Auto Acceptance Insurance Review

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Auto Acceptance Insurance Review

If you need a professional agency with friendly and dedicated representatives, check out Auto Acceptance Insurance Wichita, Kansas. This agency’s mission is to find the lowest prices on automobile and homeowners insurance for the local Wichita, Kansas community. 

The company values each and every customer, whether they are getting basic liability car insurance or comprehensive coverage for three or more vehicles. Acceptance Car Insurance has plans for almost any budget, with rates starting at $39 a month for qualified drivers.  

Acceptance also welcomes clients from all backgrounds, including those with a less than perfect driving record. High-risk drivers often have a hard time finding an insurer that will cover them. However, the company works with national providers with low rates for higher-risk drivers, even those with a past DUI on their record. They can insure just about anyone, including:

  • Teenage Drivers from 16-19
  • Young Motorists age 20-24
  • Military Members and Vets 
  • High-Risk Drivers (Including Those with Past DUIs)
  • Senior Citizens 
  • New Drivers 
  • Foreign Motorists who need Temporary Auto Insurance

What Sets Auto Acceptance Insurance Apart From the Competition?

Auto Acceptance Wichita Kansas treats each client with respect and appreciation, even if they just want a quick quote. They deliver the insurance products consumers want and need at rates most competitors simply can’t match. It is one of many reasons why the company has grown so fast in recent years. 

Operating out of several local locations, consumers can get quotes both online and over the phone. Friendly agents are available to assist with any question a customer might have, including advice on buying the best coverage at affordable rates. 

Agents offer unbiased advice, looking first and foremost to the needs of each client. This means evaluating customers’ needs and creating a comprehensive insurance plan at the lowest available prices

A hometown feel and superior customer service is one reason why so many clients stick with Auto Acceptance Insurance and refer them to family and friends. Get a free quote today by entering your zip code. 

Auto Acceptance Insurance Review

Auto Acceptance Insurance Services

Acceptance specializes in giving clients same-day car insurance coverage while not locking customers into a long-term contract. You can try out coverage for just one month and if it’s not for you, then cancel with no additional charges. Just send over your current policy info to get started. 

If you need an SR-22, then the company can help you out with all the appropriate paperwork. Acceptance Auto Insurance can even send over SR-22s to the state on the same day. This is a service many competitors don’t have. Call today to discuss your SR-22 options.  

Fast Claim Processing

Acceptance Insurance prides itself on fast claim service. They believe it’s the right thing to do for their valued customers. Accidents do happen, and policyholders have a company in Acceptance that has their back in their time of need. Customers can also file a claim online and track it anytime. This is one of the many advantages that give the firm a significant edge. 

Most policies also come with rental car coverage, usually up to two weeks. So if you are even in a wreck, file a claim, and need a rental, there is no additional charge. This is another advantage Auto Acceptance Wichita Kansas has over competitors.  

Auto Acceptance Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is necessary for most households, yet many people are frustrated with the high coverage cost. Even for good drivers, rates often increase each year. 

Acceptance Insurance agents will go over your current policy and look for ways to save money. This could mean dropping unnecessary coverage or combining several vehicles onto one policy to save more. There are plans for almost any budget. You can even combine your home and car insurance coverage and save 10% or more. 

Some clients have saved 40% and more switching to Acceptance. There’s a good chance they can help you save more on your auto insurance needs. Enter your zip code and get a free, no-obligation quote. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application, and you can review the lowest rates right from your smartphone.  

Types of Insurance Coverage

  • Automobile
  • Homeowners
  • Renters 
  • Condo 
  • Mobile Home 
  • Life
  • Health
  • Motorcycle and ATV
  • Recreational Vehicle 
  • Boat
  • Umbrella
  • Commercial Auto  

Auto Acceptance Liability Insurance

Chances are, if you own it, Auto Acceptance Insurance can cover you. The company also has great low rates on basic liability insurance, with rates that start at about $1 per day. These are excellent policies for good drivers other motorists makestarting out on a low income and need the cheapest coverage possible.

Liability automobile insurance is a necessary part of every vehicle insurance policy. In almost every state, it’s the mandatory minimum coverage for all drivers. Liability car insurance is also the cheapest type of coverage you can buy but comes with limited protection. Because of this, most people will need more coverage, like collision and comprehensive.

Liability insurance from Auto Acceptance Wichita, Kansas is a popular choice for people who do not drive too much and have an older vehicle that has depreciated a lot. Seniors who drive less than 800 miles per month can often save hundreds on their premiums by purchasing cheap liability insurance from Auto Acceptance. 

What Does Liability Auto Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance covers both bodily injury and property damage resulting from a crash that was determined to be your fault. For example, if you hit a car and do $10,000 in damage to the other person’s vehicle, you will be covered. The limits are simply the total amount paid-out for bodily injury and residential or commercial property damage claims.

They are typically referred to in 3 amounts, separated by slashes. An example is 25/50/25. When an agent goes over your Auto Acceptance Insurance policy, he will often refer to these numbers. 

Liability helps protect you financially against claims that are made by other motorists after an accident. This typically includes injuries suffered or vehicle damages sustained. Remember, you are only protected up and to the limits of your policy. With accidents and medical care costs rising every year, it’s advised to get more coverage than the minimum amounts mandated by law. If you are confused about the limits you need, call an Auto Acceptance Agent today and get free assistance.     

Liability automobile insurance is a popular choice for many motorists. Auto Acceptance Insurance can get qualified drivers covered for around $1 a day. The low rates and dedicated service are one reason why the company has continued to grow every year. Many clients refer their friends and family to Auto Acceptance. To get a free online quote, just enter your zip code and fill out a free application.

Type of Auto Insurance Covered

  • Basic Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • SR-22
  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage
  • High-Risk Driver Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage


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If you appreciate one on one service and need cheap auto insurance coverage, Auto Acceptance Insurance can deliver. They have some of the lowest rates of any competitor and friendly, helpful agents that put the customer first. 

To compare rates online, just enter your zip code and fill out a free quote request form. It only takes about five minutes. See how easy it is to save hundreds on the coverage you need with Acceptance Auto Insurance today.