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good to go insuranceGood to Go Insurance has more than 25 years of experience in the non-standard insurance market for high-risk drivers. Working with a network or reputable insurers across the U.S., the company sells and underwrites coverage policies in many states in the country. It can also refer clients to other underwriters, either affiliate or no-affiliates, to best fulfill consumers’ needs. High-risk drivers cannot purchase coverage from the standard market, and this is where GoodtoGo Insurance comes in. It provides non-standard coverage but with great options including installments and discounts.

Maintaining a clean driving record or zero traffic tickets is hard. High-risk drivers, however, are those with the major violation or repeated offenses. Insurance carriers tend to avoid providing coverage for those drivers or cancel their existing policies to minimize claims and payout. In case you are in such situation, Good to Go Insurance is a strong candidate to help you reacquire proof of financial responsibility. It allows you to get back on the road legally again.

High-Risk Drivers

Insurance companies use a different variable to determine if someone is a high-risk or low-risk driver. The most common variable is driving record that may include driving experience, history of traffic tickets, and type of vehicles. Drivers in a high-risk category often have troubles finding an insurance carrier, and they have to pay higher premium fees than normal. It can be helpful to work with agents or insurers who specialize in non-standard insurance to get the best coverage without breaking the bank. Good to Go Insurance has been focusing on non-standard insurance market for more than two and half decades, and it understands all the available options for drivers with different driving histories.

Driving history is the most important factor, but new drivers may also fall into a high-risk category. New drivers may include teen drivers or adults who acquired license recently. With GoodtoGo Auto Insurance, teen drivers who are currently students are eligible for discounts considering they have good grades. Most insurance agencies will ask about how many years of driving experience you have, and use this factor to determine premium as well. People under 25 years of age can be high risk as they tend to get into accidents due to lack of experience.

Age and sex are also relevant factors. Research suggests that young male has stronger tendencies to commit traffic violations than their female counterparts of the same age group. Marital status is another consideration since single or unmarried drivers have a higher risk of getting into road accidents. With GoodtoGo Car Insurance, many of those variables are not in effect. The company only needs necessary personal information to underwriting insurance policies.

Vehicles and Tickets
Besides personal data including age or marital status, types of vehicles play major roles in the categorization process. People who drive sports cars, luxury cars, supercars, antique cars, and collectible cars and SUV, may have difficulties to find standard coverage. Fast cars encourage the drivers to go speeding and expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Those are expensive properties, and insurers tend to avoid providing coverage for them. Insurers often choose to not putting their companies under an obligation to pay out expensive repairs or replacements in case an accident happens. Regardless of what you drive, Good to Go Auto Insurance can give you non-standard coverage that you need.

The traffic ticket is another cause for concern, especially when you have a history of serious infractions. A DUI ticket makes someone a potentially dangerous driver, as do tickets for reckless driving and excessive speeding. There is the possibility of a driver repeating the same offense. From insurers’ standpoint, it is best to reject their applications, yet GoodtoGo Insurance can find you the perfect package of coverage to keep your drive legally. Traffic tickets that commonly affect insurance premiums or put you too high-risk category are:

  • Illegal street racing
  • Driving without a license/valid proof of insurance
  • Reckless driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Serious violations that result in death

Good to Go Insurance does not use your driving record as the primary factor to give approval. It is a company you can rely on in times of difficulties to get coverage.

Good 2 Go Insurance understands that it is not easy to keep a clean driving record and become an ideal client for insurance companies. Minor violations such as broken headlights, failure to yield or stop, and parking in prohibited area are standard. Drivers have to pay small fines for such violations. Major traffic violations including DUI often result in hefty fine and cancellation of existing policy by your insurer. Other possible consequences of DUI are:

  • An increase in premium
  • Immediate classification as high-risk driver
  • SR-22 filing
  • Revocation of driver license
  • Jail time

In many states, DUI conviction sticks to your record for at least three years. For those who have to drive daily, reacquiring coverage is an immediate necessity. Good to Go Insurance understands the situation and provides the appropriate coverage to get you back on the road. You may have a DUI ticket on your record, but GoodtoGo Auto Insurance puts this aside.

As a company that underwrites non-standard coverage, GoodtoGoInsurance will not even use your credit rating. Many insurers will not complete your application until they have access to your credit reports. The assumption is that someone with bad credit rating tends to miss payments due to financial circumstances. An applicant needs to improve credit score before he/she can get can get coverage from standard market insurance companies. Similar to DUI conviction, it takes the time to improve credit rating. Driving without insurance is another type of traffic violation, Good 2 Go Insurance is once again a dependable savior. The company does not use a credit score to determine approval.

Revoking High-Risk Label
You might be a high-risk driver now, but it does not mean that the classification is effective for a lifetime. There are many ways to revoke high-risk label, and many of them are very easy. Taking a defensive driving course and enrolling in traffic school give proofs that you have good intention not to repeat the same offenses. For those with DUI ticket, counseling also demonstrates your interest in preventing another episode in the future. Many of those activities can make you eligible for discounts from Good to Go Auto Insurance.

High-Risk Auto Insurance
The biggest difference between low-risk and high-risk auto insurance is the price. Types of minimum coverage must follow the state’s guideline. Due to the more expensive premium, the high-risk driver often purchases only the state’s minimum liability requirements. Every state has determined specific limits for liability coverage as well. Regardless of where you live, Good to Go Insurance makes sure that your policy complies with state’s regulation. Working within a network of underwriters across the country makes it easier for the company to provide the exact type of coverage for you specific needs.

The formula to classify high risk is different from company to company. Apart from driving record, credit rating, marital status, and age, most companies also consider the amount of time you spend on the road. People who often drive and travel long distances have a higher risk than those who drive occasionally. Again, GoodtoGo Auto Insurance does not put this into account.

Who Needs High-Risk Auto Insurance
High-risk auto insurance is a good solution for any driver with high-risk classification. Following a policy cancellation, high-risk drivers need to acquire proof of insurance as soon as possible before they can drive again. Good to Go Auto Insurance has an easy way to avoid this problem. The application and approval processes are quick, allowing to you get new insurance in no time.

good to go insurance policy

Purchasing insurance from the non-standard market is not cheap, but it does not mean you cannot find an affordable insurer. One of the advantages of working with Good to Go Insurance is the availability of various discounts. If you are eligible, the total amount of savings can significantly reduce premium.

Driver Discounts Policy Discounts Auto Discounts
Defensive Driving Course 15% Multi-Car 32% Cell Phone Safety 5%
Driver’s Education 10% Paid-in-Full 31% Airbag and Passive Restraint 5%
Good Student 10% Prior Insurance 40% Anti-Theft System and VIN Etching 5%
Homeownership 8% Renewal 15%
Non-Owner 25%

Payment Options
Good to Go Insurance also offers multiple payment options to manage your expenses better. The available payment plans are:

  • Economy Plan: probably the best payment plan. It allows you to pay low down-payment and spread the premium fee into 12 months installments. With low upfront payment, you have your coverage ready without spending too much.
  • Quarterly Plan: another installment program, but the payment is due every four months.
  • Annual Plan: a one-time payment up front which carries 31% discount off the premium.

Purchasing non-standard auto insurance is not the ideal choice for everyone. Being high risk means you have to pay more for coverage. But Good to Go Insurance has the solution by providing discounts and payment plan to help you manage your expenditure.

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