How Much is Bugatti Car Insurance?

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How Much is Bugatti Car Insurance?

bugatti car insurance
Maybe you are one of the people that just hit the mega lottery and are flush will millions of dollars and want to blow a couple million on an exotic car. Alternatively, you are curious like me and want to know how much is Bugatti car insurance and how much maintenance will cost yearly. Let’s check out not only the monthly premiums on this Godly automobile but the other costs that will blow your mind.

The manufactured suggested (MSRP) retail price for the Veyron is an astonishing $2.5 Million USD. That is more than most mansions costs. In fact, you could buy about 15 average sized houses in the United States for the price of this super auto. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the costs you will incur. The sales tax in California, a big market for very expensive cars, can be as much as 10% in certain cities. So that means you will pay an additional $250,000 in sales tax before it is yours. Now the price of ownership is getting closer to $3Million, and we have not even talked about insurance coverage yet.

Bugatti Insurance Premiums

Numerous factors go into the actual premiums you will pay for this unique automobile. Some companies may, in fact, be unable to insure such a risk car. You can rest assured that you will end up paying a lot to get it insured, and if you wreck it, your rates could even double. Based on the few owners that have come public about their insurance costs, monthly premiums tend to be about 1% of the actual MSRP price. So this equals a monthly insurance bill for your new Bugatti at about $25,000.

In case you are not keeping tabs so far, that is $2,775,000 with tax and insurance. But hey, let’s not forget about title costs, license and miscellaneous fees, this will add about $5,000 to the cost. So now we have a total of $2,800,000. If you have any money in the bank that is a good thing because there are more expenses to come. Here are a few:

* Delivery charges can be, you guessed it, outrageous. To have your Veyron delivered to an American dealership can run $50,000 or more.

* The yearly maintenance costs can be over $200,000 per year!

* Super sports owners may be charged an import tax of 2.71%, and this can add about $67K to the price.

* Since this car engulfs gasoline, it is subject to the federal tax for gas-guzzling vehicles of about $6,500.

* With a price tag in the millions, you may opt to get a warranty. You would not want the engine blowing up on you after all and costing you perhaps another million. Warranty for a new Bugatti can be about $75,000 annually.

* Tire replacement. If you plan on putting more than 10,000 miles on your new Bugatti be ready to dole out some serious money for tire replacement. Replacing your tires is recommended every 10K miles under normal driving conditions. A set of Michelins will cost about $45,000; this implies that you are going to be driving slower than 200MPH. At speeds over 200, the tires have a lifespan of about fifteen minutes. As a side note, you will also be burning through the tank of gasoline – 26 gallons – in less than 15 minutes at speeds over 200! This will only set you back about $100 thanks to lower recent oil costs.

* With average gas mileage of about 8 per gallon in the city and 11 out on the highway, be prepared for plenty of $100 fill-ups.

If you add up all the first year ownership costs for this amazing automobile, you are going to be paying approximately $3,000,000. Volkswagen, the parent company, claims it sold out all 450 Bugatti’s in 2015, so there are plenty of owners around the world that can afford them. If you are one of the lucky few who can afford one, then welcome to an exclusive club. Now that you know how much Bugatti car insurance is, why don’t you try to save some money with good 2 go insurance. You can compare all the exotic car insurance plans and get savings up to 10% at good to go insurance. Save some money on automobile insurance today.