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cheap car insurance in alabama

Alabama is a proud southern state in the “Heart of Dixie.” Residents are known for their down-home hospitality and the Space Flight Center, to name just a few things that make the area famous. Bama people are also fond of American automobiles. This includes American sports classics like the Corvette and Mustang, along with elegant sedans such as the Cadillac. Alabamans have a national mean income of about $39,100 per year. This ranks in the bottom 25% of the USA. Consumers need to get all the savings they can with lower median incomes, like finding cheap car insurance in Alabama online.

So who has the cheapest insurance rates in “Dixie?” Several consumer studies have been done using drivers both young and over 35. For those affiliated with any military branch, USAA has the lowest average premium costs. For everyone else, the best quotes came in surprisingly from a smaller insurer, Alfa. This company edged out both Progressive and Allstate. Alfa underwrites automobile policies in 11 states, mostly in the south.

Keep in mind that your individual criteria could match you with better rates from an entirely different provider. The best thing to do is to apply for quotes on the web. With a few minutes of researching on sites like good to go insurance, customers can save up to $550 in no time at all by buying direct. This can help your budget stay on track. Get quoted today and get better coverage that costs a lot less.

Average Auto Insurance Costs in Alabama

Good to go insurance company has researched the average car insurance rates in Alabama to be about $1,200 per year. This comes in about average nationwide for annual premium costs. However, it does not mean you will pay that much for your policy. You could pay a bit more or less, depending on many factors like your age, car, where you live and of course how much coverage you get. One of the best ways to keep your rates low is to stay accident-free and maintain a clean driving record.

Alabama Auto Liability Insurance – Legal Minimums

Alabama drivers are required to carry the state’s minimum liability car insurance and must show documentation of coverage at all times while operating a motor vehicle. This includes:

$25,000 and $50,000 Liability minimums for personal injuries and $25,000 Minimum liability limits for property damage.

These are referred to in a succession of 3 numbers – 25/50/25. If you get into a collision, and you are the responsible party that caused it, your insurer will pay for injuries you sustained up to $25,000 and $50,000 for those you caused injury as well. The third amount of $25,000 covers property damage limits, such as an expensive bicycle on top of a Volvo that you demolished.

Remember that these are only the legal minimums of coverage that you must purchase. If you have assets that need protecting, including an expensive car, you should consider adding more coverage. If you are a driver over 25 with a good record, you should be able to get basic liability insurance in Alabama for about $70 – $80 per month. Get your custom rates in less than 8 minutes with good 2 go insurance online or by phone.

Uninsured Drivers

There is a big problem statewide with drivers who illegally drive with no insurance. However, there is currently no law that mandates drivers to purchase uninsured motorist protection. Alabama ranks near the top nationally with accidents involving uninsured drivers. You should seriously think about adding this outstanding coverage because you could end up with huge medical bills that might be charged to you if you are hit by one of these lawless motorists. Adding it on is not as expensive as you might think, but the benefits could save you a small fortune. When you apply for any state auto insurance, you will be offered by law this coverage and need sign-off if you reject it.

Important Alabama Insurance Laws

* There is no law requiring a minimum age standard before taking ownership of a vehicle in this state. This means an anxious 15 years old can go out and buy the car he or she wants before they even turn 16. However, the insurer will almost always demand a parent or legal guardian be on the ins policy if the primary driver is under 18.

* Insurance companies must provide a minimum of ten-day notice if they cancel your policy due to lack of payment and 20 days for anything else.

* Alabama has embraced technology and is one of the growing numbers of states that allow drivers to demonstrate proof of car ins with their smartphones or other electronic devices, like a tablet. This ends the days of fumbling around looking for ins I.D cards, which almost always seem to be expired or mysteriously disappear.

* The current penalty for driving without being buckled in is $25, which is cheaper than most other states.

* SR-22 Requirements: If a motorist’s license has been suspended in Alabama, the law requires that an SR-22 filing must be made.

* Driving Under the Influence (DUIs): If any person gets caught driving while intoxicated, they will have their license automatically revoked for 90 days, will be most likely sent to jail, and be fined significantly.

The Best Auto Insurance Deals in Alabama

The smartest way to get great deals on auto ins is to take your time and review several policies. This means getting online and applying for several quotes. You should compare at least ten rates before making a final decision. At good to go insurance, you can find cheap car insurance in Alabama in no time at all. Just enter a few simple details about yourself and your car, and we will search dozens of companies to find your excellent coverage at lower prices. So get started now and watch your ins costs go down.