Chubb Auto Insurance Review

Company Trusted For Over 25+ Years*

Chubb Auto Insurance Review

Chubb Auto Insurance Review

Company History

Chubb has a long and proud history that goes way back. Thomas Chubb and his son Percy founded the insurer in 1882. They started out underwriting in New York City, with only $1,000. Their initial plan was to focus on insuring marine vessels and cargo. Their fledgling business quickly grew over the next decade, and by 1900 it was growing rapidly. One of the keys to their success was the agents and brokers who marketed Chubb’s products and brought in new customers.

Another talent the father and son duo had was risk assessment. They could determine a ship’s risk beforehand and whether it was too risky to insure or a good bet. This led to fewer claims and surging profits, which the founders poured back into business operations. Today, over 135 years later, the company is still a leader in marine underwriting. The insurer also sells watercraft insurance for luxury yachts and personal outdoor marine vessels.

Over the past 100 plus years, Chubb has expanded its product line extensively. Today, Chubb is a worldwide leader in property and casualty insurance. It sells policies to both consumers and businesses in markets both big and small, all over the world. The company values each customer and creates long-term relationships built on mutual trust. Each agent is required to learn as much about a person and business as possible. So the client can be served better, with a commitment to providing the best coverage possible. Trust is the foundation of the company’s relationship with each client. That trust is demonstrated by one of the best claim payout records of any insurer. It has helped the large, diversified carrier grow into a worldwide powerhouse, well-positioned for years to come.

Chubb Specialty Insurance

Chubb is known as one of the best specialty insurers, with rates and service few competitors can match. Some of the companies products include:


Watercraft including Yachts


Jewelry and Valuables



Chubb focuses on the consumer relationship with each product segment. The company allows the provider to cross-promote other insurance lines, gaining customers in multiple product segments. The carrier also sells the popular Chubb umbrella insurance, which is a complete insurance solution for many customers seeking broader coverage. Clients can purchase the umbrella package with limits of up to $50 million.

The firm currently has its worldwide headquarters based in Warren, NJ. Also, there are regional offices all over the globe. Chubb is expanding into emerging markets rapidly and is well-positioned for strong worldwide growth in the coming years.

Chubb Auto Insurance

Chubb is a market leader in covering high-end luxury automobiles. They offer the popular  Chubb Masterpiece car insurance. It comes with all the coverage of a typical policy, in addition to broader protection. A customer can select the type of options they want, essentially building a custom policy. Homeowners can also bundle Chubb auto and home insurance together and get discounted rates.

Agreed Value Auto Insurance Protection for Collision and Comprehensive Plans

This type of coverage allows the customers to determine what their vehicle is worth when the policy is purchased. If the automobile is later totaled or stolen, they will be reimbursed for the agreed value of the car, not the current market value. This policy is famous for owners of classic and valuable cars, who want to protect the considerable investment they have made.

Another advantage is Chubb’s car insurance comes with superior accident repair service. When your damaged automobile is repaired, the repair company will use actual factory parts, not cheaper aftermarket parts. It is popular among the company’s wealthy clients, who often drive luxury cars that need original parts. You can get a custom Chubb auto insurance quote at the newly improved companies website and qualify for immediate discounts.

Chubb High Limit Auto Insurance

Most insurers have coverage limits of $1 to $2 million. With Chubb high limit car insurance, you can choose liability policy limits up to $10 million. This coverage means you do not have to worry about getting sued and having to pay any settlement out of pocket. With these high limit policies, you will be protected from the cost of almost any potential accident you might get in.

You can also buy Chubb uninsured driver insurance, with limits up to $1 million. With more uninsured and under-insured motorists on the road than ever before, this is a wise policy add-on that many customers take advantage of.

Chubb Rental Car Insurance

A huge perk to buying Chubb Automobile insurance is the rental ins. If your vehicle is in the shop due to an accident and you need a rental, you can get one equal to yours, with up to $15,000 in reimbursement coverage. So, if you own a Corvette that gets rear-ended and will be in the shop for three weeks, you can also rent a Corvette. This is another reason why Chubb is so popular among the wealthy.

Chubb car insurance policies also provide rental coverage worldwide. You can be covered on any rental vehicle, wherever you go around the world. To qualify, you need to purchase a minimum of $1 million worth of liability insurance.

Chubb Home Insurance

Many of the insurer’s customers that already have vehicle coverage also choose to buy Chubb homeowners insurance. One popular line is the masterpiece homeowner policy. It comes with extended replacement protection. You will be covered for the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home, even if it is more than your policy limit. If you want to move and buy another property, you will be covered up and to your homeowner policy limit.

If you need temporary housing while your home is being repaired, you will be covered to maintain your usual standard of living.

Chubb Insurance Rating 

Chubb has some of the highest financial ratings in the insurance industry. This includes:

A.M Best Rating of A++

Standard and Poor’s rating of AA

Fitch Rating of AA

Moody’s Rating – Aa2 

Chubb’s Corporate Address

15 Mountain View Rd.

Warren, NJ 07059

(909) 903-2525

Chubb Insurance Online

Chubb insurance website provides an array of services and information. You can access policy info 24/7, pay your bills and also get claim updates, all online. The company also has a new app that updates policy info on the go. It also allows customers to call for roadside assistance and chat with company reps anytime.

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