Low Cost Commercial Auto Insurance

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Low Cost Commercial Auto Insurance

low cost commercial auto insurance

So you’ve decided to go into business and have a brand new flower shop ready for orders. You choose to get two vans to deliver your fantastic flower collections. Before you make one stop, though, you need first to think about getting these vans insured. First of all, it is the law, and second, your business could get buried if a driver gets into a major accident without the proper insurance. Let’s focus on low cost commercial auto insurance so you can be safely covered and save some money at the same time.

Just like getting the right personal car insurance can be challenging, so can buying commercial insurance. The good news is most of the same strategies apply with each, and many carriers offer both types of coverage. An important point to understand is you are not getting insured only for you or your family, but often multiple vehicles and the employees who will be driving them. Get an instant quote today with good to go insurance online.

Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage

When you apply for commercial coverage, you need to get the right liability limits, just like those of your personal insurance. The main difference between these two types of vehicle policies is the eligibility. Suppose the automobile you are considering insuring is used for the purpose of commerce, i.e., conducting business activities. In that case, you must buy commercial car insurance. It also applies to small businesses that are just starting up. For instance, let’s say you have a small food delivery business with only one van. To protect yourself adequately, it needs to be covered with a commercial policy.

One of the most important things you can do to get cheaper commercial coverage for your fleet of cars is to hire drivers who have a good driving record. Like in personal car insurance, the carrier will evaluate any driver’s risk that you are adding onto the policy. This includes tickets, prior accidents, and flagrant violations like DUIs. If you are thinking about hiring a new employee, first check their most recent DMV record. If they have a bad driving history, they will cost you too much to insure.

On the other hand, a 25-year-old or older driver and is married with a good DMV report will get you a much cheaper rate. Another simple way to save is to hire drivers who already have their CDL – or driver’s commercial license. These potential employees with a CDL have already passed a rigorous exam and usually have an excellent history driving commercially.

Automobile Type

Most insurers will have specific choices of coverage that depend on the type of vehicle being insured. For example, if you need to get a small compact auto insured or a small pick-up truck, you will need to get basic business car insurance. If you have larger vehicles, they will usually fall into different classifications. This could be for tow trucks, semis, dump trucks, and so on. If the car contains flammable gasses or chemicals, you will need more accurate and costly coverage.

If you have a type of business like construction, which has multiple automobile types, it might make sense to bundle all of these vehicles together under one policy. Bundling will almost always be cheaper and will reduce the hassle of paying the premiums to several different providers each month. The exception to this rule might be if you have one vehicle that transports hazardous materials. It would be best if you shopped around for a separate price for this crucial policy and then also get a bundled quote to see what comes out cheaper.

Another way to save money on commercial insurance is to buy slightly used vehicles. Like in a personal policy, the newer and more expensive automobile will cost you more to insure. So let’s say you have a new moving business and are considering getting two trucks. Not only can you save tens of thousands buying nearly new ones, but you will get lower-cost coverage as well. Also, the type of automobile you purchase will cause rates to fluctuate. Will you be getting a full-sized truck, small pick-up, and so on. If you are starting out and starving for cash, buy used vehicles and get a cheap bundled policy.

Cheap Commercial Auto Insurance Online

Whether you need just 1 or 2 cars covered or have a large fleet of 10 or more vehicles, you can find some excellent deals online. Many companies like Progressive commercial insurance have direct rates that are almost always lower than calling up an agent. If you need to get low cost commercial auto insurance, the best place to start is online by getting a quote. Sites like good to go insurance will give you multiple quotes to compare and also provide you with helpful tips on how to lower your coverage costs. Get started now and find your insurance solutions in just a few minutes.