Aetna Car Insurance

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Aetna Car Insurance

Aetna is one of the largest insurers in the USA and specializes in healthcare coverage. The company was founded in 1850, making it one of the oldest corporations in the United States. The insurance provider primarily began selling regional health insurance but grew over the decades to national prominence.

Today, Aetna is the 5th largest health insurer in the U.S. and provides coverage in all 50 states. The mission of the large provider is to offer individuals and businesses both financial and health well being, through an array of quality, low-cost insurance products. The company is deeply integrated not only with hospitals but with employers, patients, and government officials. To date, there are more than 35,000 employees that make up the companies workforce worldwide.

Along with its main focus on healthcare, the company has diversified to offer medical assistance, dental, vision, disability coverage, pharmacy, life insurance and employee benefits. The firm’s top rated advisers work closely with customers to come up with long-term solutions for their insurance needs. Aetna offers detailed options for customers to choose from and assists them through the buying process with expert advice.  The carriers diversified products are sold through qualified agents and brokers. In recent years they have become a national leader in employee benefit care, a unit that is growing rapidly.

The companies growth for over 165 years can be attributed to their focus on providing quality products matched with dedicated customer service.  Many people ask, does Aetna sell auto insurance? Currently, the company does not sell vehicle coverage but can refer customers to qualified partner insurers.

Aetna Auto Insurance Online

Many people think Aetna car insurance is available online, but currently, there are no plans for the large provider to offer it in the near future. That still doesn’t stop people from going to Aetna’s website searching for Etna car insurance quotes. If the company does decide to offer vehicle coverage in the future, it can tap into is not base of customers. More than likely it would become a top 10 auto insurer in a few short years.

Aetna Health Insurance Business Continues to Grow
Although many large carriers like Farmers and Allstate do sell multi-line personal insurance, Aetna is focused on the healthcare market. The large provider has been deeply involved in re-doing the countries healthcare system and has partnered with other healthcare leaders to provide better coverage to all Americans.

One unit that is growing fast is the life unit. Aetna group life insurance is very popular among businesses throughout the country. Aetna is a leading group life insurer and targets businesses both large and small. They offer renewable term-life-insurance, at a fixed rate or based on an employees or individuals wages.

Aetna Car Insurance

Aetna also offers low-cost group disability insurance

This type of coverage provides protection, in the event an employee gets injured and cannot work. Another popular product is Aetna is Long Term Care plans. This gives a set amount of money towards nursing home care and related expenses. In fact, Aetna has a range of retirement services and products to choose from, at some of the best prices of any provider. This includes both annuity and pension programs for current employees nearing retirement.

All told, this multi-billion dollar provider is a powerhouse in the insurance market with a broad range of products that serve over 15 million customers and is helping shape the market with innovative products. At some point, the carrier might expand by offering Etna auto insurance to further growth.

Aetna Insurance Quotes

You can get Aetna insurance quotes online at or by calling a licensed agent. Licensed agents can not only provide you with a free quote but assist you with any questions you have. In addition, top-rated insurance agents will take the time to build a solid insurance plan that fits within your budget. Although Aetna auto insurance isn’t sold at this time, agents will even help you get your vehicle covered with a low-cost policy at no additional charge through one of their partners.

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Aetna Career Opportunities 

Aetna has a variety of career positions for experienced industry professionals, as well as recent graduates. Openings include sales, customer service, claim representation, financial services, and human resources. Contact a career representative to learn more.