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Direct Car insurance / Direct Auto Car Insurance

Purchasing automobile insurance has changed a lot over the last 20 years or so. Like so many things, the internet has transformed the insurance market. Consumers are now flocking online to get direct auto car insurance and not even thinking about calling local agents. Most people prefer this car insurance shopping method because it puts them in control of the buying experience. They do not need to rely on a broker who may give them a rate that is not the lowest in order to earn a higher commission.

As consumers’ auto insurance buying habits have transitioned online, so have insurers’. To get new business and even maintain their current customers, insurance carriers are aggressively promoting their products on the web. With so many competitors competing for new clients, the smart shopper essentially holds all the cards. Insurers know that people will be looking at competing rates, so they are forced to offer deep discounts online. Many people who buy direct insurance report savings of $550 or more over traditional brokers. Many conventional agents and broker firms are having a hard time competing with the new direct pricing model.

The other thing that people love about shopping for coverage online is the speed of the process. With sites like Good to Go Insurance, anyone can be matched with up to 10 quotes in minutes. The website matches the user’s profile with the lowest direct car insurance rates available.

Advantages of Direct Policies

There are so many advantages of getting your policy directly over the net, but here are the key ones:

direct car insurance / direct auto car insurance

1. You can find the lowest rates for the Coverage you need

Many people who look for quotes need the same coverage type, but they just want it at a lower price. Some have even carried the exact coverage amounts for decades. When you apply for quotes, you can choose the amount of coverage you need and then see who has the best rates. In some ways, carriers bid on the policy you need and enter a price value. With multiple companies trying to get your business, a mini price war takes place, with you, the shopper winning with incredible low prices. Once people save hundreds on direct auto car insurance, they often never go back to expensive brokers.

2. You can make changes to your policy all Online

Once you set-up a policy with your online insurer, you can log in and do many things, including report a claim, cancel your policy, request a refund, chat with representatives and pay your bill. This convenience is a huge plus that allows issues to get solved fast.

3. You Can file an insurance Claim Direct

If you get into an accident, you can now file a claim online at your insurer’s website. Also, you can follow the progress of your claim at the site, which is helpful. Most insurers also post useful tips on their websites, with info on a variety of topics like “how to handle the aftermath of automobile accidents,” in addition to other resources users can take advantage of.

4. You can pay your Insurance bill Direct

Remember the days where you had to get an actual envelope and scrounge around for a stamp. Then you had to lick both and go to the nearest postal office and mail off your bill. Well, those days are gone forever. All the major insurance carriers now have convenient online bill payment options. All you have to do is log into your account and pay with the credit card on file. You can even enroll in automatic bill pay and let the insurer deduct your bill on a monthly basis. Remember that you are in control of your policy and cancel it at any time or terminate any automatic deductions that occur.

5. You can print out I.D cards and important policy info Online

If you are like me, then you always seem to lose those little insurance I.D cards. That is a problem because it is the law to carry them with you in your car at all times while driving. With a direct policy, just go to your account at any time and print out a new I.D. card when you need it. You can also print out portions of your policy for your records.

So now that you know the main advantages of getting direct auto insurance, why don’t you get a free quote for yourself? There is no obligation to buy a policy, and there is an excellent chance you can save hundreds. Let good to go insurance be your web insurer of choice for your direct car insurance.