Cheap Ohio Car Insurance

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Cheap Ohio Car Insurance

Cheap Ohio Car Insurance
Ohio is probably most famous for the Ohio State University and pro sports teams including the NBA Cavs and NFL Browns. The 2 largest cities in this mid-west state are Cleveland and Cincinnati. Regardless of what city you live in you can get cheap Ohio car insurance in only five or six minutes. All you need to do is get a free online quote with good-to-go insurance and review multiple plans.

Ohio Auto Insurance Requirements
This state is one that requires residents to carry specific minimum amounts of automobile liability coverage, including losses related to property damage.

In essence, it means that you will be responsible for financial damages that might happen when accidents you are involved in happening. Read on to find out about the conditions exclusive to OH residents.

Liability Auto Insurance

If you live and drive an automobile in Ohio, you must meet certain legal liability car ins standards. Your Policy must have at a minimum:

*  $25,000 limits for bodily injury, including death for a person

*  $50,000 for bodily injuries for all parties involved (more than two)

*  $25,000 minimums for property damage, as a result of an incident

While these are the “ground floor” minimums, it is always a smart move to protect yourself with greater coverage. If you have purchased a new or newer vehicle that you have invested a lot of money in, then you need to take a close-up look at the collision and comprehensive plans. Almost all companies have this added protection, and it can be a lot cheaper than you think.

* Collision
This is an important type of added protection you should consider. Collision ins will re-pay you for damages done to your vehicle when the insured motorist is responsible for the incident.

* Comprehensive
Think of this coverage kicking in for anything that damages your automobile other than direct vehicular accidents. Many inherent hazards could damage and even total your ride. Typical incidents include theft, fires, flooding, animal collisions and vandalism. While this is optional in OH, it is well worth it if you have a vehicle worth more than $15,000. Get your rates lowered today with a free quote from good to go insurance.

You might also consider adding to uninsured motorist protection, especially if you live in a big city like Cleveland or Cincinnati. If you do not buy it and get into an accident, you could be devastated financially and end up paying for the repair or replacement costs out of your pocket. Most plans are cheap and are well worth it.

If you are hiring or financing your automobile, you will more than likely required to purchase both collision and comprehensive together. This secures the lending institutions investment loan they have made. Another tip is adding roadside assistance if you are not a wonderful mechanic and can’t even change a tire. Most programs can be added on for only a couple of dollars a month. Just make sure you do not buy overlapping plans, like AAA roadside assistance, and then get the same thing from your insurer.

Proof of Auto Insurance Laws in Ohio

In OH when you go and get your auto registered, you will be required to sign a statement that you carry the legally mandated OH car insurance. You must carry proof in your vehicle while operating it and show your I.D. card when:

*  You get into an auto collision, and the other party requests it.

*  A police officer stops you and asks for your insurance info.

*  When you are asked to show proof from the BMV.

About 5% of Ohio drivers will be selected each year to show proof of ins by the B-M-V. If you get a notice,

you will have three weeks to send in the required verification.

If you get caught driving without auto insurance, you could face:

*  Your license getting suspended

*  Your registration suspended

*  Mandatory SR-22 Filings for one year or more

Ohio Dept. of Insurance

The Ohio state Department of ins or ODI sets forth the legal insurance laws and regulatory mandates. The ODI also creates educational initiatives, which help consumers understand their responsibility and options in buying OH auto insurance. This agency also handles complaints against insurers along with fraud investigations.

Buying Cheap Ohio Auto Insurance
The average rates for liability car insurance in Ohio are less than $40 per month. Some qualified drivers can get rates for only $30 per month by going direct. This makes getting cheap Ohio car insurance a reality in this state. If you have a clean driving record and are over the age of 25, you can get super-low premiums. The best tip for getting cheaper ins is to buy online and take advantage of every discount you qualify for. Let good to go insurance get you direct insuring pricing that can save you even more. All you need to do is take five or six minutes and apply for a free quote. You will be connected to multiple, top-rated carriers online, all with their best rates. Get started today and saved a lot more by going direct.