popularity that people want to insure their vehicles with Aflac.

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Aflac Supplemental Auto Insurance Coverage 

Even though you cannot buy an Aflac auto insurance policy through a large multi-national carrier, you can get insured with supplemental plans covering vehicle policies. This means, in an indirect way, Aflac does have automobile insurance. By offering disability coverage that becomes active if a person is disabled and cannot work due to a particular vehicular accident, Aflac provides supplemental auto insurance coverage. 

Supplemental coverage is included within the disability policy you buy from Aflac. You cannot buy direct Aflac automobile insurance like at Geico or State Farm. However, if you want to add extra protection to an existing policy, you can get Aflac supplemental car insurance coverage.  

What Does the Company Supplemental Auto Insurance Cover? 

Aflac has what’s called a rider insurance option. It’s offered on several car insurance plans, which cover medical-related costs. Besides, it provides a recurring income. This rider option is more costly, and not all auto insurers sell it.

Let’s face it; car accidents are highly stressful events. Physical injuries and missed employment often accompany them. In addition to lost wages, many victims of automobile crashes are stuck with costly medical expenses. This can break families financially, even those with a lot of savings. 

Aflac vehicle insurance will supplement your existing policy and provide added protection you might need after an auto accident. This coverage will pay for several things, including:

  • Short-term Lost Wages
  • Extended Hospital Stays
  • Dentist Visits
  • Ambulance Service Costs
  • Emergency Room and Intensive Care Hospital Costs

Aflac Automobile Insurance Claims

Aflac has an excellent reputation for paying out claims in full and on time. Clients with a supplemental Aflac insurance policy will have their claims paid directly to them, not any third-party healthcare company. This gets much-needed financial assistance in the hands of those who need the money the most. These are the policyholders who have filed a valid claim and are injured.

In some situations where there is great bodily harm, the spouse may get immediate financial benefits to help with expenses. One of the reasons Aflac Insurance has grown so fast is that they put the customer first and give such outstanding claim service. 

Disability Insurance from Aflac

Aflac differs from most insurers because it does not offer standard auto, home, or health insurance coverage. The global carrier provides disability insurance to individuals, companies, and non-profit entities all over the world. Their main product is medical and disability insurance policies. This coverage offers financial compensation for customers in the event they are injured on the job and lose income as a result. Medical costs are also covered up to the policy limits on most plans.

Most Aflac insurance plans are sold in what’s called group coverage. Typically, a company will buy a group policy for the employees as a benefit and security. An Aflac claim can be filed over the phone or on its website if an employee is incapacitated and cannot work due to an on-the-job site injury. This can be a substantial financial lifeline for people living month to month on a fixed budget. Many people would undoubtedly go bankrupt after injuries if they did not have Aflac disability insurance to protect them.

Lots of persons connect the Aflac duck to the Geico gecko and think the two insurers are competitors in the auto insurance market. Maybe someday, the firm will offer direct auto insurance, but they are now delighted with their disability and medical lines. To get cheap auto ins quotes, save more of your money, visit goodtogoinsurance online, and take advantage of direct rates.

Does Aflac Sell Healthcare Plans Online?

Just like with automobile insurance, many people falsely believe they can purchase Aflac health insurance. The company does not offer active private health insurance to the public, like Blue Cross or other providers. What confuses many people is Aflac disability insurance is often sold in conjunction with a health insurance plan.

Most insurance brokers and agents will often advise clients to purchase Aflac disability insurance after buying their healthcare coverage. Usually, you will not be allowed to buy an Aflac policy until you have an active health insurance policy. Many people buy Aflac supplemental care, which is cheaper and has extended benefits that other competitors in the disability market cannot match.


Aflac is a global leader in supplemental insurance coverage for both businesses and individuals. They do not sell private auto insurance, but you can add Aflac coverage to your existing automobile insurance policy. Added protection from Aflac can be a massive benefit if you get into a vehicular accident or get hurt on the job.  

Now that you are familiar with Aflac Car Insurance and how it supplements medical policies, get a full auto insurance quote. It only takes about five minutes, and you can compare up to ten rates. Many consumers report saving hundreds by buying direct insurance online. Just enter your zip code and fill out a quick application to get started. Get the insurance coverage you need and the lowest rates today.