How To Get Car Insurance Before You Buy a Car

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How to Get Car Insurance Before You Buy a Car

Are you shopping for a new vehicle but are confused about how to get car insurance before you buy a car? Are you worried that, as “Murphy’s Law” dictates, you might get into a wreck on the drive home if you don’t insure that new vehicle? Most people like to buy a car and take it home right away but don’t want the hassle of getting it insured. The only problem is that auto insurance is mandatory, even if you need it for only one day.

How To Get Car Insurance Before You Buy a Car

Any vehicle that is driven in the U.S. needs to be insured with minimum levels of liability coverage. Even if you live just a mile or two from the dealership, you still need to have the automobile you purchased insured before leaving the dealer’s lot. Unfortunately, many people are unsure about what vehicle they want to buy and won’t know until they make a final decision.

Insure Your Vehicle Before You Leave the Dealership

If you decide to purchase a car, you will need to get it covered, at the minimum, with liability insurance. You will not be allowed to drive the car off the dealers’ lot until you can prove it is insured. So what do you do if you are not even sure what car you want? There’s a simple process.

Shop around, take your time and choose the vehicle you want to buy. Next, secure the purchase and do all the paperwork. It means getting pre-approved for a loan if you are financing it. If you are paying for the car in cash, then you might have a couple of options. The dealer, in some cases, might release all legal liability for it. It’s still a smart move to get it insured before moving an inch off the dealer’s lot.

Compare Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Next, you will need all of the vehicle’s information so that you can get quoted. This information will include:

  1. The cars VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  2. The Make, Model, and Year of the Vehicle
  3. The Drivers information

If you currently do not have auto insurance, you can go online and compare quotes in minutes. At sites like Goodtogoinsurance, you can compare up to ten rates in about 5 minutes. Buying auto insurance online will save you time and some serious money. Many shoppers can save 20% or more by purchasing a direct policy over the web.

Once you have selected the coverage and insurer, you can buy your policy online in a few minutes. You will get a confirmation of the policy, including your policy number, sent to your email. Next, simply print out your I.D. cards, and you are good to go. Take this proof of auto insurance to the dealership, and you will be ready to roll off the lot in your new ride.

Buy Auto Insurance Coverage With Your Smartphone

Getting auto insurance has never been so easy. You now know how to get auto insurance before you buy a car. However, you might not know that you can purchase coverage with your smartphone just as easily as walking into an agent’s office. At sites like good2go insurance, you can compare quotes, select a policy and purchase it with your smartphone. It’s even possible to provide proof of auto insurance to the dealer with an app or by email. This way, it takes some of the stress out of buying a new or used vehicle when getting it insured can be done with a smartphone at the dealership in only a matter of minutes.

Buy Car Insurance Through Your Current Agent

Another option for getting car insurance before buying a car is calling up an agent. It takes longer than getting online quotes, but some people feel more comfortable talking to a licensed professional. If you are one of those loyal to your agent, this is the route you can take.

Once you have finalized your vehicle purchase, simply call up a licensed agent and get a free quote. If you already have an active policy, it will make the process a lot faster. He or she will ask you a few questions about the car and then add it to the policy.

Legally Insure a New Car Purchase With Your Current Policy

If you cannot get a hold of your agent, you may still be able to insure the vehicle legally. There are a few qualifications, according to the NAIC or National Association of Insurance Commissioners. These are:

  • You’re purchasing the car in cash
  • You currently own an automobile
  • Your current policy has a clause that grants you up to 30 days to make notification of a vehicle purchase

It is important to note that if you have the clause that lets you automatically add another vehicle you purchase onto your policy, it will match your current coverage. This way, if you only have liability insurance with low limits, the car you are buying will have the same coverage. If you do not have an active policy, you can call an agent up, and they will assist you in insuring the car you are buying.