Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Online

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Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Online

If you do not have a car, you just might think you do not need automobile coverage. This is not always the case, however. In certain circumstances, you may need to get covered with what’s termed non-owner auto insurance. This unique and specialized policy gives you coverage in situations like renting an automobile or using someone else’s vehicle for an extended period. A non-owner car insurance policy online will pay for injuries that occur to both the driver and passengers, as well as property damage that you are responsible for after an accident. Let’s delve into more situations that might prompt you to get this specialty insurance.

Why get Non-Owner Auto Insurance?

1. You have been convicted of a DUI

Are you one of the thousands of drivers each year that was convicted or driving under the influence? If so, your state may require you to get an SR 22 form. In some areas, it is called an FR-44 form. An SR-22 will allow you to get your driver’s license back, and both of these forms are proof of legal automobile insurance.

If you do not own a vehicle, getting a nonowner auto policy will also show adequate proof of insurance.

2. You borrow cars all the time

Are you one of the many people that just doesn’t want the hassle of car ownership but at the same time borrows cars from friends and family to get around? If the sounds familiar, you might need to get covered with non-ownership car ins. You also might be in a situation that forces you to use someone else’s car that you are not insured on, for example, on a long summer vacation where you borrow a friend’s truck. Another example is you are starting a small delivery business and borrow a van from a friend to try and make a go of the business. You will need non-own automobile coverage to stay legal.

3. You Rent Cars All the Time

If you are always traveling and renting cars, then you might be paying too much for insurance. Buying a non-owner auto policy can be a lot less than paying the outrageous coverage costs charged by the car rental companies. I have seen full coverage for rentals at $35 and more per day. Get quoted with good to go insurance and get your premiums lowered today.

4. You are Test Driving a Car for a While 

Automobile manufacturers sometimes offer some pretty impressive sales tactics to get customers to buy their vehicles. One marketing method is to allow a free two-week test-drive period before any purchase commitment is made. The idea is to have the customer fall in love with the new car and then sign the sales contract before the period is up. If you borrow one of these dealer cars, you need to get it covered with a non-owned auto ins policy.

5. You Ride-Share all the time

Car-sharing programs have gotten more popular in recent years. These vehicles are insured but may not have the extra insurance protection you need to cover your assets if a serious crash occurs. If you have assets over $100,000, you should consider adding extra non-owner coverage to keep yourself fully protected in the event someone sues you.

Does any one of the above scenarios sound familiar to you? If so, you should consider purchasing this type of protection. Having ongoing auto insurance makes you less of a risk to insurers, and when you insure your next vehicle, you can qualify for lower rates. If you are a young driver and use your parent’s car, you probably have nothing to worry about because you are already covered on their insurance policy.

Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Online

Non-Owner Coverage Basics

This unique insurance will always cover the state minimum liability standards. Besides, a non-ownership plan will cover medical expenses and even uninsured drivers’ protection. This is important to add onto your plan because millions of motorists are uninsured, and if you get into an accident, there is about a 13% chance the other driver will have no insurance, and you do not want to take that risk. You do not need to get non-owned auto insurance for rental cars if your credit card company already has you insured. It would just be a waste of money.

Usually, rates for non-owner auto policies are a bit less than a typical liability policy with standard vehicle protection. This is because the driver, in most cases, does not have access to the car all the time. Thus, the driver is not exposed to potential incidents as much as other motorists.

Buy Non-Owner Auto Insurance Online

The best place to buy a non-owner car insurance policy is online. Some insurers like Good 2 Go Insurance have direct pricing that can save you hundreds of dollars. They will also give you access to up to 10 online quotes from leading providers. So, you can get quoted in less than 5 minutes and buy your policy direct online. Get started now and get the plan you need for less.