Best Six Month Auto Insurance Policy

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Best Six Month Auto Insurance Policy

Best Six Month Auto Insurance Policy
We are all creatures of habit. When it comes to auto insurance, some people pay their annual premiums without giving much thought to it. Numerous carriers also offer cheap 6-month policies. On a prorated basis, these short term plans might be cheaper than an annual policy. You are probably asking why? The main reason why is incentives.

Car insurers will offer a low introductory rate for the first few months, with the hope that you renew the policy. Then they will raise the coverage price higher and make up for the lower discounted initial rate. So how can you take advantage of this? It’s pretty easy, and it boils down to price shopping. All you need to do when your policy is up is look for the best six-month auto insurance policy online. You can get free quotes at leading sites like good to go insurance in a matter of minutes.

Six-month auto insurance policies are also given out to higher risk drivers. This reduces the risk for the insurance companies, which makes it easier for them to adjust the policy pricing if there are changes in the driver’s profile. This includes things like additional tickets or other violations. If there is an increased risk associated with the driver, then the company can charge in increased premium when the policy is up for renewal. If there is an extreme risk or violations, such as driving while intoxicated (DUI) the policy can be terminated.

Another reason why a person might want a 6-month auto ins plan is they are planning on moving soon or going out of the country for an extended period of time. If you accepted a job offer for example on the other side of the country and will be leaving in 5 or 6 months, then it only makes sense to get a short term auto ins plan. Once you arrive in your new area, you can check for new rates and get an updated policy.

High-Risk Drivers Can Save with Short Term Insurance
There are many drivers out there that have been tagged as unsafe but in reality are really good drivers. Many cities have installed cameras at busy intersections. If you run a red light by a fraction of an inch, it will still process a ticket. This is totally unfair for all drivers. Thousands of good drivers around the country have been slapped with these intrusive tickets and have had their premiums go up. For those with repeat violations in a given year, they might be classified as a high-risk motorist, even though they didn’t get into an at-fault accident.

If you have been notified that your rates are going up because of tickets or other driving infractions, then you need to shop around for the best 6-month auto insurance policy online. Don’t just sit passively by and watch your rates go up by 40% or even double. Take charge of the situation and look for lower rates on the web. Check out goodtogoinsurance for fast quotes and compare numerous direct rates in just minutes.

It’s also important to remember, if you have received a ticket, to get it off your record as soon as possible. Go to court and ask the judge if you can go to traffic school and get the points off your record. Remember, one of the biggest elements for premium pricing is going to be your driving record. Keep it clean and watch your insurance bill go way down.

Most People Can afford to pay a 6 Month Auto Insurance Policy in Full
Lots of people are still feeling the pinch from the economic recession of 2009-2012. Many consumers just don’t have the savings needed to pay for an entire year of auto insurance coverage. With a six month plan, most people can afford to pay the entire premium up front and not have to worry about paying a monthly bill. Many auto insurers will also give a small discount of the policy is pre-paid in full.

Now that you know about a few benefits of buying a 6-month policy, it’s time to shop for the lowest rates. Check out good to go auto insurance for the best direct pricing. You can compare several quotes in about 5 minutes and take advantage of instant discounts, all online. Get started now and lower your insurance costs.