Auto Acceptance Insurance Review

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Auto Acceptance Insurance Review

Auto Acceptance Insurance Review If you need a professional agency with friendly and dedicated representatives, check out Auto Acceptance Insurance Wichita, Kansas. This agency’s mission is to find the lowest prices on automobile and homeowners insurance for the local Wichita, Kansas community.  The company values each and every customer, whether they are getting basic liability car insurance or comprehensive coverage read more (…)

10 Car Insurance Tips

10 Car Insurance Tips Having quality car insurance should not mean you pay an arm and a leg for coverage. There are several proven steps you can take to reduce your premiums, while still retaining coverage that meets your needs. Here are 10 tips you can take advantage of to get cheaper car insurance. Increase your Deductible A deductible is read more (…)

Insuring Two Cars for One Driver

Insuring Two Cars for One Driver If you have several cars, you might wonder, is insuring two cars for one driver an option that makes sense? If you have several vehicles, you can usually insure them in your name on one policy.   In most cases, insurance companies will allow a single driver, who doesn’t own a fleet of cars, to read more (…)

Buy Car Insurance Without A Drivers License

Buy Car Insurance Without A Drivers License Typically, you wouldn’t want to buy car insurance if you don’t even have a driver’s license. But is it possible to get insurance even if you don’t have your own license? In some cases, it might be a better option than most, but why is this the case? It sounds a bit crazy, but read more (…)

Coast National Insurance Review

Coast National Insurance Company This popular car insurance company has served the west coast for over 20 years. Coast National Insurance primarily sells automobile coverage in California. The company was acquired several years ago by the Foremost Insurance Group and is now a Zurich Financial subsidiary. Compare Coast National rates. Enter your zip code to get started.  The small insurer read more (…)

How to Get Car Insurance for the First Time

How to Get Car Insurance for the First Time Do you need some basic advice on how to get car insurance for the first time? Perhaps you’re purchasing your first car and need to know the best coverage and limits. Or, maybe, your parents have decided it is time for you to get your own insurance policy and your need read more (…)

PIP Insurance Florida

The Right PIP Insurance Florida Finding the right PIP Insurance Florida means knowing the requirements of your state. PIP in Florida is one of these state requirements. If you are looking for PIP insurance, Florida has plenty of policy options to choose from. But, before you purchase a policy, you need to understand what it is and also what it covers. read more (…)

No Money Down Car Insurance

No Money Down Car Insurance Auto insurance is an unavoidable expense if you drive. It’s mandatory by law. It can also be costly for many people. Most don’t have enough money saved to pay for the entire policy upfront. For some, even paying for a down payment can be challenging. The good news is some carriers offer no money down read more (…)

How Much Is Car Insurance For a 21 Year Old?

How Much Is Car Insurance For a 21 Year Old? Everyone knows that teen drivers pay exorbitant rates for auto insurance, but how much is car insurance for a 21 year old? It might seem unfair, but younger drivers under 25 pay the highest rates for auto insurance coverage.  Do insurers start lowering rates once someone gets into their 20s? read more (…)

Silver Coast Insurance Review

Silver Coast Insurance Review A fast-growing agency on the west coast for years has been Silver Coast Insurance. The company was founded in 2000 and provides low cost, high-quality insurance coverage for Southern California residents. Customers looking for cheaper coverage, combined with dedicated one on one customer service, should check them out. It is one of the many ways they set read more (…)