Cheap Sports Car Insurance

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Cheap Sports Car Insurance

Usually, when people think about sports cars, they often think of exotic Lamborghinis or a Porsche racing down the freeway. In the eyes of car insurers, however, that definition might not be what you think. One insurer might classify a sporty vehicle like a Mustang entirely different than another and charge higher or lower rates. Premiums for these cars can also fluctuate from state to state. This puts the owner’s burden to find a company that has the best prices for this type of automobile coverage. The good news is you can get cheap sports car insurance online for less by searching for better prices. All you need to do is set aside about 8 minutes and apply for a free quote with good to go insurance. You can select the policy limits you want and then comparison shop for the lowest rate at your sports car insurance

What makes an Automobile a Sports Car?

Many auto insurance companies use different parameters when classifying what makes a car “sporty.” Most use several important factors, however.

These includes:

* Engine Mass

The bigger your engine block, the more power it generally will have. With added performance often comes faster speeds and higher risk. Since insurers charge based on perceived risk, they add on costs for larger engine sizes.

* Horsepower

The more horsepower your vehicle has, the faster it will go. People that buy cars like the Dodge Viper and Corvette want the adrenaline rush of 400+ horsepower at their disposal. Automobiles like these have almost triple the engine output over smaller vehicles like a Toyota Corolla. All that extra power means added speed and potential for traffic incidents. As your horsepower goes up, so will your ins costs.

* Added Performance

Cars that have added features like a turbocharger or twin-turbo will almost always be more expensive to insure. With added speed comes an increase in costly accidents. If you want to get a high-performance car but don’t want to pay a fortune for coverage, it might be smart not to buy a turbocharged vehicle.

* Convertibles

While it might seem totally unfair, convertibles cost more to cover. One of the main reasons is they are expensive to fix and often lead to more serious bodily injuries or death.

* Amount of Doors

Some carriers will deem a car with two doors as “sportier.” Other insurers do not give as much weight to this factor. Today, there are vehicles on the road that have four doors and very high performance, such as the Porsche Panamera. Although it might not seem fair, you will usually pay an upcharge for coverage if your car has just two doors.

* Total Weight of the Car

Some providers will want to know your vehicle’s weight and charge a bit more for those super-light rides with mega performance.

Why are Sports Cars More Expensive to Insure?

The main thing that makes a car sporty is speed and performance. So, the ability to accelerate at a fast pace, quickly stop and go through curvy turns at high speeds. Vehicles today have fantastic technology that can propel an automobile from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds or less. With all the advancements in performance comes the potential for dangerous driving at high speeds and deadly accidents. These upper-end cars are also super expensive to repair or replace. These factors make insurers charge, in many instances, double over more boring and weaker sedans.

Another thing that makes sports cars more expensive to insure is the potential for theft. Thieves prize these valuable rides, and the replacement costs are very costly. Think about it for a second. Imagine if you have theft ins for a $6,000 used Toyota Camry, and it gets stolen. The insurer only has to come up with $6K. Now think about if you had a $70,000 Corvette that gets stolen. The firm would have to pay out a claim that is more than 10X as expensive. It is one of the reasons rates are so stratospheric.

Specialty Insurers

Some companies specialize in insuring sports cars, including exotic and so-called muscle vehicles. One of the main benefits is these specialty carriers will build a custom plan whether you have one car to insure or a large fleet. They will also cover you for the real or agreed value of your automobile. It means if an exotic vehicle gets stolen or totaled in a fire, the insurer will compensate the full market value to you. So if a vintage Ferrari has a current value of $1 Million or more, this is an important consideration. A standard policy might peg the value at $600,000, leaving you at a potential loss of $400,000. The more valuable your collection is, the more you should consider a specialty company to protect your investment.

How to get Discounts on Sports Car Insurance

* Take a Defensive Driving Class

Any driver can save up to 10% by taking a 1 or 2-day defensive driver class and getting certified. In most areas, these courses cost less than $100 and are full of helpful, safe driving tips and strategies. If you are a young, inexperienced driver, then these classes are all the more critical. An excellent way to lower the cost of ins on your sporty car is to complete one of these courses. Check with your DMV for the closest class to you or enroll online.

* Safe Driver Discounts

One of the best ways to save on coverage is by having a clean driving record. This means no at-fault accidents and no tickets. Having an excellent driver history will lower your rates by 20% or more and might make affording that fast dream car a reality.

* Keep your Credit High

People these days are frustrated that a low credit rating can cause their ins costs to spike. It goes back to perceived risk and companies charging more to consumers that make risky money-related decisions. They think these same people will take greater risks while driving, like texting behind the wheel. If you have a low score, then get started cleaning it up to get cheaper ins.

* Get a Higher Deductible

One of the things you have total control over is the deductible amount you choose for your policy. The higher you set the amount, the lower your premiums will be. It also means that if you file a claim, the amount you pay before your insurance kicks in will be higher. If you feel like you are a good driver and have money saved up, this is a great way to save ten percent or more.

Get Discounted Rates Online

Getting a cheap car ins plan requires some diligence on your part. You need to invest some time and review several quotes to make sure you get the most affordable rate. The best place to do this is on the internet. Direct insurers often have the lowest prices because they do not have all the overhead costs old companies have, such as an army of agents to pay. With many firms like good to go insuranceyou can compare rates, select a policy and buy it all online. Get your cheap sports car insurance quote today and get covered for less.