Cheapest Car Insurance in Las Vegas

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous everywhere as the gambling center of the world. About 40 million visitors flock to this desert oasis for not just gaming fun but world-class entertainment. The restaurants and nightclubs are some of the best on the planet. When most people think of Vegas, they often do not believe it is one of the biggest cities in the U.S. In fact, there are over 2 million residents in the greater metro area, and it means lots of cars on the road. Additionally, because of the 24/7 lifestyle, traffic can be heavy at almost any time of the day or night. For consumers looking for the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas, here are some helpful tips below that can save you some of your hard-earned money.

Average Automobile Insurance Costs in Las Vegas

In the past few years, automobile insurance premiums in Las Vegas have shot up quite a bit. The average monthly premiums for drivers are about $120 a month. People who choose comprehensive coverage will pay a bit more. Conversely, those who select liability-only policies can get rates as low as $60 per month.

The reason rates have gone up so much is due to several factors:

  • There is a high rate of automobile theft in the Vegas area.
  • Many people had their credit damaged due to losing their homes and filing bankruptcy. This caused poor credit scores and producing higher vehicle insurance costs.
  • More people have been moving back to this region, and with this increase in autos clogging the road, more accidents have been occurring. With a higher vehicle incident rate, insurers have been escalating policy pricing.
  • There is a higher national average of drunk and intoxicated drivers in Las Vegas.

Roughly 40% of all traffic accidents are related to drinking and driving here. This situation leads to more traffic incidents and higher coverage costs. There are very liberal alcohol laws in the city. Alcohol can be purchased anytime, 24/7. With a constant party atmosphere, many people consume way too many drinks and then get behind the wheel. If you want to keep your insurance costs down, never operate a vehicle while intoxicated and save lives.

Even though costs have been going up, you can still lock in a standard policy. One of the smartest ways to save money on insurance is to live in a zip code with low crime incidents and lower auto accidents. This way, you can get cheaper coverage if you’re only 15 miles or so outside the city. Rates are just going to be higher in the metro area, but don’t worry; you can still find ways to save. At good to go insurance, we do the hard work for you by searching dozens of insurers to bring you the cheapest plans. Go online now and apply for your free quote.

cheapest car insurance in las vegas

Top Insurance Companies in Las Vegas

Most of the nation’s largest providers cover this growing city. They include:

      1. Geico
      2. State Farm
      3. Allstate
      4. Progressive
      5. Farmers
      6. Mercury
      7. 21st Century
      8. Nationwide
      9. Liberty Mutual
      10. Esurance
      11. AIG
      12. Amica
      13. American Family

I recently received four quotes online from Amica, Mercury, 21st Century, and Nationwide. The requirements were a 42-year-old, single male homeowner with above-average credit. The results were a bit surprising. 21st came in with a quote that was almost half that of Amica, which cost the most. Nationwide came in second place, with Mercury coming in 3rd. So for my small study, 21-st insurance and Nationwide have the lowest auto insurance in Vegas. Other research studies by leading consumer groups have found Nationwide to be the lowest cost insurer in Vegas. Trust good to go insurance company and get online discounts that can save you hundreds.

Buy Online and Save Big

More consumers are turning to the internet to find cheap Las Vegas car insurance. Getting online quotes is fast, free, and totally private. Many companies have direct pricing, and you can save hundreds shopping online. Sites like good to go insurance match consumers with the best rates available. This saves people time, frustration, and, most of all, money. Get your no-obligation quote today and find car insurance in Las Vegas that best suits your insurance needs.