New South Insurance Review

Company Trusted For Over 25+ Years*

New South Insurance Review

New South Insurance Company is a mid-sized insurer that is headquartered in Winston Salem, NC. They have been in business for about sixty years. National General Insurance acquired the firm and no longer marketed its brand name. The company primarily sells property and casualty insurance through dedicated agents. The company has never had a strong online presence through which customers can get quotes or update their policy. Now, both old and new policyholders can go to the National General website to manage their policy.

Mid Sized Regional Insurer

New south insurance company NY markets their products primarily in the rural south. The companies greatest focus in the North Carolina market, although records show they have maintained an office in Florida. Prior to the sale to National General, the insurer had total assets of just over $68 million, along with a working policy surplus of over $25 million. This shows the firm has had proper long-term management and approaches its investments in a conservative manner.

Dedicated Agents

Every new south insurance company NC broker has years of insurance experience. They are equipped to handle just about any insurance need and answer any question a client might have. Thousands of North Carolina residents have chosen them for all their coverage needs. New South has decades of experience in the southern market and focuses on building long term relations with each policyholder. This hands-on approach with each client was a hallmark in the firms first few years in business. They now only survived but thrived in the competitive insurance industry before being acquired.

New South Agents freely give unbiased advice while putting the needs of the customer first. Each client’s needs are evaluated, and then the best possible plan is put together, coupled with the lowest rates. Some people need multi-car insurance, while others only want cheap North Carolina liability-only coverage. Many customers have stayed with the insurer for decades and have offered excellent word of mouth advertising to friends and family. Compare free online quotes now. Just enter your zip code and get started.

New South Insurance offers affordable coverage for almost all drivers. This includes:

  1. Teens Aged 16 to 19
  2. Senior Citizen Drivers
  3. Safe Drivers 
  4. Higher Risk Drivers
  5. Military Members and Veterans
  6. SR22 Insurance Coverage  
  7. Multi-Vehicle Coverage

New South Insurance Review

New South Insurance Claims

There are not a lot of reviews posted online about the companies claim processing. It is hard to tell if they provide fast claim processing or not. For future reference, since the company has been sold, interested customers should check out the claim reviews of the current owner National General Insurance Company.

Types of Coverage Offered

The company focuses on casualty and property insurance. They can provide:

  • Homeowners Coverage
    Renters Insurance
    Personal Vehicle Insurance
    Commercial Auto Insurance
    Umbrella Coverage

To check rates for the type of coverage you need, enter your zip code and fill out a simple five-minute quote form.

Contact Info:

Toll-Free Phone Number: 
Year Founded
AM Best Rating: 
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Corporate Address:
New South Insurance Company
500 West 5th Street
Winston Salem North Carolina 27102

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday – 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday – 9 AM to 5 PM
(Closed on all major holidays)


If you need a dedicated agent that can assist you in building a comprehensive insurance plan, then take a look at New South Insurance Company. To compare rates online, enter your zip code and apply for free quotes. You will be matched with up to 10 national and regional providers. See how easy it is to save hundreds with direct auto insurance quotes online.