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First Month Free Car Insurance

Do you need to insure your car as soon as possible but are totally broke? Are you unable to pay the policy deposit, usually about 20%? Are things so tight you don’t have $100 or more to put down? You need a vehicle to go to work but don’t want to risk driving it without coverage. You are caught in a bind and don’t know what to do.

If this sounds familiar to you, there might be a solution. There are insurers that offer free car insurance for the first month. If this sounds too good to be true, or you don’t believe it, relax. Providers promote this type of discount to attract new customers. They will more than make up for the free 1st month deal over the life of the policy.

The Benefits of a Free No Down Payment Car Insurance Policy

The most obvious benefit to a pay nothing down auto insurance plan is that you are getting covered without tying up any cash. This is a good option for those that are temporarily cash-strapped, but still, need to get their vehicle insured. You can qualify for your first month’s insurance with complete coverage. Your policy will not change the second month.


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The only thing that will, is you’ll need to make your initial payment

This type of policy makes sense for some in a short-term cash bind. For example, a person who has just bought a new car and paid a lot for the down payment, sales tax, and registration fees. Sometimes, there’s just not much left for insurance. This is a situation that calls for zero down car insurance. Your policy will be fully bound and your vehicle legally insured, you just have a 1 month grace period before you start making payments. This can get you covered until things improve for you financially the next month. With competition for new customers intense, especially online, insurers are resorting to deep discounts to bring in new business. With the average insurance rates on the rise, these deeply discounted policies can be a big boost, for those struggling to make their budget work.

Can You Save Money on a No Down Policy?

The short answer is yes and no. This might sound a bit confusing, but it really depends on the risk you pose as a driver and what company insures you. For instance, you might be such a good candidate in the eyes of insurance carriers, that you are offered both a $0 down policy and better rates than your previous insurer.

Some carriers will give an entire month complimentary automobile insurance, without any cost surcharges. If you buy a 12-month policy for $1,100 for example, the first 30 days would be free and the remaining months will be billed at $100 – for a total of $1,100. There is no penalty to get this type of deal. When buying this kind of coverage, look for no hidden fees that can sting you at the back-end of the policy. The key is to shop around with direct insurers like good to go insurance and check out several plans. Keep an open mind to some of the smaller companies that have some of the best rates.

If on the other hand, your driving record has some blemishes on it, you can still qualify for free 1st-month automobile insurance. The downside is the policy might be a bit higher than other quoted rates, that require a down payment. It might be worth it to pay a little more if you are in a cash crunch. After all, you are getting the first month of coverage for free.

Most insurers offer a discount of 2% or more if you pay for the policy in full up-front. This can save you a little bit, which makes sense for those who can afford it. However, if you are super low on money, it might make more sense to pay for the policy over several months and keep as much as you can in the bank.

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First Two Months Free Auto Insurance

With millions of consumers searching for the cheapest car insurance online, insurers have to stand out of the pack. This means offering deep discounts that bring in new customers. A few carriers have begun to offer first two months car insurance for free. This is a huge incentive that can get you on the road for an entire 2 months with no money down. This is great for people that can’t afford a costly ins payment upfront, but need to get covered right away. This can apply to people that are starting a new job, like an Uber driver and need their vehicle to make money.

With two months of free car insurance, you still have to pay your premium amount in full. The balance owed will be added onto the remaining payment terms of your policy. This type of deal is typically given to current customers who have at least one year of continuous coverage but need to renew soon. Insurers, in “good faith,” give these incentives to keep quality customers renewing their policies. In recent years, a few carriers have given these special rates to new customers.

Tips on Getting Free Car Insurance for the First Month

Thanks to the internet, almost anyone can get online and search for the type of insurance coverage and rates they need. If you’re in a money crunch and need a zero down policy, then do your diligence first. Many people go on the web and only get quotes from the biggest TV advertisers like Geico or Progressive. These companies don’t always have the lowest rates. They might not have 1st-month free car insurance coverage either.


You need to take your time and shop around

To do that, you are going to need at least 10 quotes to compare. This might sound like a time-consuming process, but you can do it all in under 20 minutes. Sites like Good To Go Insurance were built to let you search for the coverage and terms you want. You can review multiple quotes in less than 5 minutes and it’s completely free.

Prices on the web are usually cheaper than mainstream brokers and agents

Many consumers who shop online for car ins report saving $500 or more. So do your insurance shopping on the web and save. The next tip is to get all the discounts you qualify for. This can lower your premiums by hundreds annually. This includes:

  • Good Driver
  • Active Military or Veteran
  • Senior Citizen
  • Garaged Vehicle
  • Teacher
  • Good Student

Almost anyone can qualify for a discount

Now that you know the ins and outs how to get free first month auto insurance, you’re ready to buy your policy and get on the road.