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Good to Go Auto Insurance

Good to Go Auto Insurance is a leader in the non-standard insurance market. Founded more than 26 years ago, the insurer specializes in offering minimum liability coverage to drivers that are considered high-risk. 

Higher-risk motorists are often under-served in the marketplace, and drivers with a riskier profile often cannot find an insurer willing to cover them. However, Good to Go Auto Insurance can cover them with state minimum legal liability insurance and affordable monthly payments.  

GoodtoGo Car Insurance Coverage Options 

good to go auto insurance

Good to Go Auto Insurance specializes in non-standard car insurance with minimum liability coverage. The company also offers full coverage plans with higher limits. GoodtoGo auto insurance also provides standard coverage.   

  • State Minimum Liability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance with Higher Limits 
  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • SR-22 Proof 
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage 

Many drivers start with a non-standard policy with minimum coverage and later get more protection with either collision or comprehensive coverage. To compare the coverage rates you need, enter your zip code and fill out a quick online quote application.    

Good to Go Auto Insurance Website

Most consumers today prefer to shop for car insurance coverage online. Good to Go Car Insurance makes shopping for standard and non-standard auto insurance coverage easy. Goodtogoinsurance has partnered with top insurers nationwide and can also quote any driver the lowest rate in all fifty states. This is the goodtogo car insurance advantage and why so many people get quotes daily at the new and improved website. 

You can compare rates on the website and pay your bill, manage your policy, and make changes to your coverage amounts. Get an online quote today using your smartphone in about five minutes.   

Low down Payment Car Insurance

Good to Go Auto Insurance wants to make it easy for drivers to get quality coverage at the cheapest rates and get insured with the lowest possible down payment. For qualified drivers, deposits are as low as $20 down. It helps drivers in a short-term “cash crunch” but still must cover their vehicle legally. 

Good to Go Car Insurance also offers convenient monthly payments as low as $59 per month for qualified drivers. The goal and what demanding consumers expect is good car insurance protection at the lowest rates.

Good to Go Truck Insurance 

At Good to Go, we know people love their trucks. This is why we offer some of the best non-standard rates for truck insurance coverage. Whether you have an old short-bed pick-up worth only $2,000 or a new Ford F-150 that needs full coverage, Good 2 Go Truck insurance can get you covered for less. 

If you need SR-22 Insurance for your truck, we can assist you and get you proof of financial responsibility as fast as possible. Truck insurance rates for safe drivers start at just $59 a month. Get a quote today and see how much you can save. 

financial accountability

Nationwide Insurance Coverage at Good to Go Auto Insurance

Good to Go have several subsidiaries under the company umbrella. Even though our parent company is located in Florida, there are several regional offices throughout the country ready to assist you. If we cannot find you the coverage you need, we work with several partner carriers to get you insured at the best possible rates. 

  • Apollo Casualty Insurance
  • American Independent Insurance
  • Bankers Independent Insurance
  • Delphi Casualty Insurance
  • Omni Indemnity & Insurance 
  • Personal Service Insurance

Good to Go Referral Service

Good to Go Auto Insurance strives to find the best coverage at the lowest rates for each customer. GoodtoGo has partnered with top-rated insurers nationwide that can get you covered in select markets. If goodtogoinsurance cannot protect you, we will work hard to find a partner carrier to insure you at affordable rates.    

Through the parent company, there is a good chance most drivers can get insured and save hundreds. If we cannot insure a driver in a select market, we work with partner companies to insure high-risk motorists. All partners we work with offer free online quotes and low-down-payment coverage. 

  • Bristol West
  • The General 
  • Kemper Insurance
  • Infinity Insurance 
  • Dairyland Insurance 
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Progressive

Progressive is a leading partner of Good to Go Auto Insurance and has affordable plans for high-risk drivers with low down payment requirements and affordable monthly payment plans. Enter your zip quote and compare rates in about five minutes.  

Good to Go Auto Insurance Roadside+ Choice Program 

GoodToGo auto insurance offers additional coverage, such as the Roadside+ choice program. It offers roadside help and alternative insurance coverage options for new vehicles. 

The Roadside+ choice program can help when you need it the most for those drivers who don’t like changing tires or jump-starting a battery. It also only costs a few dollars a month and provides added peace of mind and security. 

Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage 

Each state in the United States requires all car owners to acquire no less than the minimum car insurance requirements in the state where they reside. So, Good to Go Auto Insurance is a leader in helping high-risk drivers get insured with low-cost minimum liability policies. It is regarded as evidence of a motorist’s financial responsibility if an accident occurs and a claim is filed.  

Good to Go SR-22 Insurance 

High-risk drivers, who have difficulty obtaining coverage and are often overcharged, can get coverage from Good to go auto insurance, which specializes in insuring these types of drivers.

Beyond non-standard coverage, SR-22 Insurance is offered when it is needed. Goodtogo insurance agents will assist each client in filing the form and any other requirements required.  

SR-22 Insurance is issued to drivers with flagrant driving convictions, such as a DUI/DWI. So, an SR-22 is a certificate showing financial proof and is filed with the state. Call a GoodtoGo agent today to learn more about low-cost SR-22 insurance options.   

Good to Go Auto Insurance Discounts 

Good 2 Go Car Insurance is famous for low-cost insurance coverage, but drivers can get even lower rates by qualifying for discounts. Most drivers can be eligible for one or more discounts, which can drive down your premiums. Discounts include:  

Safe Driver: If you have a good driving record, you can qualify for up to 35% discounts. Motorists that maintain a clean driving record can earn additional discounts when they renew their policy.  

Multi-Vehicle: By insuring more than one vehicle with Good to Go Auto Insurance, drivers can save 5% or more. 

Defensive Driving Course: Complete a state-certified course and save 10% or more.  

Good Student: young motorists often pay double what older drivers pay. One way to save more is to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Good grades equal savings of 10%.  

Homeownership: If you own a home or condo, you can save up to 5% on your premium.     

Military or Veteran: We value your service at Good to Go Insurance. Active military members, their families, and veterans can qualify for discounts of up to 10% off their policy costs.  

Policy Paid in Full: If you pay your premium upfront, you can save 10% or more.  

Renewal Discount: By renewing your coverage with Goodtogoinsurance, you can earn an instant discount of 3%. 


Good to Go Auto Insurance is an excellent choice for high-risk motorists that need non-standard coverage at the best rates possible. Good to go can help motorists that cannot get coverage from other insurers and covers all 50 states. Drivers can qualify for low-down payments of just $20 down. Get a quote today and see how easy it is to save.