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Many people that have more than one vehicle in their household are unaware of a simple way to get cheaper car insurance. Insurers offer bundled car insurance discounts for customers who insure more than one vehicle. Depending on the provider, the discount could be 1% all the way to 5% of your bill.

Companies do this to gain simply more of their business. You can also qualify for additional savings by combining your homeowners and automobile insurance with one insurer; this makes sense for not only saving money, but it makes life easier with one bill and one company to deal with on issues such as filing claims. To get the best rates on multi auto insurance online, get a rate check-up with good to go insurance and get more savings.

Discounts on Multi-Car Policies

To get Bundle Discounts on auto insurance, you first must qualify. There are a few conditions you must meet, including:

* You must combine your vehicles with one insurance company

So let’s say, for example, you have four cars in your household, and each is with a different carrier. To qualify for the discount, you would need to cancel the three outstanding policies and move them over to 1 insurer. Do not worry about canceling your policy. It only takes a few minutes over the phone, and you will get a refund check in the mail for any money owed for pre-paid coverage. If this sounds like a bit of a hassle, just think about how easy dealing with only one firm will be once you finish consolidating and the money you will save in the process.

* The automobiles must be in use and not stored

If you have one or more vehicles in storage, you can get an individual policy for them with the same firm.

* The policy must be in your name and not a secondary party like a relative

* The cars must be operated only by the policyholder or persons authorized to drive the vehicles

One of the many benefits of bundling is if you have young teen drivers that need to be covered. Going out and securing a separate policy for teenagers is going to be much more expensive than insuring their car onto your current policy. With teens getting into more foolish accidents as a result of texting and talking on cellphones, insurers are increasing rates a lot for this high-risk age group.

If you currently have a teenager driving your car but have not added them as an authorized driver, do so immediately. If they get into a serious accident, the parent or guardian could be on the hook for some expensive bills, and the premiums could skyrocket.

Remember, not all providers offer multi-car discounts, so you should get quotes from a broad base of companies to see who has the best rates. Also, some providers limit the number of autos that can be bundled into a single policy to 3 or 4. To get a free insurance quote with qualifying discounts, let go auto insurance helps you find a better rate today.

Additional way to Bundle and Save on Insurance

Another great tip to squeeze out savings on your insurance premiums is to bundle together several lines of coverage; this is often referred to as “multi-line policies” in the industry. Essentially it means moving all of your insurance to one company to get the maximum cost savings. Some of the following lines that can be connected are:

* Home Insurance including Mobile or Manufactured Homes

* Condominium and Renters Insurance

* Life Insurance

* Specialty Insurance, such as RVs, Boats, and Motorcycles

If you are a new homeowner or just bought a big RV, contact your current company first to see if they can get you discounted rates. On the other hand, if you have a home or boat policy with a different company other than your automobile, you should check and see how much you could save by bundling. Just a few minutes of quoting can save you some serious money over the course of a year. To get instant quotes for all your insurance needs, let go auto ins help you online or by phone.

Benefits of Bundling Insurance

There are some obvious benefits to combining your policies together with one carrier. These includes:

* Lowering your rates by getting discounts of 5% or more.

* Saving time by conveniently managing your policy with one insurer.

* You are not as likely to miss payments and have any gaps in coverage by dealing with just one company.

Compare Bundled Auto Insurance Rates Online

Comparison shopping for insurance has never been so fast and simple because of the internet. You can get bundled car insurance quotes in minutes with free quoting sites like good to go insurance. All you need to do is enter some basic personal info, and you will be quoted up to 10 rates. These rates are often lower than agents because direct insurers have cost advantages over the larger bureaucratic firms. Most people end up saving $500 or more annually by switching to good-to-go. See for yourself today with a free quote.