Cheapest Car Insurance For Teachers 

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What is the best and cheapest car insurance for teachers? What insurers offer discounts for teachers? In this article, we will go over how teachers can save the most on auto insurance, while still getting good coverage that fully protects them.  

Teachers are not the most highly paid professionals but they have one of the most important jobs in the world. The good news is there are options for teachers looking to reduce their car insurance rates, which can save them some serious money. 

What Car Insurance Companies Offer Teachers Discounts  

  • California Casualty – They offer coverage in most states and provide low-cost discounted auto insurance coverage to educators. A big perk offers is a $0 deductible if your automobile is involved in an accident or vandalized at the school campus, including the admin offices. California Casualty Insurance also has extended coverage to anyone you give permission to drive your vehicle, in addition to rental car coverage.
  • Liberty Mutual –  Liberty Mutual loves teachers and offers discounts of up to 10% in addition to several perks. If your vehicle is vandalied on campus grounds or involved in an accident during school activities, your deductible will be $0. This can save you some big bucks. Also, you’re protected against theft or damage to any teaching materials or school property up to $2,500 per incident. 
  • Geico – Many people ask, does Geico offer discounts to teachers? The answer is Geico does not offer a specific discount to teachers. Geico does offer educators lower rates through its Affinity-Based discounts that are offered to the Military, Healthcare, and Educators. If you are a teacher, contact Geico to see if you qualify for an Affinity discount.   
  • Farmers – Like Geico, Farmers does not offer teachers a direct discount on their auto insurance but does offer an affiliation discount for certain occupations, including teachers. Contact a local Farmer’s agent today to see how much you can save. Note: discounts will vary by state.   
  • Union Plus Car Insurance – Discounted auto insurance rates to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are offered through SnapQuote and sold through MetLife Auto and Home Insurance. Contact a MetLife auto insurance agent for further information.
  • Plymouth Rock – One regional insurer with great teacher rates is Plymouth Rock. They not only offer discounted auto insurance rates for teachers, but grants, awards, and prizes to teachers. Contact a Plymouth Rock representative today to see how much you can save on Teacher’s auto insurance.
  • Horace Mann – There is one auto insurer that caters to educators the most and it’s Horace Mann. They have multiple discounts for teachers that can save you hundreds over competitors. Horace Mann was founded by educators and serves teachers more than any other insurer with multiple discounts. Here are just a few.

cheapest car insurance for teachers

Horace Mann Teacher Discounts

According to the Horace Mann website, the average driver can save $351 by switching over. This is over 15% off a typical yearly full-coverage policy, which is a huge savings. 

  • Bundling – By bundling three or more lines with Horace Mann, you can be eligible for additional discounts. Most people already have auto, home, and life insurance, and combining all three with Horace Mann can save you hundreds. 
  • Multi-Car Discounts – If you have more than one vehicle, you can get a nice discount by bundling with Horace Mann. Talk to an agent today to see how much you can save. 
  • HMDrive – If you enroll in the HMDrive safe driving app, you can save money if you are a safe driver. Currently, the app is only available in these states: AZ, CO, CT, GA, ID, IN, LA, ME, MI, MO, MN, NH, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WV.  
  • Automatic Payment – Current policyholders that set up automatic payments can get an additional discount. 
  • New Customer – If you’re not currently a Horace Mann policyholder and decide to switch, you can qualify for a new customer discount. Contact an agent to learn more.  

Note: Teacher discounts are not available in all areas, and your rate will vary based on your own unique profile. To be eligible for a discount, you must be able to provide a photocopy of your teacher’s I.D. 

What Insurer Has The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teachers?

Below are the cheapest full-coverage auto insurance rates for teachers based on our model driver and vehicle. Rates are based on a 48-year-old teacher driving a 2010 Toyota Camry.

  • Horace Mann – $1,153
  • Nationwide – $1,162
  • USAA – $1,189 (To be eligible, teachers must be a member of the military, a veteran, or related to a family member who is) 
  • Geico – $1,196
  • MetLife Auto Insurance – $1,203 
  • Farmers – $1,210
  • Plymouth Rock – $1,251
  • Liberty Mutual – $1,268
  • California Casulty – $1,289

In our study, Horace Mann came in with the cheapest full coverage auto insurance rates for teachers with an annual premium of just $1,153 which on only $96 a month. Although Nationwide Insurance doesn’t offer a specific discount to teachers, it came in a solid second at $1,162 a year. It’s important that you get multiple quotes, as rates vary a lot between insurers and from driver to driver.

Compare The Best and Cheapest Car Insurance for Teachers Online

Every driver has their own unique risk profile. This is why it’s so important to shop around for the best rates from as many providers as you can. Don’t just get a quote from the big national insurers like Farmers, but also regional providers like Plymouth Rock. If you get five or more teacher’s auto insurance quotes, you will probably reduce your current rate by 10% or more. 

The best teacher’s auto insurance rates are almost always found online. Insurance providers offer special direct rates that you might not be able to get through an agent. Shop teacher’s auto insurance rates in five minutes or less. To get going, just enter your zip code. Save more money today on the coverage you need the most.