Auto Insurance Fronting

May 2, 2017

Auto Insurance Fronting Let’s face it, car insurance is expensive, and it keeps going up almost every year. For individuals and families on a tight budget, it might be an expense that is out of reach or just too costly. Many people try and find methods to get around the high cost of coverage. One such strategy is the so-called auto read more (…)

Roadside Assistance Coverage

April 25, 2017

Roadside Assistance Coverage Most of us know that we need to get our automobile insured, but how many of us think about roadside assistance coverage? This type of added insurance is something that never crosses most people’s mind. The first time we usually think about it is when we are stuck out in the middle of the highway with a read more (…)

Aflac Car Insurance?

April 20, 2017

Aflac Car Insurance? Almost everyone knows the adorable little duck from the Aflac commercials. The famous duck can do everything from box to cut hair. This mascot of Aflac insurance is not only popular in the United States, but around the world. In fact, in Japan the duck it a cultural phenom, that Japanese consumers cannot get enough of. The cute read more (…)

Learn What to do after your Vehicle is Stolen

April 19, 2017

What to do after your Vehicle is Stolen Every year there are about 705,000 vehicle thefts, just in the United States alone. That is a really big number, which should give you pause for concern the next time you park your car for an extended period of time somewhere. There are about 255 million total automobiles in the U.S. which mean you read more (…)

Auto Insurance Comparison Quotes

April 11, 2017

Auto Insurance Comparison Quotes Most people just don’t like change. They stay with their same cell phone provider year after year and usually file their taxes at their local tax preparer. This is also true for auto insurance. Most consumers stay with the same insurer and policy each year. The problem with this strategy is this; you could be spending read more (…)

Cheap Car Insurance for Older Drivers

April 4, 2017

Cheap Car Insurance for Older Drivers There are certain minimum legal insurance laws in your specific state that you need to abide by if you operate a motorized vehicle. This includes coverage that provides for losses to another party in the event you get into an accident, commonly referred to as liability insurance. Like death and taxes, having your car read more (…)

New Mexico Car Insurance

March 20, 2017

New Mexico Car Insurance New Mexico is often referred to as the land of enchantment. This beautiful area has some of the most scenic routes of any state in the U.S. To get around in NM; you are going to need a car and New Mexico Car Insurance. There is just one large city in the state, Albuquerque, with a read more (…)

Auto Insurance Endorsements

March 18, 2017

Auto Insurance Endorsements Auto insurance is filled with lots of confusing jargon that many people do not understand. One such term is auto insurance endorsements. This simply refers to changes in an insurance policy, typically for an automobile. The named insured normally initiates these alterations. When any change is made on a policy, it is called an endorsement. Numerous alterations read more (…)

Auto Insurance Declaration Page Explained

March 10, 2017

Auto Insurance Declaration Page Explained Insurance is a topic that bores many people. For example, when was the last time you read your entire auto insurance policy, including the declaration page? Probably less than 1% of customers read through it. The terminology alone can be difficult to understand, and this stops a lot of people on the very first page. read more (…)

Types of Insurance Agents

March 7, 2017

Types of Insurance Agents Are you currently shopping for auto insurance and feel a bit confused about where to start and who to trust?  Buying the right car ins policy can be confusing for anyone, so don’t feel alone. There are insurance professionals out there that can guide you along and set you up with coverage that protects you at read more (…)