What does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

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Should You Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Everyone wants the cheapest car insurance possible, but you might save more money by buying comprehensive auto insurance in the long run. Let’s face it, choosing an auto insurance policy can be confusing and overwhelming. Many consumers have no clue about what type of coverage to get. When shopping for a new policy, this brings up the often-asked question: what does comprehensive auto insurance cover

While liability insurance is mandatory in all but one state in the US, some states now require collision coverage. Some drivers do not even know the difference between these two levels of protection, which often leaves them making poor decisions.  

Many drivers also don’t know the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance. Most compare rates for the different types of coverage and go with the cheapest plan. However, if you have a significant investment in your vehicle, it might be wise to get comprehensive insurance.

Should You Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Many things could happen to your vehicles, such as natural events like water damage from flooding or fire. This protection kicks in where collision leaves off. Simply put, comprehensive automobile insurance will cover damage to your car that did not happen from an auto incident. 

One key area of concern for most motorists in high-crime areas is auto theft protection. Comprehensive does protect against the theft of your vehicle. Also, you will be covered for vandalism to your vehicles, such as your tires being slashed or your car spray-painted. Get a free, good to go auto insurance quote online in moments.

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You Might be Required to Carry a Comprehensive Policy

If you are leasing your vehicle, chances are the lender will require you to have a comprehensive auto ins policy. Likewise, you may be required to get this additional coverage if you carry a loan. Lenders use this type of ins as a hedge to protect the credit they’ve made. If your car is burned in a fire or stolen, having a comprehensive plan will allow you to pay off your automobile loan or satisfy a lease contract.

Why is Comprehensive Coverage so Expensive? 

A comprehensive policy, as the name implies, has broad coverage. This means it covers more things in the event your vehicle gets damaged. Let’s be precise: what does comprehensive auto insurance cover? Think about it this way. Comprehensive covers just about any dame that can occur to your vehicle other than an accident with another car. One critical area of coverage is theft. Thousands of vehicles are stolen each month, and yours could be next. 

Auto theft protection is one reason why comprehensive coverage is so costly. If your vehicle is worth more than $10,000 and you live in a higher-than-average auto-theft area, it’s wise to get comprehensive insurance. Start your free application by entering your zip code. Compare side-by-side auto insurance quotes in minutes and save hundreds.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Can Cost You Serious Money in the Long Run

Most people play the cheapest policy game, which can be quite expensive in the long run. While a liability-only policy can be half that of a more expensive comprehensive approach, it can cost you in the long run. 

Cause a serious accident that damages hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you only have the state minimum liability car insurance. You could be liable to pay for damages your insurance does not cover. 

This cost could bankrupt you and affect your finances for decades. Learn all you can before buying a policy and ask yourself, should you get comprehensive auto insurance? If you had more coverage, like a comprehensive plan with higher limits, your policy could likely cover the accident costs.

Adding Comprehensive Insurance Costs more

What is a comprehensive insurance deductible? This amount you will pay out of pocket before your insurance plan starts to pay may start at around $250 and go up to $1,000. The amount you pay for this coverage greatly depends on your chosen deductible level. The higher the deductible you choose will result in a lower premium cost. 

You will be responsible for paying more for the damage done to your car before the insurer pays. We recommend getting a $1,000 deductible at good to go auto insurance and then sticking that amount into a substantial investment account. Electing a high deductible between $500 and $1,000 can lower your costs by 10% to 30% depending on the carrier’s pricing. 

If you are undisciplined with your money and can’t control your spending, perhaps you should get a small deductible, just in case you have an incident and need to come up with the money quickly.

Benefits of Adding Comprehensive Coverage

If your car gets stolen or totaled due to an unforeseen event like a tree falling on it, this added coverage could save you from the cost of replacing your vehicle. So if you have a $25,000 car, and it is stolen, you would mainly save 25 grand. The more expensive your car is, the more you should consider adding it, as the benefits will outweigh the small additional costs. 

When buying this type of policy, make sure you always read the fine print and check for all exclusions. This way, you will be sure exactly what will be covered and what won’t, and there will be no confusion if you file a claim. Remember, there are limitations to comprehensive insurance benefits. It will not cover the medical costs if you cause medical injuries to another person.

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