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Kentucky Car Insurance 

Kentucky Car insuranceFamously known as the bluegrass state, Kentucky is known for its horse racing and love of basketball.  The UK Wildcats are routinely a top 10 college basketball force.  Kentucky is also one of the most beautiful areas to take a drive in.  This state has countless miles of scenic roads and picturesque mountains up in the Appalachians.  However, if you are going to operate a vehicle in Kentucky, you better have it insured.  Having legal liability insurance is mandatory and is enforced by the law in KY.  The real challenge is finding cheap Kentucky car insurance that adequately protects you and your family.  Lets take a close-up look at the requirements in this southern state and also some basic tips that can help you get your  premiums lowered.  For a quote check-up, visit good to go insurance and apply in just 4 short minutes.

Kentucky Minimum Liability Auto Insurance

When you shop for auto insurance in Kentucky, you need to first familiarize yourself with the state’s ins laws that relate to minimum financial requirements.  To get the cheapest auto ins, you can buy the state’s bare minimum legal policy.  This is a set of numbers that refer to three categories of coverage.  In KY they are 25,000/50,000/10,000 or in abbreviated form are 25-50-10.

*  $25,000 – relates to bodily injury protection or even death to one person in a single accident.

*  $50,000 – of coverage for bodily injuries or death when 2 persons – or more were involved in a singular accident, which additionally breaks down to a per person $25,000 insured limit.

*  $10,000 – in property damage in 1 accident.

* Proof of Insurance Requirements

It is mandatory and the law in Kentucky to show proof of auto insurance.  There are normally several circumstances that require you to demonstrate proof your car is insured.  These include:

*  A police officer pulls you over and asks you to show your valid insurance I.D card

*  You are involved in an accident and the other party request the information along with the police on scene

*  When you register your automobile in Ky

Beyond this, Kentucky is very strict in that insurers must report all of their active policies electronically each month to state controllers.   This makes it all the more important that you pay your premiums on time so you don’t get reported as having a non-active KY policy.

The penalties in Kentucky for driving without automobile insurance are quite severe.  If you get stopped driving without ins, you could face serious fines and even jail.  The first time you are stopped operating a vehicle without being insured, you will face a fine of $500, or more depending on the judge.  For repeat offenders, the fine amount could be increased to $1,000 by the judge and a jail sentence imposed of 90 days.  It’s just not worth it to drive without legal vehicle ins.  Get insured today for less at “good2go” insurance online.

Get Kentucky Car Insurance Discounts

There are some smart strategies you can take advantage of to save on KY auto ins.  The first one is raising your deductible.  This is something you can control and it’s a super easy way to save 10% or more.  For the most savings, consider putting your deductible at $1,000.  This will lower your monthly premiums significantly.  Just remember to set-aside this amount and don’t touch it in the event you get into an accident and need to file an ins claim.

The next step to a cheaper rate is applying for multiple discounts.  Most people don’t think about bundling, but it’s a great way to save on ins.  If you have 2 or more vehicles, put them on one policy.  Better yet, if you have property, you can get one umbrella-type policy that will save you a lot of money.  Almost every insurer has discounts for safe drivers and even AARP members can save hundreds.  If you serve or served in the military in the past, you can save an additional 5% or more.

Get Better Rates by Shopping for Kentucky Car Insurance Online

The last tip on the road to cheap Kentucky car insurance is shopping online.  Direct web based pricing has really lowered the cost of auto insurance quite a bit.  At sites like good to go insurance, you can comparison shop multiple rates in a matter of 5 minutes.  You can even buy your policy online and print out your I.D. cards all in the comfort of your home.  Get started now with a no obligation quote and find out how simple it is to save hundreds on Kentucky auto insurance online.

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