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Auto Insurance Exclusions – At Good to GO Insurance

If you have a growing family or licensed drivers living with you that seem always to find the keys to your car, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your policy. When you add a driver onto your insurance, you are of course adding an extra cost that you might not be able to afford. Just because someone is living with you and wants to use one of your vehicles, does not mean they are entitled to burdening you with higher ins premiums. As the policyholder, you have the authority to enforce auto insurance exclusions for anyone you want to exclude.

Excluding a person from your policy could be due to many factors.

    • Your child was granted driving privileges under certain conditions like maintaining good grades.

If your kid breaks the deal and loses the driving rights, you would then exclude them from your insurance. This will also teach your child responsibility and consequences for his or her actions.

    • A relative that you have been loaning your car to needs to be canceled.

Let’s say your cousin lost his job and you’ve been letting him use your vehicle from time to time. You have a falling out because he never puts any gas in and is not grateful. You might consider calling your insurer in this scenario and getting an exclusion from this driver.

    • You are separating or getting a divorce.

Sadly, the divorce rate in the USA is still about 60%. This means if you traditionally had your spouse on your policy, you might want to exclude that person and lower your cost. For all your insurance needs, let good to go insurance get you covered at the cheapest rates on the net.

      • Anyone that is driving irresponsibly and violating basic traffic rules.

If you have a driver insured on your plan that is driving recklessly and you find out, you should seriously think about getting them excluded as soon as possible. If this driver gets into a serious situation, like a DUI at-fault crash, it could cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. Remember, you are in control from adding or subtracting any drivers that may be on your current policy.

Asking for an Exclusion

If you are ready to exclude someone from your policy, then you should contact your insurer directly or via an agent. You will then need to put the request in written form and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Many web-based insurers will allow you to fill out the proper forms online, saving you time and hassle. In some occasions, requesting an auto insurance exclusion might cause your rates to rise somewhat. However, in most cases your costs will go down, especially if you remove high-risk drivers, such as teenagers.

Adding a Driver back
Just as you are entitled to exclude a driver, if you feel like at some point to add the person back onto your ins you can. You would need to follow the same basic process and fill out the appropriate forms. This can be done online, or you can have the paperwork mailed to you. Just remember that adding on a driver may result in your premiums going up a lot. If the driver has recently been involved with any traffic violations like speeding, you might want to think twice. If you must add a risky driver onto your policy, you should set strong standards and make them chip in to help with the bill.

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