What are the Safest Cars to Drive?

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What are the Safest Cars to Drive?


One of the riskiest things almost all of us do on a daily basis is driving a vehicle. According to the IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stats, more than 33,000 people die annually in automobile incidents each year. In the last several years, up until 2015, fatalities were actually on the decline. However, in 2015 death rates shot up to over 38,000, which is an alarming stat. This jump is the largest percentage jump in about fifty years. Although researchers are not certain on the exact cause of this increase, they have speculated. Cheaper gasoline and increases in employment might have resulted in more cars on the road and thus more accidents. These should be alarming statistics for everyone and should motivate you to take the necessary steps to stay as safe as possible on the road. One of the things you do have control over is the type of car you decide to buy and drive. Let’s look at the safest cars to drive and explore some tips on saving on insurance coverage. Get your online rate check-up at Good to go insurance today.

If you’ve driven recently, you surely noticed young drivers with a phone in their hand or, even worse, hunched over texting. Before the smartphone craze, teens were already the riskiest of all drivers. Now, they are getting into more accidents than ever because distracted driving incidents are exploding. The sad reality is the number one cause of teenage death is automobiles. Thousands die each year, and those numbers are climbing due to stupid behaviors like texting behind the wheel.

As a consequence of this trend, auto insurers have raised premiums quite a bit for teenagers. Some teens now pay 200% more than those motorists above 25 years of age. Teens should always buckle up while driving and obey all traffic laws.

The Safest Vehicle for Teens on a Budget

Almost every teen I know is on a super tight budget. They cannot afford a $60,000 European car with loads of top-level safety engineering, so what do they do? The answer lies with the Kia Sorento. This sports utility crossover is cheap compared to other high-end competitors, but it has all the safety features of a car three times as expensive. So far, since this model came to market, there have been no reported fatalities, making it perfect for teenagers. You can buy a used Sorento for about $12,000 – $14,000, which makes it the value choice.

Safe Automobiles that can Save your Life

Despite fatalities going up in 2015, there is some excellent news out there. The Highway Safety Institute has issued a report that details several automobile models that have no traffic deaths. Think about that for a minute. There are actually vehicles for sale that will keep you so safe; there is a meager chance you will die in them, even if you get into a severe crash. The main reason for this is merely dramatic leaps in technological safety. Today’s cars have advanced safety features like curtain airbags, stability control systems, anti-lock brakes, and even accident detection computer systems. Sophisticated vehicles like specific Mercedes models can anticipate an accident and avoid it before you can. Although these enhanced systems are expensive, they are worth it because they do, in fact, save lives.

So, what car wins the crown of the world’s safest?

The answer comes from Germany, the Audi A-4 with all-wheel drive. This top-rated vehicle has just about every advanced safety feature on the planet, including an extra enforced frame, front to side to back airbags, and stability control features that adapt to the weather conditions, and more. In four years ending in 2020, there was no fatality reported from the Audi A4 AWD model. While it is expensive, the peace of mind and fantastic safety record are well worth it if you can afford it.

Several other cars are also very safe, including the Honda Odyssey and Lexus RX 350. Both of these cars are well designed, have a ton of comfort features, and according to a four-year study, there were no fatalities reported for either make. If you are on a budget, get a 2009 to 2012 model and save thousands. You will get all the safety engineering at about half the price of a new model. Now that you are aware of the safest cars to drive, get an insurance check-up online. You can compare side by side quotes from up to ten national providers at Good to Go insurance. The quote is free, and you can even buy your policy online if you want to. Get started now and shave hundreds off your premiums.