Cheap Car Insurance For Women

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Cheap Car Insurance For Women

Are you a young female trying to save money any way you can? Does it feel like it’s more difficult to stay within your budget than ever before? If this sounds like you, then one way to save is getting cheap car insurance for women. If this creates a little skepticism, don’t worry. It’s really possible to get cheaper coverage with these helpful tips.

Women Pay on Average Cheaper Rates for Auto Insurance Coverage

The truth is, women qualify for lower rates than men because the data shows they get into fewer accidents. This means with the right amount of research, better coverage can be purchased at a lower cost. Get a quote check up from Good to Go Insurance and compare rates side by side in less than 5 minutes. Here are the main reasons why females pay less for auto insurance.

  • Women are Safer Drivers: How often do you see women going 100 MPH on the freeway or changing 3 lanes in a second to exit? Most aggressive driving is done by men and that translates into more accidents and motor deaths.
  • Women are Better Drivers: Despite the facts, men just can’t accept this truth. Female motorists get far fewer tickets than men because they obey traffic rules more often. They don’t speed as much nor drive recklessly. Better drivers mean lower premiums.
  • Women Drive Safer Cars: Female automobile owners tend to go for more basic rides. They avoid exotic cars more often, like a Porsche or Corvette. This means they drive slower and you guessed it, get into fewer wrecks.
  • Female Drivers are Less Risky: If it’s snowing outside or raining, women tend to slow down and drive more carefully than their male counterparts. Less results in fewer accidents in dangerous weather. Fewer wrecks mean a better driving record and lower auto ins premiums.
  • They Often Have Children in the Vehicle: The term “soccer mom” is often true. Mom’s often have the duty of transporting children around town. This makes them naturally super careful behind the wheel, which means a lower rate of vehicular incidents.
  • Females Do Not Drive Intoxicated as Often as Men: Women are less likely to get behind the wheel intoxicated. This results in fewer DUI related wrecks and fatalities.

Cheap Car Insurance for Women

A Clean Driving Record Can Help You Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Most female motorists have good driving records. The truth is they get fewer tickets than men. One of the main factors auto insurers use to calculate premiums is a person driving history, including accidents and tickets. A clean record means a female motorist can qualify for cheap $20 auto insurance rates.

If you’ve been accident-free for 3 years, you qualify as a safe driver with most carriers. There are other factors of course, but this is something you can control by being a safe, accident-free motorist.

Good Credit Can Help Lower Auto Insurance Costs

Women tend to be more financially responsible than men. This means higher credit scores and better loan terms. Auto insurers these days give a lot of weight to a persons credit score. A score of 650 or higher indicates solid financial responsibility. A low score means a person is taking more risks. They are also under additional stress, which can affect driving behavior. Stats prove that motorists with lower credit ratings get into more wrecks. If you have a score under 650 get it cleaned up and apply for auto insurance quotes with companies like Good to Go auto insurance online.

Teenage Girls Pay Less for Coverage than Teen Boys

Women tend to mature faster. Even as teenagers, they take the responsibility of driving seriously. They do not drag race as often nor speed, like many boys who are just getting their license. This is why teen girls pay less to get insured. They can often qualify for rates that are $100 per month cheaper than boys their same age. The key to getting the best deal is to shop around online and compare at least 10 quotes.

Get Cheap Female Auto Insurance Online

Women are smart shoppers. It’s no different for finding deals on auto insurance. More women today are turning to online quoting sites to find cheaper coverage. Not only can you save time by searching for direct auto insurance on the web, but most consumers can save $500 or more. The internet is the best place to find cheap car insurance for women. Get started now and apply for your free, no-obligation quote. Get the savings you need and also great coverage in under 15 minutes.